There are two ways to connect a gadget, such as a computer or smart TV, to the internet. Your device can be connected wirelessly or via a cord. Both approaches are trustworthy and efficient. But what if WiFi is operational, but your cable connection (Ethernet) is not? The article discusses troubleshooting tips for Why is my Ethernet not working but WiFi is.

The troubleshooting tips for the error are Faulty Ports, Windows Troubleshooter, Disconnected Ethernet Cable, Damaged Ethernet Cable, Restarting The Computer, Damaged Or Outdated Ethernet Drivers, and Viruses And Spyware. Most routers and modems have several Ethernet ports. Some people sustain damage before others. Use the one that is in operation only.

But like any other internet connection, your Ethernet could stop functioning anytime. It could occur for no reason while your WiFi keeps operating normally. Read below for the troubleshooting tips for Why is my Ethernet not working but WiFi is.

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Troubleshooting Tips: Why Is My Ethernet Not Working But WiFi Is

Here are the troubleshooting tips: Why is my Ethernet not working but WiFi is?
ethernet not working but wifi is

Faulty Ports

Appropriate ports on your device are functioning correctly. Fix your Ethernet cable, as WiFi works but not Ethernet. As you know, broken ports make it hard to connect.

faulty ports

Your network, modem, computer, or any other compatible device is the cause of the error. Examine the ports on these gadgets. Verify that they are undamaged physically.

Multiple ports are available on Ethernet modems and routers. The good news is that not every port may experience a problem at once. If you connect successfully, you must fix the broken port to use it again.

Windows Troubleshooter

To solve the issue, you should utilize the Windows troubleshooter. Everything you can do manually will be done first by it. Second, even if it cannot help, it will still enable you to understand the underlying cause of the problem.

windows troubleshooter

Why is my Ethernet not working but WiFi is? To fix any network-related issues, feel free to use the Windows troubleshooter. Here are the steps to follow:

Press and hold the Windows + I buttons simultaneously to open the Settings menu. From there, select “Update & Security.” In the Update & Security menu, choose “Troubleshoot” from the list. Locate and select “Internet Connection Troubleshooter” to launch the troubleshooter. Wait for the troubleshooting process to complete before attempting any fixes for the WiFi connection issue. You can also utilize the “Incoming Connections” troubleshooter for further assistance.

Disconnected Ethernet Cable

Your Ethernet isn’t working because someone ripped the cable from the router or computer. It frequently occurs and contributes to poor connection quality. Sometimes the cable may need to be correctly plugged in as WiFi works, but Ethernet doesn’t

disconnected ethernet cable

Make sure the Ethernet cable is tight enough. Check both ends. The cable can be unplugged and replugged. Make sure to install it securely on your device.

Damaged Ethernet Cable

It’s possible to plug correctly in the Ethernet wire. It still needs help connecting. Check your connection’s status under network settings to ensure this is true. If the cable inserts securely into both ends, but the status page says, “network cable unplugged,” You might be dealing with a bad Ethernet cable. Replacing a damaged Ethernet cable is the most straightforward repair method.

damage ethernet cable

As an alternative, you can fix it using a technique called splicing. It entails cutting out the affected area as WiFi not working, but Ethernet is. Restoring the cable’s functionality requires joining the remaining pieces.

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Restarting The Computer

Restarting the computer can resolve multiple corrupt files if you haven’t previously. It can fix the Ethernet cable is not working, but WiFi is. You must adhere to these easy steps:

restarting the pc

Press “alt+F4” to bring up a dialogue window. Then, use the “cursor down key” located on the bottom right of your keyboard to navigate through the options. Once the restart option is highlighted, press “enter” on the keyboard. Allow your computer to restart.

Damaged Or Outdated Ethernet Drivers

You need to install the proper drivers to use your Ethernet adapter. Thankfully, most PC hardware is plug-and-play. They already have drivers installed. Therefore, no additional setting is necessary.

damaged ethernet port

However, because of software problems, installed drivers may become old or corrupt. Your Ethernet may cease to function if this is the situation. Install the latest version of your driver. For ethernet driver updates:

First, open Device Manager on your computer. Next, navigate to the “Network Adapters” section and locate the Ethernet option. Right-click on the Ethernet entry and select the “Update driver” option. In the following prompt, choose the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.

Viruses And Spyware

When spyware or viruses are present, your Ethernet may stop working. Your WiFi is still operational as WiFi working, but not Ethernet. It is susceptible to viral attacks as a result. In the event of an invasion, the virus will impede. It will completely shut down your internet connection. Your router needs software to function.

ethernet stopped working

The safest method of malware and virus defense is this. Scan all spyware. To get rid of it, use an effective antivirus. Install a web antivirus application on your PC. Additionally, it cleans your PC of malware. Your Ethernet connection is then made functional again.


Why does my wireless function, but my Ethernet cable doesn't?

Changing the cable can be effective. It is because a defective line can lead to a poor connection. Connect the Ethernet cable to your motherboard. See if the problem persists. If the issue is with the router port, check your router.

Does Ethernet work with wireless?

Some of the dangers IoT devices could pose to your private network. They are reduced or eliminated. Link your PC to one router using WiFi. Link the other router using an Ethernet wire. They can also be kept apart.

Is Ethernet quicker than Wi-Fi for gaming?

An Ethernet connection will typically be quicker than a WiFi connection. The device and the router are connected exclusively and directly. Nothing is preventing that information from being obtained. It travels to the desired location. However, WiFi depends on the device's ability to receive radio waves.

Can an Ethernet cable help in gaming?

The flashiest component of your setup might not be the Ethernet connection. They are a piece of gaming hardware that is very necessary. Wi-Fi is continuously improving. Many people have essentially switched to wireless alone. Still, connect the modem and router with an Ethernet connection.

Is Ethernet a WiFi deteriorator?

Ethernet will impact WiFi for multiple client connections. It could cause interference. The answer is no. It reduces the available range or restricts the signal output. The WiFi is not affected at all.

Can you connect to the Ethernet and WiFi?

Being connected to WiFi and Ethernet simultaneously is achievable. Only a client device may achieve this arrangement. They have several network adapters installed.


It is all about the troubleshooting tips for Why is my Ethernet not working but WiFi is. There are situations when a device’s WiFi is operational. The Ethernet is not functioning. The Ethernet driver may occasionally be to blame for a problem. To fix the problem, use the above troubleshooting tips.

If you’re using Windows, you can also refer to the guide on how to Fix Ethernet connection problems in Windows for further assistance.