Wacom Desktop Center No Device Connected Error


Wacom is a one-stop destination for all artists and graphic designers to create unique ideas. Came up with a fantastic doodle idea? Copy it down in this Wacom tablet using just a pen. The Wacom tablet and a pressure-sensitive stylus/pen allow users to quickly turn their creativity into digital reality. It uses designer graphics to create fantastic designs in a few easy steps. It can be connected to a desktop which means whatever you make in the tablet appears on the computer/laptop monitor. However, Wacom has disappointed its users with few malfunctions, and the most common error is the Wacom desktop center: no device connected. 


wacom tablet
Wacom tablet

When the users try to connect the PC with the tablet, the system fails to recognize the Wacom tablet.

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Solutions For Wacom Desktop Center Not Detecting Tablet

If your computer not recognizing Wacom tablet causes an issue, here are some quick and easy solutions that may help you fix the problem.

Restarting The Wacom Service To Fix ‘Wacom Desktop Center No Device Connected’ Error.

When the services of Wacom are not working correctly, it will give rise to Wacom desktop center no device connected. Here, it is better to mend the services by restarting them.

  •  Open the Run box by expanding the Windows icon.
  • Next, type “services.msc” into the dialog box and execute.
  • Various kinds of services appear. Here, select either TabletServiceWacom or Wacom Professional Service, whichever occurs. Choose the restart after expanding the service.
  • Check if the error is solved after restarting the device.
type services.msc
Type services.msc

Uninstalling The Wacom Drivers 

When the drivers of Wacom are outdated, it can give rise to your Wacom tablet not connecting.

  • Press the Windows + X keys and open the device manager.
  • The device manager window opens. Here, open Human Interface Devices. 
  • Under Human Interface Devices, search for Wacom device. 
  • Next, right-click on it and then choose Uninstall device.
  • Some commands will appear; follow them to uninstall the application.
  • The system installs the drivers after the PC is rebooted.
  • Check if the Wacom desktop center not recognizing tablet is solved.
device manager
Device manager

Updating The Wacom Drivers Manually

Another way to update the Wacom drivers is to manually fix the Wacom desktop center no device connected. The latest drivers need to be downloaded from the Wacom official website and saved to the system. 

  • Open the Run box by expanding the Windows icon. The dialog box opens. 
  • In the box write “devmgmt.msc” and execute. The device manager opens.
  • Under device manager, open Human Interface Devices and search for Wacom Tablet devices. 
  • To upgrade the outdated drivers, click right on the mouse.
  • A new page appears. Here pick the option that allows browsing the system for drivers. 
  • Next, locate the downloaded driver and then install them according to the instructions that appear.
  • Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.
run app
Run app

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Here are a few FAQ’s regarding the Wacom desktop center no device connected error.

Why Does The Wacom Pen Not Work?

A corrupted or outdated pen could cause the device to malfunction. Updating the drivers and fixing the faulty ones can help solve the issue.

Does Wacom Need Drivers?

Incorrectly installed software drivers  cause a Wacom tablet not working error. Hence, it is obligatory to install drivers for Wacom.

What Does Wacom ISD Service Mean?

Wacom ISD under the Windows service is the device that helps the user draw on the screen without any other device. 

Will Wacom One Work Without A Computer?

No. As Walcom one is not a stand-alone application, it cannot work without a computer. Hence, the user needs to connect to a computer/laptop for it to work.

How To Connect The Wacom Tablet To The Other Device?

  • Connect the computer with the Wacom tablet by plugging the USB
  • Next, download the driver in Windows or Mac as needed
  • Restart the device and go in the directions of the commands that appear on the screen.
wacom drivers in mac
Wacom tablet driver in Mac iOS.


We hope that this quick guide has helped you solve the Wacom desktop center no device connected error. Now, you can continue creating ideas and bringing them to reality. We hope this guide will help you to never say, ‘My Wacom tablet won’t connect.’ again.

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