What Causes Attraction in People (A Biological Guide)


What Causes Attraction in People? This post was developed via a partnership with BetterHelp. In nature, many species can see attraction through color signals and mating rituals, and humans are no different. Although beauty is subjective, there are some factors that can influence how you feel about someone at a biological level. The Internet is full of Best Dating Apps for different dating purposes.


This article will discuss some of the primary causes of attraction in people.

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What Causes Attraction in People?

Here is a list of reasons describing the factors that causes attraction in people:


Pheromones are one of the most well-documented biological features that can have a role in attraction. While it’s unclear if humans produce their own for this purpose alone, we know that if someone smells nice, it can instantly make them more appealing. In contrast, someone who doesn’t practice good hygiene can be less attractive and desirable. There are some of the best behavior tracking apps that can help you become aware of behaviors and work towards changing them so that you can feel happier and healthier each day.

Dietary Choices

Whatever you eat can play a part in how someone perceives attraction; for example, a poor diet can make someone appear obese or malnourished and consequently seem unhealthy and not as likely to live as long as someone who makes a conscious decision to eat well and make healthy choices.

dietary choices


In addition to weight, your diet can also impact your skin quality, which ties into the next section.

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As mentioned before, beauty is subjective, but there are features that can make the brain automatically see someone as more attractive. The most common example of this is facial symmetry, but the size of features and clear skin may also have a large role.


The face is typically the first thing that people see, especially when it involves communication, so naturally, our brains work in a manner that emphasizes it over time.

Signs of Youth

Lastly, having a youthful appearance is correlated with attractiveness. Yes, this ties in with facial features. But youthfulness can also be associated with much more, especially when it comes to mating.  In order for a child to healthily develop, a bond must be made between them and their caregiver. However, when that’s not present, serious concerns such as RAD can appear.

signs of youth

For instance, at the biological level, those who are younger are more likely to be able to produce offspring and be around to raise them. In contrast, those who are older might have fertility issues that affect their longevity.

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More Resources On Attraction

Beauty standards can vary from culture to culture. As you can see, there are genetic and biological components that can influence it. Still, there are other things that are in your control. You can work on making yourself appear more attractive to those around you, such as verbal and nonverbal communication, diet and exercise, attire, and much more.


To learn more about attraction, you can find free articles like this one at BetterHelp, as well as find out how you can connect to a licensed professional who can help you build the skills you need to feel more confident in yourself and, therefore, increase your chances of forming attraction.


In regards to functioning, biology has a tremendous impact, and attraction is no exception. Hopefully, you’ve found some of these factors interesting. You get the basic idea about how certain things can be genetically in us and what causes attraction in people.  Nonetheless, you can take advantage of it by doing what you can to carry yourself better.

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