Vizio TV has a very good picture quality and streams thousands of shows free of cost. There is an app on Vizio Tv that responds to remote. Why is Vizio TV not responding to the remote? You will get clarifications via this article.

Dead or drained batteries can cause Vizio remote control issues, blocked TV sensors, power residue, dirty power source, stuck buttons, or TV issues. To fix the problem, remove obstacles, check for the proper power supply, replace batteries, power cycle the remote and TV, press all buttons, or sync the remote with the TV.

You can learn more about problems and solutions of Vizio remote controls of attaching to TV. By scanning this article, you will get an explanation for Vizio TV not responding to the remote. Check out this article if your Netflix is buffering and you want to fix it!

Reasons Vizio Remote Controls Are Not Working

Remote controls usually control Vizio TV. Sometimes, Vizio TV does not attach to remote controls for several reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed here. 

  • Poor power connection– TV or remote controls might not properly connect to the power supply. Detach the battery from the clicker. Insert the battery into the remote Of your Vizio TV. Use the remote control once to check it. Disconnect the power connection from your Vizio TV. Plug in the Wire connection to the TV tightly. Switch it on and use the clicker. 
  • Obstacles in TV front– See if there are obstacles in front of the sensor option. Remove the obstacles before the sensor button, or bring your remote control near the sensor.
  • Battery issues– The battery may malfunction or work slowly. Change the battery, or you should fit it properly by removing and reinserting it. battery issues
  • Remote problem– Remote control may have some processing or coding issues. In this case, you should change to another remote or try to fix it. 
  • Button dysfunctioning– On regular usage, some buttons may stop functioning. You should take it to the remote control repair office, change the button, or put it properly. 
  • App issues– Vizio TV remote control works with the help of an app. The app may not work properly or freeze due to some reasons. Wait for any message or clearance. 

These all may be the reasons why one Vizio remote is not working. Let’s discuss ways to reset Vizio remote control.

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Tips on How to Reset My Vizio Remote Control?

Sometimes, resetting your remote control to help it work smoothly becomes essential. These may be because of several problems. Here are some problems and solutions explained below to reset the remote.

Power Supply Of The Remote 

Check the power supply of the remote and fix the problem you face. It will assist in the genuine functioning of the remote control. Below are some steps to follow to help with the power supply of the remote. 

  1. Firstly, remove the batteries from your clicker. It is placed in two locations of the remote, either at the bottom or at the back. remove battery
  2. Then, press the power button for a while. It will help to drain the remote. press power button
  3. Press all the buttons once it helps start the stuck button’s functioning. Restore the batteries with new batteries. On condition the batteries are alright or new, place them perfectly.restore buttons
  4. Now, check your remote control. It should work if there is overuse. If it doesn’t work, you should replace your remote control or check the power supply of the TV. 

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Troubleshoot Problem 

To solve any troubleshooting issues, you need to go through the problems first and then search for solutions. Below are some steps to discuss if the Vizio remote stops working.

  1. Remove whatever obstacles you have in front of your TV. Sometimes transparent objects also affect the signal. So it would help if you used transparent objects, too, whether you can see the signal or not. remove obstacles
  2. It happens many a time that people forget to change their batteries. So change your batteries to new ones in this case. Remember, the batteries should be of good quality to last long.battery change
  3. Check that the model of the Vizio remote matches the TV. Since, in most cases, all models of Vizio remote do not match with TV remote model
  4. Lastly, replace your remote control if Vizio TV is not responding to the remote. Ensure to take good quality remote and of the same model as TV. change remote

You may ask the company for the new remote if you have a warranty period.

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How To Fix Vizio TV Not Responding To Remote?

You must not worry if your Vizio TV remote stops working. You need only to recognize the problems and then will discover explanations for them. Here are some problems considered with solutions to them. Read them aptly for thorough intellect. 

Remote And TV Power Cycle

For the remote, remove the batteries first. Press all the buttons on the remote for a time. Put the batteries again into the clicker and examine the working of the remote.remove batteries

First, disconnect the power supply to your TV to check the TV power cycle. Then, reconnect the wires properly. If, after that, also Vizio tv remote won’t work, then this may not be the reason. 

Remove Obstacles From The TV Front

See if an obstacle is near the sensor, and remove the obstacle from the sensor. Obstacles may also be in transparent obstacle

Sometimes, the sensor also does not remain attached due to transparent objects.

Change The Battery

Many people need to remember to change batteries for a long time. You should change them immediately if you haven’t changed the batteries.changing remote battery

Ensure to take good quality batteries to make them last longer.

See If Any Button Is Not Working

If, after all these solutions, Vizio TV not responding to the remote. Then, check the working of the buttons. check working buttons

Sometimes, they get stuck; tapping once will keep your buttons working.

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Change The Remote

Lastly, change the remote if it is not working after all these problems. If you have a warranty period, then you can change your remote.remote

Otherwise, ensure to take remotes of good brands. Also, fix the error related to the remote.

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What should one do if Vizio TV not responding to remote?

One should follow these things: power cycle the Vizio TV or remote, remove obstacles in front of the sensor, use a different model remotely, and more.

Where can you locate the sensor for the remote on Vizio TV?

The sensor of the Vizio TV remote can be located on the button left or right corner of the television.

What initiatives should be taken for Vizio remote troubleshoot?

You should take measures like changing the batteries, removing obstacles, using the same model remote as of TV, checking the remote's buttons, and others.

How to program Vizio remote for use?

LED light should remain lit. Tap hold the TV button for seconds until the LED light flashes twice. Locate the programming code from the code list of the TV. Enter the code using the Number Buttons and wait until the light flashes once.


Vizio TV not responding to the remote has many solutions. Vizio TV stops responding to remove control due to some reasons. The power cycle of the remote or TV needs to be checked. You should also check all the buttons on the remote. Apart from this, more problems and solutions are discussed in the above article. Also, you might be interested in installing YouTube TV on Fire Stick