YouTube has become one of the most well-known entertainment, learning, and correspondence stages. One of the most popular features of YouTube is its live chat function, which allows users to interact with content creators and other viewers in real-time. Sometimes you might encounter the error “Why can’t I comment on live chat on YouTube” Let us fix that.

To Comment On Live Chat On YouTube, Make sure comments are enabled. Click on the account icon in the top-right corner, followed by YouTube Studio. Then select Settings > Community > Defaults, and check whether Hold all comments for review or Disable comments is selected.

In any case, numerous clients have detailed that they can’t comment on live talk, which can be a grave issue for many. In this article, Let’s explore why you might not be able to comment on live chat on YouTube.

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Why Can’t I Comment On Live Chat On YouTube?

These are the probable reasons why you are left wondering, “Why can’t I comment on live chat on YouTube?” –

Account Restrictions

The most common reason you cannot comment on live chat is that your account may be restricted somehow. YouTube has a few strategies set up to guarantee that the stage stays protected and liberated from misuse.

Assuming you have abused any of these strategies, your record might be limited, which can keep you from commenting on live talk.

For example, if you have received a strike for violating community guidelines, your account may be temporarily restricted, preventing you from commenting on live chat.

Technical Issues

Another reason why you might not be able to comment on live chat is due to technical issues.error occured YouTube is a complex platform, and it is common for users to experience technical issues occasionally. 

If you are having trouble commenting on live chat, it could be due to a glitch or a bug on the platform. Try refreshing the page, clearing your cache and cookies, or accessing the live chat from a different device.

Age Limitations

YouTube has severe strategies set up to safeguard minors from improper substances. If you are under 13, you cannot comment on live chat, even if you have a YouTube account.confirm your age This is because YouTube legally needs parental consent before gathering individual data from youngsters younger than 13.

Moderator Approval

Many content creators use moderators to manage their live chat, especially if they have a large following. For this situation, your comments might be held for checking before they show up in the live chat.

If your comments are deemed inappropriate or violate the community guidelines, the moderator may not approve community guidelines This can prevent you from commenting on live chat, even if your account has no restrictions. This is also why you are baffle by the doubt, “why can’t I comment on live chat on youtube”?

There are a few justifications for why you won’t have the option to remark on live talk on YouTube. Assuming you are encountering this issue, it is critical to decide the reason with the goal that you can do whatever it may take to determine it.

If you suspect your account has been restricted, review YouTube’s policies and community guidelines to ensure you comply. Assuming you are still experiencing difficulty, you can contact YouTube support for additional help.

How to Join a Live Chat on YouTube:

To join a live chat on YouTube, follow these steps:

Navigate to the video that is streaming live on YouTube. Look for the live chat window, usually to the video’s right. Click on the live chat window to open it. If you are not signed in to your YouTube account, you will be provoked to do as such.

live stream

You can begin composing your remarks in the box when you sign in. Press “Enter” to send your message, and it will appear in the live chat for other viewers.

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Can You Chat on YouTube?

Yes, you can chat on YouTube by joining the live chat of a live stream. It would help if you sign in to your YouTube account to participate in the chat.

How do You Comment on YouTube Live?

To comment on YouTube Live, follow these steps:

Join the live chat using the steps outlined above. Type your remark in the chat box. Click on “Enter” to send it. Your comment will appear in the live chat for other viewers to see.

live chat feature on youtube

Terms To Get Familiar With While Commenting On Live Chat On Youtube

Get Familiar With it While Commenting On Live Chat On Youtube by knowing the terms.

YouTube Live Chat

YouTube Live Chat is an element that permits watchers to cooperate with content makers and different watchers continuously during a live stream. live chatThe chat box is next to the video stream, allowing viewers to share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage with the community.

YouTube Stream Chat

YouTube Stream Chat is another term to refer to the live chat feature on YouTube. It permits watchers to speak with one another and the creator during a live stream. stream chatThe chat box is next to the video stream, letting viewers send real-time messages.

Tips While Commenting On A Live Stream On YouTube

There are a few points to remember while you interact on Youtube through the live chat option:comment on youtube live streams

  • Be respectful: The YouTube community guidelines apply to live chat as well. Avoid posting hateful, offensive, or discriminatory comments.
  • Stay on topic: Make sure your comments are relevant to the streaming video and the discussion in the chat.
  • Avoid spamming: Posting multiple comments quickly or repeatedly asking the same question can be seen as spamming and can disrupt the chat.
  • Engage with the community: Live chat is a great opportunity to connect with other viewers and the content creator. Partake in the conversation and offer your ideas.
  • Please keep it clean: Remember that live chat is a public forum, so avoid posting anything you wouldn’t want others to see.

By following these guidelines, you can make the most of the live chat feature on YouTube and engage with the community positively and respectfully.

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How can I say whether a video has a live chat feature?

The live chat feature is usually located to the right of the video stream, and a chat box will appear if the content creator has enabled this feature for their live stream.

Do I need a YouTube account to join the live chat?

You must sign in to your YouTube account to participate in live chat.

Can I comment on a live stream after it has ended?

No, live chat is only available during the live stream. However, you can post comment on the video after the live stream ends.

How can I report inappropriate comments in live chat?

If you see a comment that violates YouTube's community guidelines, you can report it by clicking on the three dots next to the comment and selecting Report.

Can content creators see all comments in live chat?

Yes, content creators can see all comments in live chat and choose to respond to specific comments or engage with the community.

Can I edit or delete a comment I posted in live chat?

No, if you post comment in live chat, you cannot edit or delete it. However, you can report the comment if it violates YouTube's community guidelines.

Can I chat on YouTube using the YouTube app on my mobile device?

Yes, you can join the live chat and comment on YouTube using the YouTube app on your mobile device.


In conclusion, the live chat feature on YouTube allows viewers to connect with content creators and other viewers in real-time during a live stream.

To join a live chat and comment, users must sign in to their YouTube account and follow the steps outlined in the article. We have given a solution to the question, “Why can’t I comment on live chat on youtube?”

It’s important to remember to be respectful, stay on topic, avoid spamming, engage with the community, and keep the chat clean when participating in live chat. By following these guidelines, users can make the most of this feature and have a positive and engaging experience on YouTube. Also, know about youtube downloader for Mac now.

Overall, joining and participating in a live chat on YouTube is a great way to engage with the community and connect with content creators in real-time.

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