Why Does Hulu Keep Freezing? Complete Guide to Fix the Error


Hulu has made its way to become one of the finest streaming platforms globally. Despite this, the issues regarding Hulu do not stop. An error that users are too familiar with is the ‘why does Hulu keep freezing?’

This step-by-step guide will discuss the ways in which you can fix the error of Hulu freezing. There will be easy and quick solutions provided, like checking your internet and router or updating Hulu. A few other techniques can also be clearing cache or restarting the device. Click here to know more about 4 Ways to Fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page in Windows 10.

Since Hulu has acquired new updates, users notice slight problems with Hulu freezing right after starting up or in the middle of a show or movie. To help fix this problem of ‘why does Hulu keep freezing?’, the guide will provide several solutions. 

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Solutions to ‘Why Does Hulu Keep Freezing?’

The following are the eight various ways through which the Hulu error can be fixed:

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Fixing the Internet Connection

A streaming video needs a sufficient and stable internet connection to power through. When it does not get that, it can cause Hulu to freeze a video or screen or cause buffering, which annoys every user. Check out how to password protect macbook files.


internet connectionYou need to have 3 Mbps speed for the Hulu streaming library. For streaming on Hulu, you will need a speed of 8 Mbps.

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Restarting Router

You know that you have enough internet for your video to power through. But then why does Hulu keep freezing despite that? Chances are that your router is the problem here. 


You can restart both your device and the router. This will boost your net speed and you can try streaming a video on Hulu again to check if it works properly. If this method fails, you can get in contact with your service provider and have them look over the issue.

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Re-installing the App

If your Hulu keeps stopping, another quick and easy way to fix it would be installing it again. The app can crash due to the errors and constant updates. Installing it again can be worth trying and will stop Hulu from freezing. Here are the steps to deleting it and re-installing:

  1. Uninstall or delete the Hulu app from your phone, computer or external device like firestick.
  2. Reinstall Hulu app from the app store.
  3. Sign in with your account info that you gave before. hulu on phone

After following these steps, try streaming a video on Hulu. Chances are it will continue to stream without any hindrance.

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Clearing the Cache

Cache memory is the files and data stored after you update or download anything. It is stored on your web or in the device. Not clearing the cache can result in it slowing down your device or interfering with apps. If Hulu keeps pausing, getting rid of the cache data can help start it properly again. Read how to fix USB Descriptor Failed Error.

Clearing Cache From PC

Here is how you can rid your Pc or laptop of cache:

  1. After opening Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, on your far-right corner, click on the three dots given.
  2. Choose the History option, after which you will see three more alternatives and select the option that says ‘Clear the browsing data’.clear browsing data
  3. Try streaming a video on Hulu to check whether it stops pausing.

Clearing Cache From Mobile Phone

Here is how to rid cache on your mobile phone:

    1. Open the settings of your mobile.
    2. Search for the Storage option while scrolling.
    3. In Storage, go to ‘Manage Space.
    4. Tap on the Hulu app and clear all the cache.
      Following these steps, you can easily get rid of cache on your mobile phone.

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Updating the App

If Hulu keeps freezing on TV, it can be caused because of the app not being up-to-date.

Updating the App on Android TV

Here is how you can update Hulu on an Android TV:

  1. On the home screen menu, go ahead to Google Play Store App.step
  2. In My Apps, go to Hulu and check if recent updates are pending.step2
  3. You can also update software if that is pending while scrolling down.

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Updating the App on Windows

Here are the steps to updating your Hulu account on Windows:

  1. Open the Microsoft store through the Windows Start button.
  2. Go to the Apps option at the far left, just below Home.
  3. Choose the Downloads and Updates option to check for new updates. 
  4. The Hulu app will update automatically once you click on Get Updates.

windows hulu

These steps will help you to update your hulu account on windows easily.

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Updating the App on Smart Phone

Here are the steps to updating your Hulu app on your smartphone:

  1. Open the app or play store of your phone.
  2. Go to the ‘Updates’ section and scroll until you see the Hulu app.hulu phone
  3. Click on Update and after that is done, try streaming a video to check if it works.

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Restarting Your Device

Restarting the device cleanses running apps or opened apps. The RAM will be cleaned, and your device can work anew. If the problem persists, then restarting your phone or computer will aid in ridding of applications going on in the background.

Here is how to restart your Android phone to keep Hulu working:

  1. Press both the power and volume keys at the same time.
  2. Hold for 5-8 seconds.
  3. Your phone may restart after this, and you can check the Hulu app.

restarting android

You can also restart your Windows computer through the Start button. If you are wondering ‘why does Hulu live keep freezing on firestick?”, this is the way to fix it:

 If you have Hulu on your Firestick, all you need to do is unplug the stick from the outlet, then pause for a few seconds, plug it in, and open Hulu again.

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Using Only One Account

Depending on your Hulu plan, use accounts accordingly. If you use more than two accounts when you have a plan of only one, it can cause Hulu to crash or the video to buffer constantly.

huluIf you want to use Hulu on many accounts altogether, you can make use of the unlimited Hulu plan.

Downloading Hulu Content

If all the solutions given above fail, you can still try downloading Hulu content onto your device. This can be a last resort, and you will need a subscription. But once you do this, you will not have to worry about the internet connection as you can watch the media offline.

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Why is my Hulu account glitching all the time?

The reason for the glitch can be an impending cache in your device. Cache memory or data can hinder the apps and cause them to slow down or not work. It is important to get rid of cache data from time to time.

Will anything happen if I share my Hulu account with others?

Your Hulu account might freeze or buffer if used by many people at once. This issue depends on your Hulu plan or subscription. Two people will be able to use an account with no problem, but too many at once will cause issues with the account.

Is there a lot of difference between Hulu basic and plus?

Hulu basic offers a ton of content like popular tv shows and other media, with the only downside being that there are multiple ads. Hulu Plus plan is the one featuring no ads and also a large number of media collections. There is not a lot of difference between the Hulu basic or plus plans.

Can I have multiple profiles on my Hulu account?

Yes, you can have over six profiles on your Hulu account. You are permitted to share with family or friends and watch original Hulu tv shows, movies, or any other media available. Your profile will be the main one, and you can get five more additional ones.


With these queries, our article comes to an end. Once Hulu brought in new updates, the issue of ‘why does Hulu keep freezing’ kept rising. If you are one in many users facing this problem, we hope the above-given techniques help you. We also hope that the article was informative and engaging for you!

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