Are you puzzled as to Why am I losing Instagram followers? You aren’t the only one if you’re losing a lot of followers every day or if it’s a gradual trickle. Many folks have the same problem, and there is generally a cause. After determining the reason, you can start thinking about a solution.

This is due to the possibility that some people won’t always enjoy your content and will click the unfollow option. Other than that, it’s possible that Instagram has shadowbanned you or that, occasionally, you unintentionally do things that lead others to stop following you.

Another reason could be that your Instagram posting schedule needs to be adjusted. If people can’t find your content, they can’t engage with it. Instagram is, by its very nature, a fast-paced medium, and content ages quickly. Let’s get to the bottom of why you randomly lose followers on Instagram without further ado. Once you know the cause, you can explore solutions to fix it.

Reasons Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers 

It’s very natural to notice that each day you have a few fewer followers than the day before or that you gain 10, only to lose 6 just seconds later. This is merely a crucial stage in using Instagram and developing your account.

It’s fair to be worried, especially if follower numbers are one of your essential indicators. The great news is that practically every factor that causes users to stop finding your account interesting enough to follow can be overcome. 

The following are some of the critical causes of your Instagram followers dropping count:

Use Of Black Hat And Getting A Shadow Ban

Why am I losing Instagram Followers? In addition to attracting a disinterested and unauthentic following to your account, using bots like Instagress or FollowLiker to interact automatically with users can get you into trouble.

If you’re unfamiliar with these facilities, they essentially grant permission to your Instagram account and auto-like, comment, follow, and unfollow at your behest.shadowbanned

Although they may seem convenient, these programs violate Instagram’s Terms of Service and must be shunned if you wish to have a positive relationship with them.

Instagram has indicated over the past year that it will firmly crack down on companies like this by either completely removing your account or “shadow banning” you, which makes everything appear to be acceptable in theory but, in practice, makes you essentially invisible on the platform because your followers aren’t seeing your posts and your images aren’t being categorized in hashtags. Hence, you are losing followers on Instagram.

Remember that using Autobots is not the only method to shadow ban. For instance, if users consistently report your account because you upload questionable content, make racially offensive comments, etc. Avoid them and concentrate on being real, giving your audience value, and authentically engaging with them if you want your account to thrive.

Excessively Posting

A significant turnoff can be excessive posting.

It becomes a little overwhelming in someone’s feed if the same brand’s posts keep showing one after another and may cause Instagram followers to disappear.optimal posting frequency

Slicing and dicing your photographs to make a large grid is another example of over-posting on Instagram. Your followers have no interest in seeing 9 little pieces of a photo; it’s tedious and aggravating, and people might unfollow you quickly.

Automated Comments And Likes

Why am I losing Instagram Followers? Most individuals quickly recognize artificial comments, likes, and direct messages (DMs). What can appear to be an innocuous strategy to increase engagement harms trust. Why am I losing Instagram followers? An Instagram follower may click the unfollow option if they feel you aren’t responding to them personally. automated comments and likes

Such robotic like and comment bots are not only disappointing, but they are also not permitted on Instagram. The social platform’s service agreement forbids automated action without authorization. If the actions are blocked, you can remove them by following a few simple methods. Use only approved interaction tools like ManyChat to correctly establish connections with your audience.

Unfinished Profile

Why am I losing Instagram Followers.? Most of us are consumers of numerous goods and services in addition to being entrepreneurs and marketers. You probably follow several brands on your favorite social media platforms as well. If you do, check out the brand accounts you follow by opening your favorite social networking app. instagram edit profile

You may have noticed a pattern across all those profiles: they are all jam-packed with details about the brand, such as a website, attractive profile and cover photographs, and a clear subject in each of their regular updates. Every successful brand’s social media page is “complete” for a reason, and it’s pretty apparent: it conveys professionalism.

On the contrary, an “incomplete” profile, such as one that lacks a profile picture, screams a lack of professionalism. Ultimately, it might be the cause of why my followers are going down.

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Alterations To Your Audience

Why am I losing Instagram Followers? Sometimes, lost followers on Instagram can be through no fault of your own. Consumer habits can alter; perhaps they’ve learned to favor video content while you’re posting still photographs. Your content might, at times, be out of date. alterations to your audience

For instance, someone may be less likely to find value in your content if they’ve moved past the newborn period, changed employment, or reduced their home.

Although TikTok has overtaken Instagram as the fifth most popular social media network worldwide, Gen Z is now spending more time there. If Generation Z is your target market, this demographic shift may decrease engagement and cause you to lose Instagram followers.

 It is one instance of a habit or lifestyle modification that may affect your following count and engagement.

Instagram Followers Were Acquired Inadvertently In The Past

Why am I losing Instagram Followers? The second most likely cause of your decline in followers is because you, at some point, used artificial methods to increase your following, such as Instagram bots, engagement groups, paid giveaways, or even Instagram advertising or sponsored posts.instagram followers were acquired inadvertently in the past

If this is the case, your loss of followers is not due to Instagram shadow-banning you for employing these strategies; instead, it is due to the followers you acquired through these strategies gradually unfollowing you or being deleted by Instagram since they are “empty” accounts.

You’re Not Correctly Utilizing Hashtags

Why am I losing Instagram Followers? You’re doing yourself a great deal of harm if you’re not using hashtags. You are among most Instagram users if you use hashtags but are unsure which ones to use or whether they're not correctly utilizing hashtags

Any effective Instagram campaign must include hashtags since they constantly expose your material to new people. You won’t exactly lose followers if you don’t use them, but you won’t attract any new ones, either.

Irregular Posting Frequency

Why am I losing Instagram followers? Dropping Instagram followers primarily attributed to an irregular posting schedule. It will be challenging for you to gradually win over customers’ loyalty and trust if they can’t access your material.irregular posting frequency Even if your Instagram followers adore your posts, the algorithm doesn’t display your posts if you don’t post often. You may also have issues if you are overly active, significantly if it differs from your regular posting method. Check this out if you want to know about SERP tracking software.


Why am I losing Instagram followers?

It's likely that you're posting stuff that your target audience isn't keen on if you're dropping Instagram followers. You will lose followers if you distribute a haphazard assortment of posts with no structure or aim.

Why do my Instagram followers occasionally glitch?

There are three primary causes of it. Your followers may have been compelled to cancel their accounts by Instagram. Your following was recently raised, which was wonderful. It's just a problem with the app and will be fixed soon.

Why have my Instagram followers been inactive?

Are Instagram bots removed?

Bot profiles make to disseminate spam or pose as false followers. Instagram periodically removes them to ensure that only actual, active users are left on the service. It appears that hundreds of legitimate Instagram users chastise in this instance for whatever reason.


Instagram is a social media platform that functions as a conversational medium, and one uses it almost constantly. Likely, your social media marketing plan is not customer-centric if you’re losing followers quickly.

When creating a new promotion or writing your most recent social media post, consider whether you are improving the lives of your audience. Although it dramatically raises your chances, being customer-centric does not ensure your performance on social media.

Every single one of the factors mentioned above could have a substantial adverse effect on the development of your account and result in you losing Instagram followers.

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