VideoProc Review:  Easy 4K Video Editing Software With Pros & Cons


Memories are the best companion of a person. Best memories need the best camera to capture them, and the best camera needs the best editing software. VideoProc is where you need to stop your research. This article proves a comprehensive VideoProc review.

videoproc review

It supports 4k video editing to make your video 100 times better. Some of the devices are given below, which supports VideoProc the best.

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Introduction To VideoProc:

The four main parts of VideoProc are the Downloader, Recorder, DVD, and Video.

Video Processing: This component provides a complete suite of editing applications for editing, transcoding, and condensing large/4k/HD videos at the appropriate size-to-quality ratio.

DVD backup and conversion: This toolkit allows you to convert DVDs to well-known formats, including MKV, MP3, and MP4.

You can also edit and convert DVDs to fit your gadget and media websites.

Video Downloader: This feature allows you to download video and audio files in the format and resolution of your choice from Facebook, YouTube, and other well-known UGC websites. video downloader in videoproc

Video Recorder: This device can capture video from the webcam or screen of your computer.

Green screen/chroma key, highlight, draw, type, set format, and other features are among its features. Additionally, it enables simultaneous screen recording across many displays. Also, click here for best YouTube downloader for Mac.


Let’s go over this tool’s cost. Although VideoProc doesn’t have a free version, they do provide a trial that can only process media files that are five minutes long and has only the most fundamental capabilities.

The following is a pricing analysis for the licensed version:

Using Windows

One PC for $30 for a Year’s License

$58 for a lifetime family license that covers up to 5 PCs

pricing of videoproc

Right now, VideoProc offers an amazing deal that will save you 60% on a lifetime Version. So, a lifetime license for one PC will only set you back $30. It features full GPU acceleration and a free lifetime upgrade.

For pricing information, if you’re interested in purchasing a volume license for commercial use, you should contact the VideoProc sales team. Also, click here for Filmora video editor review.

On A Mac

Mac prices are the same as Windows prices.

Overall, it is an easy tool on the wallet, especially the lifetime version.

Advanced Characteristics, Such As:

  • Video Stabilization: You can stabilize the shaky footage through your mobile or other devices.
  • Fix Fisheye: Using this lens correction option, you can fix the undesirable fisheye distortion in your video. fix fisheye
  • Eliminate Noise: You can smooth out your video by removing any distracting background noise.
  • Make GIF: Using this function, we can take screenshots from movies. make gif in videoproc
  • Add a Watermark: By including personalized watermarks in your films, you can secure them. It could be a timecode, text, image, or logo.
  • Create an MKV file by directly converting your video to the format. The updated MKV file keeps all the parameters, including video quality and resolution, as the original. Utilizing this tool, you can choose a clip to export as M3U8. You can choose one or more.ts files. You can also modify the section duration.
  • Enhance video by synchronizing audio and visual output and controlling the speed and volume of playback.

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Is There A Watermark On VideoProc?

The outputs from the VideoProc Converters are watermark-free. However, it provides an editing facility that allows you to add one. As a result, this software allows you to add a watermark to indicate ownership.

Devices That Support VideoProc The Best

Here are some of the devices that support Videoproc the best.


  1. Videos like slow-motion, time-lapse, and official video are captured in 1080 resolution.
  2. go proAuto blur setting in low light surroundings.
  3. It adjusts the tone of the image whenever there is a low temperature. It helps the camera to click good shots in 4K resolution.

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  1. It has gimbal stabilization that will aid you in recording 4K resolution during action scenes osmopocket
  2. Also supports 4K/60fps video quality at 100 Mbps, and it can capture slow-motion videos at 1,080p/120fps.
  3. It also has a Great pixel size of 1.55 micrometers.

The cameras mentioned above are amazing. They support 4k video editing. VideoProc is very good with the camera mentioned above quality. It gives you the best experience in 4k video editing when the video is shot on GoPro and OsmoPocket. They have the world’s best lens and features, which makes your time-capturing experience incredible. Discover more about the 4K video editor – VideoProc.

The 4k video edited by VideoProc delivers you the opportunity to view those beautiful captures on big screens. The experience is dreamy and excellent at the same time. The 4K-resolution camera provides amazing photos with more reasonable pixels, low-light video capturing, and what not? 4k video edited by videoproc

4K high definition is where the world lives today. Wherever we go, we see top definition banners, televisions, laptops, everything. This needs a 4K definition camera which is followed by a need for 4K video editing software.

But have you ever thought about what happens if you operate on typical editing software to edit those incredible 4k videos? This will sabotage all our efforts. For a high-definition camera, you need 4k video editing software. Everything depends upon the video editing software. A typical video editing software has low image quality. They possess nothing like 4K video editing, and this will ruin the video formats at the time of video exporting.

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Why Choose VideoProc To Edit 4K Video?

Because it’s fantastic, and why is it awesome, you’ll get to know when you read further.


  • VideoProc review tells you that it is sophisticated and advanced editing software that supports over 360+ video and audio versions. It provides 4k video editing at 1080 resolution. It contains striking features so that you can crop, remove, cut, split, filter, and can do anything with it.
  • VideoProc never compromises with the video quality. It is exclusively designed for working with 4K resolution videos, but it can work with any video format. It is considered the best for video conversion operation.

  • VideoProc provides services for 4k video editing. It obtains incredible 4K video editing that makes your video quality rich. It also resolves the lightning issue and color issue for affluent effect in the 4k video. Why do need to waste money on typical video editing software now?

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Features Of VideoProc

The features are mentioned below.

Cut, Crop, Merge And Edit 4K With Ease

VideoProc Review tells you that it is a bundle of all the features you will repeatedly get in other editing software. Anyone can handle VideoProc. It has features like cut, crop, merge, and split, which will be further discussed in detail.

cut, crop, merge and edit 4k with ease

If you are a newbie to the editing world and you want to grasp it from the basic to the most advanced level, then you are welcome to the VideoProc video editing software. It boasts the most crucial features which will help beginners in understanding the editing world quickly. VideoProc will also help a pro editor to work with fewer tools.

Often while converting videos to smaller formats, the problem of noise appears where the video becomes bad and stops accidentally. VideoProc helps in denoising the video while converting it into smaller sizes. This helps in clear and smooth, high-quality videos. Read this article if you can’t access permission to save file changes.

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4K Video Resizing

VideoProc is famous for its file conversion technique. You can most probably use it with a 4K resolution GoPro camera. Habitually, the storage of high-definition videos is an excellent task because they are massive in size. They require vast space and take much time to render and convert into smaller formats. VideoProc is a pro in this domain. It resizes 4K resolution videos in smaller sizes without compromising the quality of the video. It has over 300+ in-build video formats, and we can easily edit a video with the help of them.

GPU Acceleration Speed

As an editor, you may know that decoding and coding a video remains the most tedious task in the whole editing process. But VideoProc decodes and encrypts the 4k video editing with the help of maximum GPU hardware acceleration speed. GPU hardware acceleration is a feature of GPU chip (graphics processing unit) that comes along with CPU(control processing unit) in your computer.

gpu acceleration speed

It also helps in the format conversion of a particular video. In this process, first, the CPU sends the information to GPU, their GPU manipulates the information by processing it and sending it back to the CPU to encode the whole data. VideoProc has full Level 3 GPU acceleration. This will help you to render your videos faster. Also, click here if your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

Lower CPU Usage

VideoProc prevents CPU overloading. In other software like Adobe after effects, it consumes up to 100% of CPU usage. Maximum CPU usage leads to system lag and CPU overheating. This can impair the system very easily. VideoProc lowers CPU overloading. This means we can work on other videos while a video is rendering and loading.

VideoProc Is Extremely Cheap

This software is amazingly cheap in comparison to other popular professional video editing software. The plus point is, this VideoProc review will tell you that it can perform functions like a typical popular software. For example, Adobe premiere pro costs $52 for one month on a single computer. Whereas, VideoProc video editing software costs 59 dollars for a family lifetime package. This lifetime family package is restricted to 5 different computers, and you have to only pay for one in a lifetime.

videoproc pricing

How To Use The Different Features Of VideoProc

The following are the features of VideoProc Review discussed in detail for a better insight into the product.

videoproc features


  1. You can cut the video by pressing the EDIT button.
  2. Set the start and end times.
  3. Select cut and done.


  1. Tap on the CROP button.
  2. Dotted lines on a particular area indicate that area will.
  3. Then, adjust the area according to your perspective and select DONE.


  1. Load all the videos you want to merge in the application. Then change the time formats and layout according to your choice.  merge
  2. Click the MERGE button and direct the video to accomplish the task.


  1. By default, VideoProc splits all the videos into 10 equal sections after you exercise the splitting option. If you want, then you can amend the layout.
  2. Change the no. of sections and the time of each section.
  3. Click DONE when you complete the task.


  1. As you start the application, you will mark four sections.
  2. Click on video processing.
  3. Upload all the videos to the window
  4. Click on “Target Formatdenoise
  5. switch to “Toolbox” and then select the “Denoise” feature.
  6. Apply low-pass and High-pass filters relatively to reduce noise.
  7. Run,” the video, and press “Done.”

Pros & Cons

let’s talk about some pros and cons.


  1. Superfast speed editing 4K UHD videos.
  2. Both import and output 4K resolution.
  3. Ability to reduce 4K exports.
  4. 4-in-1 combo of an editor, a media (video/DVD/audio) converter, a downloader, and a recorder.
  5. A perfect balance between easiness and functionalities.


  1. It’s a linear-editing tool.


VideoProc is your one-stop video processing software. In this, VideoProc review, here you can easily process large-sized 4K videos, DVDs, and music at full GPU acceleration speed. It’s cheap, neat and full of amazing features. It has over 300+ in-built video and audio formats which will make your life easier. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get this software now! Also, click here if your Facebook videos are not playing on your windows, android & iPhone.

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