Hi G-mailer! Looking for why is my Gmail storage full after deleting everything. Here is your nirvana of solutions! Let us get you familiar with all the things.

Your covered data may be taking up space in your trash bin. Get your trash bin examined. You’ll find the data that you’ve deleted in your trash bin. That data still needs to be removed permanently. Once you clear that, you can make space in the Gmail storage again. 

You have more than this way to get relieved from your issue. Here, you will find the unique ways and the step-by-step guide to conduct that. So, let us not be distracted and jump right in.

Gmail Storage Space

If the Google Drive Storage is full after deleting stuff, you must know how much device storage you have. A Google Drive primarily has 15 GB of data storage. In it, you can save your folders, photos, files, docs, Excel, etc. gmail

Now, that looks like a lot of storage. But still, you will end up exhausting it in no time. After you have finished the space, and you decide to make some space again, it so happens that you cannot get away with it. 

Why is Gmail Storage Full After Deleting?

Even after clearing off all the data from your Drive, you are left with an empty drive. You may face your storage as a complete issue. And you will start wondering why is my Gmail storage full after deleting everything. gmail storage

These solutions are your way out of your problems. The defined areas of explanation have been given here:


Google storage is full even after deleting.  solutionThis issue can be solved using all the answers given here. You can also Check out how to Fix Not Enough Storage is Available to Process This Command.

Examine Trash Bin

You may not have deleted the files permanently from your trash bin. It is essential to free up the space because the trash bin data also takes up the cloud space. 

To get rid of this saved data, go through these stages:

1. Get into the google drive.

2. You will find an icon indicating a recycle bin. bin on google drive

3. Tap into that, and you’ll notice many files you have erased in the past.

4. Now, you will see an option on the upper left side named Empty Recycle Bin. empty recycle bin

By following this method, you can reclaim many gigabytes of storage space very efficiently. You’ll never ask why is my Gmail storage full after deleting everything again in your life. 

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Go around Google Photos and Google Drive

What happens is that the 15 GB is shared amongst the mail, photos, and drive together. They pool their data and take up space from the Drive. 

Why is my phone storage full after deleting everything from my Drive? Very easy. You must also ensure the deletion of data from the other two apps. It is not only the Drive you need to pay attention to; Google Photos and Google Mail should also be stripped of any heavy files. 

You must convert the photos to high quality to clear data from Google Photos. Doing so would provide you with excellent visual quality and free space. To perform this, carry out these steps:

1. Get into Google Photos and then head to the Main menu.

2. Now, go to the settings option. google photos settings

3. Now, you can switch between the original quality and high-quality image resolution. Check the box besides high quality. This would give you everything that was promised. 

This allows you to get rid of why is my Gmail storage full after deleting everything.

Pro tip: You can also go for the option of recovery storage, which is present right there. It allows you to compress and remove the existing files and make space in Drive again. 

Gmail Storage

I deleted files from Google Drive, but it is still full. It would be best if you also looked for space in Gmail. It would be best if you also emptied the trash and spam folders. To carry out this operation, do this:

1. Go to your Gmail and search for “has: attachment larger:10M” precisely like this and carry out a search.delete storage

2. This would result in large emails; you must choose the unwanted ones and click delete. 

3. Now, from the left panel, head to More and lead to Trash Bin

4. A simple command of an empty bin would gift you space in Gmail, resulting in space in the Drive. 

Remove Third-Party Apps Data

Why is my storage still full after deleting? Certain apps that are connected to the Drive also contain some hidden data. You must also clear them to achieve a clean slate. 

To do so, follow the method given here:

1. Click the icon shaped like a gear. Now, go to settings and then go to the option called Manage Apps. 

2. You must see a grey box. When you click on this, an option called delete hidden app data will appear. delete hidden apps

3. Clicking this would make all the trash go away. 

This would remove data from apps such as WhatsApp. You can also choose to disconnect apps from the Drive. Confirm by pressing the disconnect button. This would free your drive space from unwanted data from the attached apps.  


What is the limit of the free space given by Google Drive?

The drive provides you with 15 GB of space. But this space will save everything from photos to emails and even from the drive.

How to buy Google Drive Space?

You have to go to one.google.com. Then you have to choose Upgrade. This will lead you to buy a storage limit for yourself. Confirm subscription by paying the amount.

How long does the unlimited storage last?

The storage lasts only for the amount of time you pay for. Mainly, it is an annual charge. If you have paid for a year, you can use the unlimited space for a year only. Make another subscription to use it for one more year.

Is storing data in G-Drive a safe practice?

Yes, it is. If you save your data in Google Drive, it remains secure, safe, and organized. It also protects your data from phishing, malware, and spamming. So, there are no potential threats you should be afraid of.


We hope you know why my Gmail storage is full after deleting everything. All the reasons, as well as all solutions, are now in front of you. This frees us from our duty as your guide. You can now carry out a drive cleaning program on your own. We explained what causes the drive to remain full after deleting every file. You learned how hidden data affects you. You also learned that there are multiple ways to solve the issue, and you read all of them. So, you are all set now. All the best and happy space-making!