Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10 is a prevalent issue. But don’t worry; we have 3 Ways to Fix Whea Uncorrectable Errors in Windows 10. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem.

The WHEA uncorrectable error is a stop code displayed during blue screen crashes, usually due to hardware failure.
Corrupted files, CPU overclocked, driver conflicts, and various other hardware issues can all result in a WHEA uncorrectable error. Relax and sit back as we begin our journey to successfully troubleshoot the whea uncorrectable error in Windows 10.


The errors can be a blessing in disguise. Yeah!!! A gift as it makes you more immunized and vitally prepared to face it with a prepared vigor. It builds a spirit of fighting peacefully and challenging your might to defeat that error.

The whea_uncorrectable_error flashes on a blue screen and can occur due to various causes. The worst effect of the error is that you cannot operate your System due to this error.

whea error

Hence, an early fixation of the error is recommended and vital for both the short and long run.

The error occurs vitally due to the various hardware failures that occur due to your System’s functioning and can range from a small operational errors to a more extensive system-based error.

Corrupted files, CPU overclocked, and driver conflicts can also cause the dilemmas discussed in this article.

Correctly following the guide and appropriate implementation can fix the error quickly. Let us begin our journey by keeping an undisputed and faithful mind with just an aim to ruin the existence of the given error.

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How to Fix Whea Uncorrectable Errors in Windows 10

Proceed with the following methods to troubleshoot the whea uncorrectable error in Windows 10:

Method 1: Immobilize Overclock in BIOS

The using of BIOS for disabling or immobilizing overclock can prove actual results. It is the most widely used step to fix Windows 10 whea an uncorrectable error occurs.

The best part of this step is that it is the least time-consuming and can deliver quality results without much effort. Do try this step at first sight without any hesitation.

1. At First, Start and proceed to Settings.

2. Then, navigate to Update and Security and select the Recovery tab.

3. Afterward, hit Restart Now in Advanced Startup Now, and your System will perform a Restart taking a few minutes.

4. select Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and UEFI Firmware Settings.

5. Again, perform a Restart, and your System will now be open in BIOS mode.

6. Go to the Advanced Tab, then Performance, and locate the Overclocking.

7. Completely be clear in your mind that overclocking is disabled.

8. Finally, press F10 to save changes and usually start your PC.

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Method 2: Execute a System Restore

This step is handy for this error and can fix most of the mistakes flashing before you on your PC Screen. This method is officially the only step the Microsoft Corporation suggests to troubleshoot the whea uncorrectable error.

But as this step requires the System to start correctly and enter the desktop, perform this step only if you can adequately access the desktop.

1. Open the Control Panel from Start Menu.

type control panel

2. Navigate to System Restore from Recovery and hit Next to proceed.

configure system restore

3. Choose the previous best, correctly working alternative from the list of options where you did not encounter this dilemma at an earlier time.

Method 3: Block unnecessary Audio Service operational

This is the unique solution to the whea uncorrectable error in Windows 10, but all other solutions are not working for you; this method will surely help you. Do try this step if you are fed up trying all other actions available that are not of excellent service to you.

1. Press Windows Key and then search Sound.

2. Select the alternative Sound and proceed ahead.


3. Navigate to the Playback tab from the sound window. Then Disable each non-default device by right-clicking on each of them and selecting the option to disable.

disable audio device

4. Press OK to save changes and successfully execute the settings.


What should I do if an error is unfixable?

When faced with an unfixable error, consider the implications and other options. Consult your coworkers, online discussion boards, or experts for advice. Record the problem and any remedies you try. If there is no way to fix the issue, minimize its effects and change your approach. Finding solutions to your problems by recognizing your limitations can often have a good impact.

Can a new Windows installation fix WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR?

A clean Windows installation can sometimes resolve if damaged system files or mismatched drivers bring the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. This error, however, is typically related to hardware issues like faulty RAM, overheating, or CPU issues. If hardware is the issue, reinstalling won't fix anything. If hardware is the primary offender, reinstalling won't help. Before trying a fresh installation, a comprehensive hardware diagnosis is essential.

Is it possible for a graphics card to produce a WHEA unfixable error?

Yes, especially if it's damaged, overclocked, or has outdated drivers, a graphics card can result in a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. VRAM issues or overheating are frequent causes of this problem. Ensuring the graphics card is installed correctly, upgrading the drivers, and monitoring temps can help resolve the problem. Try to test the card on another system or, if required, replace it if the issue persists.

What does WHEA stand for in RAM?

This system's official name is Windows Hardware Error Architecture. A function in the Windows systems that keeps track of and notifies users about hardware issues, particularly those involving RAM (Random Access Memory). When the system encounters an unfixable hardware error, such as memory corruption or other RAM-related issues, a WHEA error may manifest, such as the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, alerting the user that a hardware problem was successfully identified.


Hence, we come to the end of the content to troubleshoot the whea uncorrectable error. Till now, all your mistakes and dilemmas would have been solved. The best part has you solved it effortlessly and within a few minutes.

The errors are just like an uncalled guest who does not want to leave the System. Hence, there is a need for some harsh steps to be executed and implemented to throw them out and ease your justified existence.

The leading causes of the error are the faulty hardware or associated services the System performs. But we have tried to cover all spheres of error fixing, and no stone was unturned while preparing the content.

Thus, you can unthinkingly follow the content and achieve the desired results to enjoy the hard-fought victory. All our efforts are valued if we get a tremendous and valuable response.

In turn to our hard work and broad research cum information gathering. The satisfaction in return for our work is the reward for our efforts. Do share your positive feedback and authenticated comments below.


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