Discord has been the most well-liked gaming-specific chat app. Users have recently complained that their Discord microphone is not functioning. Why is my mic not working on Discord? Depending on the circumstances, this issue could be brought on by malfunctioning servers, out-of-date software, unreliable networks, or erroneous permissions. There are several ways to repair it.

Discord is a versatile chat tool that lets you interact with friends and accomplish several other tasks. Installing the most recent audio driver, clearing Discord’s voice options, and checking that the input device is operating are ways to repair it. One such issue that many users face is when Discord is not detecting their microphones. This issue may be due to audio permissions being restricted in your OS. Your mic may not be set as an audio input device (link). You can set The mic volume to mute. This can also be a programming issue on the developer’s side.

This can be particularly frustrating when one tries to connect with friends for an online game and needs to communicate through the microphone. Despite its reputation for being highly efficient and easy to use, there are instances where problems may arise. Understanding this common problem, it is understandable why someone would want to find a solution to the “Discord not picking up the mic” issue. Let us look at the various causes and fixes for the microphone not working on Discord.

Reasons For “Why Is My Mic Not Working On Discord?”

Why is my mic not working on Discord? Your Discord mic may cease working for several reasons, including:fix discord mic

  • Your microphone is set to the lowest possible volume. To increase it, use Discord’s volume wheel. Also, fix can’t hear anyone on discord error.
  • Your microphone is off. It’s conceivable that you or a server moderator muted your microphone. You can ensure this by going to the voice channel and making sure your display name doesn’t have a muted microphone icon next to it.
  • The incorrect input is chosen. Make sure the right microphone is selected in Discord’s configuration and your system settings.
  • Your installation of Discord needs to be fixed. Your microphone may only work if your installation is corrupt.
  • Discord stops picking up the mic if your installation is corrupt. It is most frequently seen when utilizing supplemental Discord versions like Discord PTB or Canary.
  • If there is an issue with the microphone’s hardware. There could be a broken cable or a problem with your USB port. There is always a chance that the issue is not your system but your microphone.
  • It would be best if you had the required drivers. If your microphone needs a driver, it’s conceivable that you neglected to install it, rendering it useless while attempting to use iron Discord.

Now that you know what can be wrong, it is time to discuss the fixes.

Fixes For Why My Mic Is Not Working On Discord 

How to fix the microphone on Discord?

However, despite its smooth performance and ease of use, problems may still occur. This is especially concerning when the issue is “Discord not picking up the mic” during an important gaming session with friends.

Here’s a solution to this vexing issue.

Switch Off Your Device

Why won’t my mic work on Discord? Restarting the device you’re using to launch the app is our first defense when we encounter technical problems with apps or devices. This solution usually works like a charm.slide to power off

Restarting creates all registry entries and backend drivers from scratch and deletes temporary files from the previous runtime.

Consequently, before attempting additional repairs, think about restarting your device to see if doing so fixes the problem. If not, carry out the remaining fixes on the following list.

Examine Your Microphone

If the Discord microphone is not working, ensure the external microphone you use as an input device works properly. You might identify whether the hardware is the problem by trying it in different apps or on a different device.microphone realtek audio

Change your microphone if it is a problem. If not, go through the remaining fixes.

The Proper Microphone Must Be Selected

The Discord mic is not working. Check for the possibility of multiple microphones attached to your device and ensure that Discord uses the correct device you are currently using. Discord’s settings allow you to select the appropriate input device or detach the mic from your gadget, and Discord will use another as the default input device.


  1. Start Discord. Select the gear icon to view User Settings. From the sidebar, select Voice and Video.voice and video reset settings

2. Choose the proper mic from the menu bar under Device in Audio Configurations

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Install The Latest Audio Driver

Why is my mic not working on Discord? This dilemma likely induces an out-of-date, flawed, or missing audio driver.

You can choose between manually installing the right audio driver or doing it automatically.

Upgrade your audio driver by visiting the company that made your audio card’s website and searching for the most current, accurate driver. Ensure you choose drivers that comply with your particular Windows system version.

Automated driver upgrades: If you do not have the tolerance or technological knowledge, you can do it with Driver Easy.

Furthermore, Driver Easy offers a convenient solution by automatically identifying your system, determining the appropriate driver for your audio card and the corresponding version of Windows, and efficiently downloading and installing the driver accurately.


  1. Download and install Driver Easy. Choose Scan Now once Driver Easy has launched. Driver Easy will then diagnose your system to identify any malfunctioning drivers.choose scan now


2. Click the Update button next to the audio driver to download and install it automatically.

update driver realtek

3. As a substitute, you can choose Update Whole to auto-download and update every out-of-date or absent driver on your computer.

Reset Discord’s Voice Preferences

Rebooting the Discord voice settings may help you resolve the issue that Discord is not picking up the mic.


  1. On the Discord site, select Settings. Then select Reset Voice Settings under Voice & Video.

discord reset voice settings

2. Select “Ok.” To test whether your microphone is functional, reconnect it and attempt to send an audio clip on Discord.


Restart Discord As The Administrator After Quitting It

Why is my mic not working on Discord? Exit and restart should likely resolve this issue.


  1. On your Windows taskbar, locate the Discord icon and use the right-click menu. Select “Show hidden icons” to reveal any concealed icons.view hidden items

2. Then select Discord Quit. Right-click the Discord desktop icon on your desktop and select Launch as admin. Hit “Yes” when prompted by User Account Management.


How can my Discord microphone be reset?

Launch the desktop version of Discord. Find and select the settings cog button at the base. Select the 'Voice & video' choice on the left-hand side of the 'User settings' menu. Select the 'Reset Voice Settings' button on the next window.

Why mic is not working on discord?

Verify the microphone volume in Windows 'volume control' or in Discord's settings. It may be turned off. Also, if one of your audio devices isn't working, try another.

Why does my Discord microphone robotic?

Changing the server region in server settings > overview to the one that is nearest to your geographical place is the most popular way to resolve the distortion. Pick the next nearby server if you're currently connected to the one closest to your actual location to determine if the distortion still exists.

Can bots on Discord hear you?

The voice recognition bot in Discord can hear you and comprehend what you're saying! The bot may pick up on specific keywords that cause particular events once it has been activated and given access to your voice channel.


You can resolve many issues with a microphone not working on Discord using the troubleshooting techniques covered here. Additionally, if the issue persists, it is possible that the hardware could be the culprit or that seeking assistance from Discord’s technical support team may be necessary. They’ll support you at every stage and, ultimately, provide a solution. Also, fix Discord overlay not working error.