{Solved} We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error


We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error is a very common issue. You must have thought of increasing the size of the partition of the disk on your computer after facing a few errors from before such as “Not being able to install the Windows 10 on your computer” and an error saying we Windows 10 couldn’t update the system reserved partition, along with an error code 0xc1900104, or 0x800f0922. Here, you are already in frenzy of updating your system to Windows 10, but you face this message from your computer.

We Couldn't update system reserved partition error
We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error

You may also get the same error message when you are trying to “Update your Drivers or updating any other software recommended by the automatic update,” you face this error. This time number of error is just getting piled up. Also! Don’t blame your Karma; your karma has nothing to do with this. Gather all your grit together and think wisely.

Cause of We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error

There may be several reasons due to which this error pops in front of your face out of nowhere. Out of those, one common reason may be an inner error in system reserved partition. One other reason may be, low disk space in system reserved partition (SRP) for an upgrade. Different versions of Windows have different memory allocated to SRP. Like, on windows 7, it takes 100MB disk space, 350Mb on Windows 8, and 500MB on Windows 10.

Therefore, you can see that upgrading to Windows 10 needs additional disk space. But, if you fresh install Windows 10 to a specific partition, then you won’t face this error. For knowledge sake, the concept of System Reserved partition first came into existence in Windows 7; there isn’t any such thing in the older version than Windows 7.

Now that we are aware of the cause, it becomes slightly comfortable to fix this problem. If the error is caused due to low disk space, increase the system reserved partition size; if the error is caused due to an internal file system error, try fixing file system of Windows 7/8.1 system reserved partition.

But it is not always possible that a user knows the actual cause of the error. Moreover, it then becomes prominent to view and checks the properties of the system reserved partition beforehand.

How to Fix We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error


  • Make a System Restore Point before proceeding to any below-mentioned methods.
  • Backup all your valuable data, so that in case if any problem arises while resolving the error, you still have your critical data with you somewhere safe.

Method 1: Explicitly Modifying the Space in GPT/MBR

Determine the partition style of the SRP, i.e., GPT/MBR.

1. At First, Press Windows Key + R together. Run Dialog Box will appear, Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the space provided and hit Enter.


2. Then Right-Click on the disk (Such as Disk 0) in which SRP is located, and select Properties from the list of options.

disk management
disk management

3. Now, click on the volume tab.

volume tab
volume tab

4. The Partition Style line will say either the GUID Partition Table (GPT) or Master Boot Record (MBR).

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After knowing the partition style follow the steps for your type of partition:

For Windows 10 with GPT partition:

1. To begin with, Press Windows Key. Type cmd in the search box. Now, right-Click on the Command Prompt Option from the menu and select Run as administrator option from the list. Click yes, to grant permission to Run as administrator.

Run as administrator
Run as administrator

2. In the command prompt window, type mountvol y:/s and hit Enter. It will add the Y: drive to access the System Partition.

mountvol y:/s
mountvol y:/s

3. Type Y: and press Enter for switching to Y drive. Navigate to another folder by giving this command: cd EFI\Microsoft\Boot\Fonts. Type del *.* to delete font files. Also, when asked for confirmation by the system, press Y and hit Enter to continue.

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For Windows 10 with MBR partition:

1. First, Press the Windows key +R together. In the Run window that comes up, type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.


2. Now, select the partition named System Reserve and Right-Click on it.

System Reserve
System Reserve

3. Then Select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

Change Drive Letter and Paths
Change Drive Letter and Paths

4. Then Select Add.

5. Enter Y for the drive letter.

6. Then Click on OK.


7. Press the Windows Key. Type cmd in the search box. Also, right-click on the Command Prompt Option from the menu and select Run as administrator option from the list.

Run as administrator
Run as administrator

8. In the Command Prompt Window, type Y: and hit enter to switch to that drive. Then, navigate to the fonts folder by typing cd Boot\Fonts.

9. After the above step, type the following command and hit enter:
takedown /d y /r /f .

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  • Do not miss the space and the period after the “f,” or the command will not work.

10. Type the following command to back up the permission to the drive and hit enter.

icacls Y:\* /save %systemdrive%\NTFSp.txt /c /t


  • Ascertain that all the files are shown as successful, and none has failed.

11. In the Command Prompt, type whoami and hit Enter, and then record the username. Then, type the following command and hit enter:
icacls. /grant <username you got from whoami>:F /t


  • Write with full attention. Also, do not put a space between the username and “: F,” else the command won’t work.

12. Also, make sure you are still in the Fonts location (Y:\Boot\Fonts) as described in step 8. Then, Type del *.* to delete the font files. The system may ask you if you are sure to continue, press Y and hit enter to continue. And that’s it, it will fix the We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error.

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Method 2: Fixing Windows System Reserved Inner Partition Errors

There might be a possibility that Windows system partition inner error has caused Windows couldn’t update the system reserved partition.

1. Initially, Download and run EaseUS Partition Master free version and right-click on the system reserved partition that you want to check by clicking on the“Check partition” option.

2. Then, choose from the options available the way you want to check partition by clicking on Check Partition Properties, then Call Windows Chkdsk.

Check Partition Properties
Check Partition Properties

Now, use Chkdsk to fix errors, Surface test. Finally, click on OK. Also, check for any update error such as 0x8024a105.

3. It will allow EaseUS Partition Master to automatically check the hard disk partition errors and repair any errors that it comes across. Now, click OK for completion and that’s it. You won’t face windows 10 couldn’t be installed, We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition error again.

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Method 3: Extend System reserved partition space (SRP)

1. To begin with, launch EaseUS Partition Master. Now, you will find the different disk partitions shown in front of you. Drag the partition rightwards to leave unallocated space behind the system reserved partition.

2. Then, right-click on the System Reserved Partition and select Resize/Move partition.

Resize/Move partition
Resize/Move partition

3. Also, to allocate the space to System Reserved Partition, drag the right handle of System Reserved Partition.

Now, it might also be possible that you don’t have any unallocated space in your system, in that case first you have to Shrink or delete the partition and then proceed from step 1.

4. Then, click on Apply to make the changes. It will fix We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition issue.

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From next time when you try downloading recommended settings on your computer or try to update the operating system (OS), then do check the space of different partitions to avoid We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error.

Also, if you’re aware of any other remarkable methods to fix the We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition error, then please comment down below. Also, if you found our fixes for We Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition issue, then share it with your friends.

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