{Solved} Fix We Can’t Sign Into Your Account in Windows 10


‘We can’t Sign Into Your Account’ is one of the messages displaying an error that informs the users about some problem with your computer preventing you from signing in to your Windows user profile. This particular problem is probably solved when you create a temporary profile on the Windows OS, and then it allows the user to sign in to that.

we can't sign into your account in windows 10
We Can’t Sign Into Your Account in Windows 10

Usually, This error message informs the users that this issue can be fixed by just signing out of your windows account and then signing back in again. Still, just in case this method cannot solve the problem you are facing, you may be needed to apply some other way to resolve the issue.

The We can’t sign into your account error mainly occurs after updating your windows. This error occurs when the computer is booting. During this time when you click on the respective profile logo of your account and then enter your password to log in to your Windows user profile.

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How to Fix We Can’t Sign Into Your Account Issue

The real reason behind the ‘We can’t sign into your account’ error on windows OS is still not understood. But we have assumed that this error may probably be triggered by the user profile mix-up, registries, corrupted files, or even by malware. However, this error is not a very serious issue that you should be worried about. You can quickly fix the issue using the methods that we have given below. We indeed think that these methods will help you fix the We can’t sign into your account Windows 10 error.

Method 1: Creating a Temporary User Profile and Installing Windows updates

Creating a Temporary User Profile:

1. Startup your computer and wait for the Windows booting screen to show up.

2. As soon as the boot screen appears, press the Restart button.

3. After you have done that, select Troubleshoot and then click on the Advanced Options.

Advanced Options
Advanced Options

4. Select Startup Settings and then press F4 to open your computer in Safe Mode.

enable safe mode
enable safe mode

5. Then wait for your PC to restart and boot into Safe Mode.

6. After your computer is booted, then press the Windows key + R at once.

7. Then, type in regedit in the text box and then hit Enter to open the Windows Registry Editor.

Type regedit
Type regedit

8. Then, navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\ProfileList

9. Expand the ProfileList, and then you will see a few subfolders whose names start by values S-1-5-XX (X may be any number)

profile list

10. You have to select the one subfolder with its ProfileImagePath key set to the same as the system profile path.

profile image path

11. Double click on the RefCount key, change its value from 1 to 0 and click OK.


12. Close all and then restart your computer.

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Installing Windows Updates:

1. When your computer fully boots, Navigate to Settings App → Select Updates & SecurityWindows Updates.

update and security
update and security

2. Select Check for Updates option and wait until the system scans for available options.

Check for Updates
Check for Updates

3. As soon as you get the list of all Windows updates recommended for installing, click Run the Updates.

4. Once all updates are installed, reboot your PC.

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Method 2: Signing into your Microsoft account using the web browser

Many users had suggested that when they were also faced with the same situation, they used this particular method to resolve the issue. It is a handy and easy method that can help you solve the “Can’t sign into your account” error on windows.

Log into a temporary profile:

1. Once you have successfully logged into your Windows PC using the temporary profile that you have created, navigate to the folder

C:\\Users\\ and then find the system folder that belongs to your profile. Create a copy of your current account.


2. You have to open the Internet browser that you use and then navigate to the Microsoft account login page on the Microsoft website.

microsoft sign in
Microsoft sign in

3. Sign in to the Microsoft account in which you are facing the current problems.

4. Then, Log out of the temporary Windows account you have created and then log back into windows.

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If that annoying error message still appears on your computer screen, then do not try to close the error message and leave that error message on your computer screen; then do according to the following steps:

1. Click on the Windows button at the left end of your status bar. This will open the Start menu and then right click on your windows Account button.

2. If you can still find the button here, you will see the Shutdown or sign-out option there.

sign out
sign out

3. Click and then select Sign Out from the account settings menu.

4. After it is the computer, you can log back into your computer.

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Method 3: Making sure that We can’t sign into your account is not a scam

Suppose you are provided any additional links to applications or websites that promise to resolve the issue, such as some tech support websites. In that case, the error message is most probably a scam or malware. If this is the case, the first thing you must do is eliminate the malware from your computer using any trusted Anti-Virus programs.

These programs are readily available in the market or on the internet. But before you install Anti Malware software to remove any malware, we suggest that you enter your computer using the Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking options so that you can install these applications without the error disturbing you.

1. When the windows login screen appears, press the Power button on the screen.

2. Then click on the restart while simultaneously pressing and holding the Shift key.

3. Then select Troubleshoot and go to the Advanced options, choose the Startup Settings option and lastly, press the Restart button.

Advanced Options
Advanced Options

4. Once the computer restarts, select the Enable Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking option in the Startup Settings window and then wait for it to boot in safe mode.

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Method 4: Using Command Prompt to solve we can’t sign in to your account error

1. You can use almost the same steps that we have used in Method 1 to enable your computer to boot into Safe Mode. Still, the only difference from the 1st method is that we select the Enable Safe Mode using the Command Prompt on this particular method.

2. Open the command prompt, type in these commands one after the other into the command box, and then hit Enter after everyone.

  • First, net user /add useraccountname mypassword
  • net localgroup administrators useraccountname /add
  • net share concfg*C:\\\\/grant:useraccountname,full
  • Lastly, net useraccountname

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Method 5: Using the Registry Editor to regain access to your Windows account

1. Press the Windows key+R, then type in regedit, then hit enter to open the Registry Editor.

Type regedit
Type regedit

2. Then, navigate to the below-mentioned path:


3. After you have reached the location, find your account there, then right click on your current account, and delete the particular account.

4. After closing the Registry Editor, go to Settings and then click to select the Accounts option.

5. Then, you can add your account again in your computer and Restart your computer to check whether the problem remains.

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Final Words

These are the methods that can surely solve your issue and help you regain your Windows account access. We hope that these methods helped you in solving the problems that you are facing with the error.

The ways that we have provided here are straightforward and easy to do, but we still remind you to read all the steps thoroughly before attempting any of the above methods to avoid system damage. But it is highly unlikely when all the steps are done correctly.