Riot Games’ Valorant is a free-to-play online first-person shooter game. It features excellent graphics, rapid gameplay, accurate shooting, etc. Only Windows users can play the closed beta version of the game. The article discusses fixing the Valorant won’t open.

Check for graphics card updates: Install the latest drivers for your graphics card and try relaunching VALORANT. Though it rarely happens, If VALORANT fails to launch after a newly installed driver update, you may need to downgrade your drivers. These ways you can fix the issues.

Windows Settings should be the first place you look for fixes. Valorant might only start if your PC has enough resources, but look elsewhere if that is different. Read below to learn about the holes for the Valorant that won’t open.

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How To Fix Valorant Won’t Open?

Here are the fixes for Valorant, which is not opening.

End Process And Restart

Valorant may not launch for several reasons, but the easiest to rule out is that it may occasionally experience a glitch that prevents it from doing so. If this problem is only momentary, restarting all the processes might help rule it out.

How to fix the valorant not opening? To put a halt to all valorous processes, follow these steps:

  1. To open the Task Manager, concurrently press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys. Now select the “Details” tab from the menu at the top.task manager windows
  2. You must locate and terminate every Riot Games drop in Valorant and Vanguard process.valorant loot drops
  3. Wait a short while after each process has finished before relaunching the Valorant Client.relaunching the Valorant Client.

Your gaming program ought to be able to establish a connection to the Riot Games server and retrieve any updates it might have missed the first time around. Connect to the server if there were any upgrades your game client did not previously pick up. 

Run As Administrator

You may launch it with Administrator privileges if restarting your game does not help. This straightforward approach may spare you the trouble of looking into alternative methods. To run Valorant as an Administrator, adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Open the menu by right-clicking the icon.
  2. Start the game with administrator rights by clicking “Run as administrator” right now.

Mode Of Compatibility

If you recently upgraded to Windows 11 and are now dealing with games. You can play the game in compatibility mode to rule out the possibility. To play the game in compatibility mode, adhere to these steps as Valorant failed to launch:

  1. Navigate to Valorant’s installation directory.valorant directory
  2. Choose Properties from the context menu when right-clicking the executable file you find most useful.valorant properties Navigate to the Compatibility tab. From the drop-down option there, select a previous release of Windows. Click OK to save your changes and restart the game.

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A Driver Update For Graphics

Update Graphics Driver to Fix Valorant not working if you last updated your GPU drivers a while ago. There may be new fixes and better optimization for your Graphics Card.

It would be best to upgrade your graphics drivers to enhance performance and prevent any problems that outdated drivers could bring, as Valorant won’t open.

  1. Open Windows and type “Device Manager” into the search bar. Right now, widen the category of “Display adapters.
  2. Now select “Update Drivers” from the context menu of your primary GPU.
  3. Click “Search automatically for drivers” as soon as possible to locate the finest drivers for your needs. The procedure will inform you if your drivers are already current.

Alternatively, you own an NVIDIA or AMD specialist GPU. You can search their websites for your GPU model to obtain the most recent drivers. 

Reduce Your Display Resolution

It’s possible that changing your Windows computer’s native resolution will prevent your game from starting.

If you are accustomed to changing the resolution for various programs or even switching displays, this may be the answer you’re looking for, as Valorant is not responding. By changing it, you can arrive at a solution er by taking the following actions:

  1. Activate Settings by clicking the Start button. Select “System” by clicking the first icon in the options.
  2. Click “Display” on the left tab. You can now alter the Display Resolution from the right side by selecting a different option from the Drop-down menu.
  3. Start by trying to change it to minimize the game’s resolution.

Disable The Antivirus

Your Antivirus program may be causing the disturbance. It may be accountable for your difficulties if it obstructs programs and processes from executing. The simplest option is to disable your Antivirus application temporarily.

Depending on the program you’re using, the steps may change, but if you’re using Windows Defender, stick to these instructions as the Valorant client is not opening:

  1. Open “Windows Security” by performing a search. Now select the first “Virus & threat protection” checkbox.virus and threat settings in windows
  2. Click “Manage Settings” when you reach “Virus & threat protection settings” by scrolling down. Now disable Real-time protection. You are welcome to turn off the remaining settings as well. disable Real-time protection

Uninstall And Reinstall

If nothing else works, uninstall Valorant and the Riot Games Client and reinstall from fresh, as Valorant won’t launch.

  1. Activate Settings by clicking the Start button. Select “Apps” from the menu. Locate and remove any Riot Games/Valorant software, especially Vanguard.apps for websites
  2. If you can’t find them, click “Programs and Features” in the top right corner. Find the necessary entries in the newly opened window. Uninstall is selected when you right-click on them.program and features setting
  3. Once the uninstall procedure is complete, you can go to the installation location if you can’t find the apps in the list. Delete the Valorant and Riot Games clients.uninstall riot games
  4. Restart your computer. Visit the Valorant website, download the most recent game version, and reinstall it, as Valorant won’t open. By doing this, Valorant will be entirely removed from your computer. You may also utilize apps like Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove leftover files.restart

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Why will Vanguard not release PC Valorant?

The Vanguard Not Initialized problem can indicate a Vanguard bug. Therefore, consider reinstalling Vanguard to see if that improves the situation. Click Add or Remove Programs when it displays after pressing the Windows logo key on your keyboard, typing Add or Remove Programs, and then press Enter.

Did Riot delete my account?

You will be notified through email at the email address they have on file for your account if it has been flagged for deletion due to inactivity. Except for, you won't be able to log into any of the games, applications, or websites.

Does Riot Vanguard cause PC to lag?

Technically speaking, it slows down your system, which will be apparent on lower-end computers. Most users won't notice the application running because it prevents you from using cheats and cheat-creation tools. Still, you can turn it off to save a few frames in other games.

Is Riot anti-cheat safe?

Although they pose a risk, it is lessened by the fact that these apps are restricted to the user layer. The Riot system is now operating on Ring 0, which is a concern. The system entirely exposes if a bug or vulnerability materializes, making it possible for any malicious attacker to take over the system.

Can Val run on a malfunctioning computer?

The First-person shooter game Valorant is demanding and could not run properly on a low-end PC. The minimum suggested system configuration for the game's optimal performance calls for a 64-bit operating system, a dual-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a GPU that supports DirectX 11.


It is all about the fixes for the Valorant won’t open. Additionally, Valorant frequently clashes with virtual machines and cannot function.

Also, Valorant contains a flaw that only affects specific CPUs. So you can quickly fix this problem by using the methods given above.

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