What Is A Good Internet Speed For Your Tasks


Today, we are going to talk about what is a good internet speed to finish the tasks you have or for video streaming and online entertainment.

As we know, technology is changing our lives at a very fast pace. Sometimes we can’t keep up with it, but it becomes an integral part of our lives. We live our lives so that technology keeps on evolving with every stage of our overall growth. 

laptop connect to wifi

We need technology to do matters that greatly impact our social life as it alters our lives every second. Being dependent on technology has become a constant for us in this fast-changing world. People are keen on putting their daily life for the entire world to see through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat


Technology has also developed to a point where people can make friends through the game they place. It is not only a newly formed phenomenon but has been ongoing for a long time. Popular PC games such as Pubg, Valorant, or Genshin Impact are some of the games that have huge fan bases worldwide due to their streaming on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.

Limited socializing with our real friends has become common nowadays as we “virtually” go through the internet to keep in touch with known and unknown people.


The other concern is the internet speed of a certain area where we live. The internet speed of an area is directly proportional to its development. Several factors have a major role to play when it comes to internet speed with their percentages of importance. Sometimes, broken LAN wire also causes the internet speed to slow down. The real trouble comes when you have to test your broken LAN wire to check if it works or not.

Even though there is an undeniable link between the internet speed of our area and its development, there are various reasons why it may happen. These reasons can be related to certain reasons like infrastructure development, connecting to the internet, government regulations, and even the availability of reliable and fast sources for communication closer in place. 

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How Would I Know What Is A Good Internet Speed For My Work?

Below are the internet speeds that one requires to carry out their work:

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Video Conferencing

  1. 1-4 Mbpsvideo conferencingThis should be the standard speed to carry out video conferencing.

Video Streaming

  1. Standard – 3-4 Mbpsvideo streaming
  2. High Definition – 5-8 Mbps

Work From Home

  1. Minimum Download Speed- 50-100 Mbpswork from home
  2. Work from Home Minimum Upload speed – 10 Mbps

Online Classes

  1. Minimum Download Speed – 4Mbps/ 128Kbpsonline classes
  2. Minimum Upload Speed – 8Mbps/ 512 Kbps

The speed of the internet required to download a document has lots of factors to keep in mind. These factors include the internet speed in your home or workplace, the type of device you’re using, and how big the file size is. 

internet speed

You can calculate a download speed by dividing the number of kilobytes in a file by 10. If you divide 32000 by 10, it equals 320Kbps. If you divide 320000 by 10, it equals 32Mbps. A file size of 5 to 10 megabytes is equivalent to a speed of 40 to 50 kilobits per second.

For example, a 5MB file requires 5000 kilobytes and 50Kbps. Internet speed is the rate at which data transfers from one point to another over a digital network, typically expressed in megabits per second (Mbps).

An internet connection with 10 Mbps can download a 5 GB movie in about 40 minutes. An internet connection with a 3 Mbps speed can take up to 2 hours and 20 minutes to download the same movie.

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What Is A Good Internet Speed According To Devices:

Another factor is the type of device you’re using, including the modem or router you use for your internet. The modem router plays an important role in downloading speed, but it’s not only the router’s fault if your internet is slow. Whatever you’re doing online needs a strong internet connection. However, if the internet cuts down for a few seconds, it can hamper a lot of work of yours. Thus, it becomes important to diagnose the problem and fix it. 

internet device

With the fast-paced growth of our world, everyone close to you consumes the internet. Hence, with this consumption comes the unavailability of plans that is even close to 100Mbps, which is the required speed for any device that you own. However, make sure that whatever plans you choose are justifiably relevant to your application for the same.


Problems That Might Occur When Introducing A New Plan At Your Home

So you have finally installed a router at your home. And you hope that now at least, your internet connection won’t act as weird as before. But suddenly, your YouTube video pauses in the middle of your favorite stand-up comedy, or maybe while streaming your favorite gamer, your internet got stuck in the same position.

connection problems

While a new internet plan might provide you with convenience initially, it’s never a reliable source for you to get a constant fast speed internet, and problems are bound to occur. Read this article, if your internet cuts for a few seconds while you’re attending online conference meetings or watching your favorite series online.

Probable causes include

  1. Router getting crashed
  2. Too many devices under the same connection
  3. Suffocating environment for the internet speed
  4. Background applications hacking up your speed
  5. Using data that’s issued for the coming month
  6. Your server probably is experiencing huge traffic

We have been hearing about various plans from different companies which provide high-speed internet at home for a reasonable price. But there are some problems with these plans as well. As listed above, there might be innumerable problems, but hopefully, we have the solution for them all that you could do in the comfort of your home itself! 

For example, it may not be possible to get high-speed internet in rural areas. It may also be a problem for people living in apartments or condos where they don’t have a landline connection. To get the best of deals and understand the working of the same, check out Cox Internet.

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How To Get A Smooth Flow Of Internet While Using Multiple Devices

One of the biggest concerns for any internet user is the capability of using multiple devices at once while expecting a smooth flow of the internet. Although it’s quite possible to achieve the bandwidth for the devices plugged in with the router at your home, it is also better to check for requirements if you’re getting hogged at every minute of your music video.

multiple devices using internet

So how are you going to achieve the all-rounder effect with your beloved devices? Well, first of all, it depends on whatever you’re watching, downloading, or uploading.

While Netflix will readily reduce its video quality so that you don’t miss out on any comedic timings, it is equally exhausting to pull out your eyes to get a glimpse of short pictures through the grainy texture on your screen. Check this out, if you are facing problem to stream on Netflix.

Closing background applications help with the internet only moving towards the point it needs to be. Keep an account of the things that takes internet the whole day and try reallocating some things with different slots.

You want to watch your favorite video game streamer on one Desktop while having to receive the video call from your mother. You require atleast 40Mbps in your Video that’s streaming and another 5Mbps for the video call. 

Doing this will also clear to you whether you want the internet speed that you have right now or not.


Therefore, it’s important that you carefully plan out your internet needs so you can decide what speed is best for you. I hope this article gave you some insights on how much data speed you need on a daily basis. 

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