3 Website Image Mistakes And How to Fix Them


Images are essential for every website, and whether you take them yourself, hire a photographer to take them for you, pay for stock images, or download them from royalty-free websites, they will all need to be formatted correctly. If you don’t do these Website Image Mistakes, you will give out a bad impression of your business, and people won’t want to visit your site.

Top 3 Website Image Mistakes and Their Fix

Here are some of the most significant Website Image Mistakes and issues you may face when adding images to your website, and how to fix those issues to ensure that it becomes somewhere visitors want to be.

image on website
image on website

Size of the Image

Once you have found the right image, you may choose to upload it directly to your website. The problem in doing this is that, although the image looks excellent and you may think that larger file size will mean it will retain its sharpness, the truth is that the bigger the file, the bigger the problem you are setting for yourself.

If the file is too big, the website will take a long time to load, and with so many other places for visitors to go to, patience will run out, and they will look elsewhere. Of course, if the file is too small, the quality will not be so good, and you will give out a bad impression of yourself that way. So you need to find the middle ground. This might be a case of experimenting until you find an image size that looks good and loads quickly, but it is worth taking the time to do it.

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oo Common

If you are using your images, this won’t be a problem, but if you are using stock images and not paying for exclusivity, there is no reason why they can’t and shouldn’t be used elsewhere online too. The problem is, if people see the same images on lots of different websites, they become dull and stop conveying the right message.

Using reverse image lookup technology, you can determine just how many times the image you are thinking of using is already online. If it can’t be found, or only comes up in a small number of search results, it won’t be a problem. If it turns up in many effects, look for a different image. Using this tool will also help you to ensure that no one is using your unique photos anywhere else on the internet.

No Focal Point

If the image you are using has no focal point, it will be hard for visitors to determine exactly what you want it to convey. Since ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ it makes sense to ensure, your images are as clear as possible.

To do this, you can:

  • Crop them so that only the relevant part is on show
  • Use captions
  • Make sure they relate precisely to your products and services

Once there is a focal point and a reason for having the images on your site, people will be less likely to be put off and will understand what it is they are meant to be seeing.


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