The Warzone Pacific Not Working issue on the Xbox device has Xbox users in a frenzy. If you are one of those individuals, the answers to the Warzone Pacific Not Working On Xbox issue are available here. The article discusses fixing Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox.

You can fix Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox by Scanning and repairing the files by checking for errors.  You can do that by Right-clicking on the Windows and selecting Run. And then delete the Warzone.exe and  Call of Duty folders. Then open the client and select Warzone. Then wait until the games’ files are scanned for errors and repaired.

The game received millions of installations on Android and PC after going live. It is clear that Warzone Pacific crashes, given the millions of downloads and numerous active participants. Problems with the texture of images are another possibility. These issues differ from the most well-known ones in that they involve the Xbox. Read below to learn more about fixing Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox.

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How To Fix Warzone Pacific Not Working On Xbox?

Here are the fixes for Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox.

Verify That Your Xbox Satisfies The Prerequisites

The minimum system requirements for Warzone Pacific must be met to run properly on your play games The developers outline the minimal specifications for a game or program to run correctly. For Warzone Pacific to start, your computer must meet its minimum specifications.

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Download The Most Recent Edition

Out-of-date game assets or versions could have also brought on the error. The flaws in the earlier updates could also be to blame.

You must update to the most recent version to enjoy it without problems. For an Xbox Warzone update, as Warzone won’t load on Xbox One:

  1. On the Xbox game bar, press the Xbox icon. Check this out if your Xbox game bar not working.warzone pacific
  2. Next, choose the Updates option. Check to see if there are any outstanding updates, then apply them.

Pass the Firewall And Allow The Game

Windows Firewall is the first potential obstruction to the start of Warzone Pacific. You must enable the game through the firewall to fix the problem. Follow the instructions below to do that.

  1. Release the Windows key to get to the Start Menu. Hit Enter after entering “Windows Security” into the search at a glance
  2. Choose Network Security & Firewall. In the next box, click Allow an app through the Firewall. Tap it to access the Settings defender firewall
  3. Check the options next to Warzone Pacific that say Public and Private, as Warzone will not launch on Xbox. Exit the window after saving the modifications. Open the game and see if the issue resolves.

Use Game Mode

Windows has a feature named Game Mode that is designed explicitly for gaming. It automatically disables all unnecessary background running applications to improve the in-game experience. 

Playing the game with the game mode function enabled may be the best option if the issue is caused by unneeded applications running in the background. 

  1. Press Windows + I to rapidly navigate to the Settings page. Tap the Gaming option to select mode off
  2. By tapping on it, turn off Game Mode in the pop-up window.

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Start The game In Administrator Mode

Why isn’t Warzone working on Xbox? Before launching Warzone Pacific on your system, grant it full administrative access. Follow the instructions below to do that.

  1. Choose the Properties option by performing right-clicking on the Warzone Pacific shortcut
  2. By choosing the Compatibility tab, check the box next to Run this program as an administrator. Press OK > Apply.compatibility tab

Rebuild The Game Files

You will experience the launch issue if the game files are damaged or absent. You will have to rebuild the Steam game data to resolve the problem. Check this out to fix a Steam game that won’t launch issues.

  1. Select Call of Duty from the options after opening Clicking the menu icon next to Play will allow you to choose Show in
  2. Get rid of every item. Do not delete the folder. Once more, launching, choose Warzone Pacific.
  3. Choose Scan and Repair from the selection under Options.scan and repair

Launch the game once it’s done. The corrupted and missing files will immediately begin to download. 

Clear The DNS Cache

Your computer’s DNS memory may be the root of the problem. You must clear the DNS cache to fix the problem and access the game. Clear DNS cache for Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox:

  1. Launch Command Prompt in user mode. Press Enter after entering ipconfig /flushdns.command prompt
  2. It will instantly resolve the problem and flush the DNS.

Delete Cache On Xbox

Why won’t Warzone start on Xbox? Your Xbox’s memory may also be the source of the problem. You can solve the problem and quickly start Warzone Pacific on Xbox by clearing the cache.

  1. Turn off your Xbox to erase the cache. Unplug the power brick from your device once the indicator lights have stopped flashing.turn off xbox
  2. Wait for at least 30 seconds. Connect the power brick, then switch the console on.30 seconds

Edit The Warzone Config File 

Warzone’s Config file, which is in charge of pre-loading game detection features like textures and visuals, could also be the root of the problem. The game will only start if the configuration of the file is correct. 

  1. Open Run, type documents into the search box, click Enter, open the Call of Duty subdirectory, and select Players to modify the Config run
  2. Find Config. cfg in the Players subdirectory.  To access the file, perform right-click and choose Edit > Select Notepad.config.cfg

Once more, running Warzone Pacific, check to see if everything is in order as warzone pacific not launching.

Update Graphics Drivers

Warzone Pacific loading screen might also be unable to start due to outdated or damaged graphics drivers on your computer.graphic drive update Install the latest release of the GPU drivers. Windows can check for driver updates and replace your graphics drivers.

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Why won't Warzone Pacific run on Xbox?

A variety of factors could cause the problem. Network problems, outdated game versions, outdated device firmware, or corrupt game files might cause it. Based on the potential causes of the problem, you must make fixes.

Can Xbox One handle Warzone Pacific?

Call of Duty's battle royale was given new life by Warzone Pacific Season 1, but a steady stream of bugs and glitches has disappointed many players. The situation is so terrible that Xbox users can't even start the game.

Is Warzone Caldera currently playable?

On the PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PC, Warzone 1 can still be played as Warzone Caldera. The game only has the classic battle royale maps and no longer gets new updates. Warzone Caldera does not have Resurgence, but Warzone 2.0 is expected to add the game mode.

How long is Warzone free?

Thankfully, that business strategy is maintained in Warzone 2, as you can download, play, and enjoy the game for as long as you like for no additional cost.

What causes packet failure in Warzone?

Even with a fast internet link, packet loss can still happen. This is known as packet loss, when information is transmitted between your PC and a game server. Packet loss can contribute to lag spikes and in-game problems like rubber banding, much like excessive ping.


It is all about fixing Warzone Pacific not working on Xbox. If you have trouble with Warfare not loading, you can also check your internet link. Customers of the Xbox One say that the game would not even start.

It is understandably upsetting that many players are having difficulty starting the game on Microsoft’s consoles following the Warzone Pacific update. Therefore, using the techniques listed above, you can solve the problem with ease.

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