Why Does Rust Keep Crashing | Top 5 Fixes 


Many gamers are experiencing rust crashing on startup. Or it could be that your desktop is constantly closing during gameplay. But don’t worry if you’re one of them and want to know, “Why Does Rust Keep Crashing” We have many ways to fix it.
rust keep crashing

Various factors could be why rust crashes when loading into a server or when you try to join a server, such as Graphics Drivers, Steam beta participation, your Virtual Memory, game files, and more. Sometimes, Rust might be unable to access vital game files on your computer in regular user mode. Try to start the game as an administrator. This problem arises due to outdated or missing graphics drivers. Updating your driver may help you fix this issue.

Today, in this article, you will find some of the top helpful fixes and the procedures to use when Rust crashes when loading the server. Not all of the methods have to be used. Keep trying them until you get the one that serves you the best and the fastest. 

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The reason why Rust keeps crashing

Many factors can affect your system as well as your game. The reasons are:

  • Not having an updated graphics driver 
  • Joined the Steam beta
  • Maybe some game files are missing
  • Rust Launch features related issue
  • Your virtual memory issue
  • Error in the game data itself

So these are some of the top factors that may affect your rust and might be the answer to your trouble of “Why does my rust keep crashing.”

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Here Is A List Of Rust Minimum System Prerequisites:

You will require a few system prerequisites to operate the rust properly. Otherwise, it will likely get some game bugs like freezing, delay, and crashing. To avoid these tiny issues, make sure your PC satisfies these minimum system needs before moving on to the fixes:

OSWindows 7 64 bit
ProcessorIntel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or better
GraphicsGTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 or better
Memory10 GB RAM
DirectXVersion 11
Storage20 GB available space

Try These Fixes 

Try these three fixes to resolve your rust crashing issue.

Fix 1. Update Your Outdated Graphics Driver

This one is a common cause of why rust keeps crashing. That is why we are mentioning it in the first place. Check your graphics driver because an outdated one may be the reason for the slow performance of all your games. People usually find it the easiest fix. So update. 

You got two options to do so-

  • Update Manually– You can manually update the graphics driver. Find the most current driver on the website where you bought your product. update manuallyThen, select only the driver that can cope with your Windows version. 
  • Update with Driver Easy– If you do not want it to eat up your time to update it manually, you should do it automatically with the help of Driver Easy.

Driver Easy evaluates our system automatically and deploys the correct driver for your mac pro and Windows version. It will download and install your driver easily. Both ways are easy. But using Driver Easy would fix the rust crashing more quickly. And if your graphics driver is not the problem, head on to the next fix.

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Fix 2: Discontinue Taking Part In The Steam Beta

Some individuals signed up for the Steam beta program in the past but promptly forgot to do so. You can try out new game updates before they are released to most players through a Steam Beta Participation program.

Naturally, it can result in certainly unreliable build installs. Rust keeps crashing for some users because they might be running the Steam beta. They may not even know about it. Kindly check if that is the case, then follow all the instructions thoroughly mentioned below to cop out of the Steam beta participation:

  1. Start the Steam steam
  2. Tap on Steam in the top left side, then open the Settings of it. Check to know if you have participated in the beta. If yes, then click the CHANGE option.steam settings
  3. Now open the list box next to the Beta participation. Select NONE and remove yourself from all the beta programs.  At last, click OK and proceed with Steam and Rust.beta participation

If you are still stuck on “Why does Rust keep crashing,” or if it is still making an issue, look over the next hack described below.

Visit: Steam

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Fix 3. Prolong Your Virtual Memory Limit

Increasing the Virtual Memory is one of the most commonly used fixes for Rust crashing. Although, it is a bit tricky and tough to perform, unlike the other options you have read.

Note: This will mandate a restart of the system

  1. Go to your file manager and right-click on This PC. Open Advanced system settings at the top right corner. You will see an option that is performance, open settings. performance settings
  2. Go to Advanced. Choose CHANGE under Virtual Memory virtual memory
  3. Turn off Automatically manage file length for all the Drives.turn off automatically manage file length
  4. Tap the drive and open Custom Size. See the Currently distributed quantity, add 2048, and type the given number into the Initial and Maximum size.costum size
  5. Click on SET, OK, then OK again, and apply. Restart the Windows and try using Rust.rust

If you consider the above fix a helpful answer to “why does rust keep crashing,” you can improve your rust using the steps. If not, try the next one.

Fix 4. Use The “Verify Integrity Of Game Files” Feature

Many times damaged or missing game files can deteriorate your game. To handle Rust crashing issues correctly, you must ensure that no game files have a critical issue. You can verify the Rust files from Steam by going after some actions pointed out here:

Start Steam. Tap on the LIBRARY button. Here you will Right-click on Rust and click on Properties. Select the LOCAL FILES column, then select the VERIFY INTEGRITY button

Steam will witness and start fixing the damaged files automatically if it has any.

Once it finishes off the scans, restart Rust to drop in on if your trouble has resolved. If it is still the same, try the following way to fix it.

We hope that you can now play Rust without any disruption! If your problem remains, check the next fix below.

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Fix 5. Try Out DirectX 9

DirectX 9 might impact your game performance a bit, but that is not what most people can notice, and you want to eliminate the rush crashing on startup. So start trying it out.

Go and start Steam. Click on your library. Find Rust game. Right-click and open Properties. Select the Launch Options. Type: -dx9. Now relaunch it.

launch option

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What does rush keep crashing on Xbox?

Unfortunately, This bug pertains to the game data itself. The game developers have released an update lately to fix this crashing issue. But try to install the game. This may help you resolve the issue.

Is 8GB RAM enough for rust?

The Ran can go up to 11GB. 8GB is quite low. However, it is enough to run other games on PC, but the ram requirement of Rust goes high because of the engine. Every time you reach a big base, it may go up but never exceeds 12GB. So it needs more RAM investment.

Is Rust a CPU-heavy game?

Rust can be CPU or GPU-oriented. It hinges on how it is run. For instance, a program that conducts many mathematical functions may be more CPU oriented, whereas a program that conducts graphical procedures may run better with GPU.

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So we have finished discussing the top reasons for rust crashing on startup and looked over some of the best fixes to answer your problem “Why does rust keep crashing” like many other gaming enthusiasts. Ensure your computer satisfies all the system prerequisites discussed at the beginning of the article because it is vital for your PC to be ready to fix the gaming issues.