Wacom Pen Not Working: A pen or a stylus is a kind of advanced gadget used with devices like laptops and tablets. Such gadgets make our work easy and accurate. A pen or stylus works on the principle of pressure sensitivity on the device’s screen. Thus, they readily respond to simple touches. Wacom is one of the top digital products producers that deals with manufacturing top-class style digital pens for laptops and tablets. Though it is praised worldwide for its top-class services, it is sometimes questioned by a few users for issues like Wacom Pen not working. In most cases, it occurs due to mere technical issues.

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wacom pen not working

This article discusses 5 very practical and easy-to-follow methods to fix the Wacom Pen Not Working issue. Regular cleaning of one Wacom pen and tablet will help keep the drawing surface and the pen nib free of dust, dirt, and some other muck below it. If your pen configuration is correct and the hardware drivers are current, get some cleaning products. 

regular cleaning of one wacom pen

Clean the pen nib with care, then remove any caught dirt. Use a microfiber towel and use light pressure when cleaning your Pen. Avoid alcohol and harsh detergents, although you may mildly dampen the cloth with water and a tiny amount of soap. Wipe your sketching surface in a circular pattern with an anti-static microfiber cloth. You can find more information about cleaning your Wacom pen and tablet in the instructional up top.

Possible Causes Of Wacom Pen Not Working

It becomes very easy to solve any issue ahead once you know the possible causes of it. Thus, in this section, we have discussed a few such causes. No particular reason behind the Wacom Pen not working issue is mentioned as such by the company.

Only assumptions are made; accordingly, we suggest some effective fixes for it. The following are a few possible causes that might interrupt the connection between your pen and device.

wacom pen

  • Deserted touch settings of the Pen.
  • Device update not compatible.
  • Faulty Wacom pen driver.
  • Malfunctioning of Wacom software.
  • Malfunctioning of Windows Ink.

It’s Also Possible That The Nib On Your Pen Is The Issue

Scuff marks from a worn-out pen nib can appear on your surface to create and will be incredibly unappealing on a Wacom Cintiq or other engaging pen display. It can also affect how well your Wacom pen performs overall.

nib on your wacom pen is the issue

When taking the Nib out of your Wacom pen, don’t harm it. Most pens have a unique tool for safely removing and replacing the Nib.

Advice For Preventing Wacom Tablet Pen Issue

Ensure that the Wacom pen you use is functional with the Wacom tablet.
Don’t use any other pen for a better method.

compatible wacom tablets

To avoid any compatibility concerns, always choose compatible Wacom tablets.
Make sure the antivirus is effective in preventing malfunctions. As a result, various aspects and external peripherals may have problems.

Ensure the connector is in good working order; otherwise, your tablet won’t recognize the Wacom pen.

How To Fix Wacom Pen Not Working Issue

Minor issues are common to every technical device. Such issues are very easy to deal with. It is suggestible to try to refresh the connection between your Wacom Pen and your device or just restart your set-up. This is one of the most effective methods to solve any technical issue. If your issue persists, try the following methods to deal with the issue.

Method #1 Reset The Touch Settings Of Your Pen

It may be possible that the issue is occurring in your system due to distorted Pen settings. Many users have mentioned that Wacom Pen does not work correctly if touch settings are changed to right-click. Wacom provides different touch equivalent options for the ease of its users.

Thus, if the scenario matches your situation, then implement this method. It means your pen and device could not cooperate with the changed settings. Therefore, change the touch settings of your Pen as suggested below:

1. Go to the Wacom Pen application settings.

2. Search for touch settings.

3. Select the settings that implement right touch equivalent pen settings.

4. Now restart your Pen.

This will make your pen settings compatible with your device. In case your issue is still not solved, try the next option.

Method #2 Switch To An Older Version Of The Device

Software updates are given to fix the bugs, but these updates generate a  fault as complementary. This method applies to situations where the Wacom Pen not working issue arose right after the device update.

Sometimes, it may happen that your device update is not cooperating with Pen settings. Thus, try to switch back to the older version of your device and check if the issue is solved. Following are the steps to revert your device update:

1. Go to the settings of your system’s Operating system.

2. Search for the Update and Security option.

3. Select the update history.

4. Uninstall the last updates.

This might solve the issue if an update was faulty. If you are still unsatisfied, you may also prefer the following method.

Method #3 Update The Wacom Pen Driver

The device cooperates with the Pen with the help of the Pen driver installed in it. This driver supports the smooth functioning of the Pen. It might be possible that the Pen driver is demanding an update. There are many applications available that, once installed in your system, automatically keep checking for the updates of drivers and accordingly suggest the best driver as well.

Thus, it is suggested to install one such application as updating any driver manually is too hectic and technical to perform. Following are the steps that will help you to run such an application in your device:

1. Install the application.

2. Click on the scan option.

4. Select the update all option.

5. Restart your set-up to see the changes in action.

Thus, this method will allow you to tackle the issue of Wacom Pen not working. One can even prefer the following option as well.

Method #4 Restart The Wacom Software

This is one of the most effective and easiest methods to tackle any technical issue, as it works based on the application and curbs all possible faults. This method involves updating or restarting the whole software that automatically fixes most issues. In this method, you simply need to restart the settings of the Wacom Pen on your device.

Following are the steps to implement the restart:

1. Go to the control panel of your system.

2. Click on the services option.

3. Select the Wacom services option.

4. Select the Restart option by right-clicking on the services option.

After your system starts, check whether your pen now works or not. In most cases, this method is effective, but if it couldn’t satisfy you, then move to the following method.

Method #5 Disable The Windows Ink

Windows Ink is an option that is available on Windows-based devices. If you are a Windows user, then this might be your scenario. Many users have suggested that disabling Windows Ink fixed the issue. Windows Ink is a set of facilities that allows the smooth functioning of the pen in collaboration with the device.

It is a good feature as it comes with additional facilities but sometimes it turns out to be the culprit. Following are the steps to disable the Windows Ink in your system:

  1. Go to the settings of Wacom.
  2. Scroll down for tablet or PC settings.
  3. Search for the mapping option.
  4. Toggle the Windows Ink option.

This method will eradicate the issue of the Wacom Pen not working.

Method #6 Make Contact With The Appropriate Support

If the problem with the “Wacom Tablet Pen not working” hasn’t been fixed yet. Then proceed to the official Wacom support. They have a helpful customer service agent. They’ll undoubtedly solve your problem. If the Pen has any internal damage, it will be updated if the guarantee still protects it.

appropriate support in wacom pen

We suggest you seek official help for your system at least once to receive assistance on the conflicting setup. Perhaps Windows 10 is blocking the Wacom tablet Pen from functioning correctly.


Why won't the Wacom pen move the cursor?

You should be able to correct this by adjusting your Pen from the Wacom Tablet Control panel; to do this on the screen, select the Calibration option.

What is a Wacom pen reset?

Reload the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet using the Nib on the back of the Pro Pen 2. Straighten out the reversed Nib and place it in the hole. Firmly press the reset button until you feel it depress. Release after holding for 10 to 15 seconds until the tablet's power light shuts off.

Does every Wacom pen support every tablet?

No, the Pen that came with the Wacom One is only suitable with the tablet. However, top manufacturers sell various supplementary pens that work fine with the Wacom One.


These were some of the best methods to deal with the issue of Wacom Pen not working. The steps mentioned above are accurate and easy to follow. These are a few of the highly preferred and positively reciprocated methods to fix the issue.