Have you ever noticed why is Shrek not on Disney Plus? Many fans love the beloved green ogre. Shrek is the creation of Dream Works animation studios that was released in 2001. The film was full of humor, inspiration, lessons, and heartwarming moments. The producers didn’t just stop at the first film; they also brought sequels for their fans. Viewers instantly fell in love with Fiona, Donkey, and Puss, and they became icons that are still remembered today. 

Is Shrek on Disney Plus? No. Shrey is not available on Disney Plus because of licensing issues. The production house, Dream Works Animation, has separate licensing deals with other platforms.

In this blog, we will continue to explore the reasons why is Shrek not on Disney Plus. Also, we will discuss the prospects of your favorite green ogre. Don’t forget to check out this article if you want to speed up your Disney Plus streaming!

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Ownership and Rights of the Shrek Franchise

DreamWorks Animation is the brilliant creator of the legendary Shrek franchise, the lovable green ogre. DreamWork was established in 1994 and has produced several movies that have amazed viewers. Although, DreamWorks Animation isn’t the only company that owns the Shrek franchise.

Universal Pictures purchased DreamWorks Animation in 2016. From there, Universal Pictures has the rights to all the contents, including Shrek. The huge media giant Comcast Corporation is Universal Pictures’ parent company. 

dream works animations

As a result, Universal is in charge of Shrek’s material distribution and rights. This ownership structure specifically impacts streaming platforms. Rather than distributing these popular contents among rival services like Disney Plus, Universal, and Comcast, they use them to upgrade their platforms while negotiating their streaming plans.

Why is Shrek not on Disney Plus? The fact that Universal Pictures and Comcast Corporation hold the Shrek property shows the delicate workings of entertainment conglomerates. It displays how their approaches to content distribution affect the availability of well-known characters like Shrek online.

Understanding Streaming Rights and Licensing Agreements

Is Shrek on Disney? Licensing agreements regarding content availability heavily influence Disney Plus and other streaming services.

These agreements specify the conditions under which content producers—DreamWorks Animation in Shrek Disney Plus instance—grant distribution rights to particular platforms.

How licensing agreements affect content availability

Let’s go through how Shrek on Disney Plus is affected by licensing agreements: 

disney plus

  • Content Ownership: According to licensing agreements, the platform can have the rights to stream. 
  • Platform Restrictions: Based on the platforms with licensing rights, these agreements can limit the regions where online content is broadcasted. 
  • Duration and Territory: Agreements often have rules about how long and where you watch the online content. These limitations can greatly affect how you stream movies and shows. 

The complex nature of content distribution in streaming platforms​​

Streaming sites have complex deals and rights. Their tough competition leads to a mix of different libraries. The strategy of each platform to keep its content exclusive makes it difficult for viewers to access their favorite content.

Also, you will find that movies and shows end up on different platforms because of streaming and licensing rights. So, these deals decide what content you can watch on which platform, making streaming services an absolute puzzle for viewers. 

Exclusive rights and their impact on where content can be streamed

Why is Shrek not on Disney Plus? Exclusive rights play a huge role in accessing shows or movies. Usually, streaming platforms use the rights to get more viewers to come to their platform and get them to sign up for more content.


But this makes separate libraries on various sites. So, popular shows like Shrek are only on particular sites with rights. 

This completely divides the watchers, making them join many subscriptions for access. Furthermore, exclusive content improves the platform and divides viewers into how they watch across different subscriptions. 

Why Shrek Is Not Available on Disney Plus

Shrek isn’t available on Disney Plus mainly because of the licensing agreements granting other platforms exclusive streaming rights. DreamWorks Animation’s rivalry with Disney also influences distribution decisions over material. 

shrek forever

As for the Shrek films, only Universal’s Peacock platform has exclusive streaming rights, which makes it the preferred choice for fans of the ogre genre on streaming services.

  • Licensing Agreements: The key factor behind Shrek’s absence is licensing agreements. Disney Plus is not included in the numerous licensing agreements that DreamWorks Animation, the company behind Shrek, has with several streaming services.
  • Exclusive Rights: Shrek’s availability on Disney Plus is limited by certain agreements, which provide specific platforms exclusive streaming rights.
  • Content Distribution Strategy: Disney Plus cannot stream Shrek because of these prior agreements. Hence, the beloved green ogre is unavailable on Disney’s streaming service.

Relationship between DreamWorks Animation and Disney

DreamWorks Animation and Disney are competitors in the animation and entertainment sectors.

disney and dream works

Because of this competition, DreamWorks Animation remains independent of Disney’s platforms and preserves its identity and commercial autonomy, including the ability to distribute material.

Peacock streaming service and its role in streaming Shrek movies

DreamWorks Animation is owned by Universal Pictures, which also operates the Peacock streaming service. Peacock has acquired the only streaming rights to select DreamWorks Animation productions, including the Shrek films.

shrek on peacock

Because of the licensing arrangement between Universal and DreamWorks Animation, Shrek films may now be streaming on Peacock instead of Disney Plus.

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Where to Watch Shrek: Alternatives to Disney Plus 

Try these platforms and hacks when you want to watch Shrey on other platforms.

Peacock Exclusivity

A streaming exclusivity agreement between Universal Pictures, the parent company of DreamWorks Animation, and the platform allows Shrek films to be available exclusively on Peacock at Universal.


Other Websites

You may also watch or buy Shrek’s escapades on Google Play Movies, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

google play movies

Historical availability of Shrek on platforms like Netflix

One stop on Shrek’s streaming platform tour was Netflix, where fans could enjoy the ogre’s stories. Shrek was once added to Netflix’s collection, giving viewers access to the well-known series. 

shrek on netflix

However, this stay was only temporary due to the constantly changing nature of licensing agreements. Although fans loved the ogre’s time on Netflix, the intricacies of content licensing and distribution forced the monster to leave the platform. 

Shrek moved on to other streaming services in the digital entertainment space.

How to find current streaming options for Shrek movies

Check out these streaming platforms for Shrek movies:

streaming services

  • Check out JustWatch or Reelgood, two websites that provide extensive lists of films on different streaming services.
  • Go to popular streaming services like Peacock, Google Play Movies, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, etc.
  • Search for rental or buy choices on websites like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes if subscription services don’t offer them.

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The Future of Shrek on Streaming Platforms 

Adapting licensing arrangements will determine Shrek’s streaming platform destiny. The ogre’s availability may change if these contracts change in the future.

Shrek may explore new streaming areas when existing arrangements end or further discussions occur, taking the franchise to platforms that were not previously present.

shrek movie poster

There is conjecture on possible partnerships or changes in the licensing terms between Universal Pictures, the parent company of DreamWorks Animation, and several streaming providers.

This may make it possible for Shrek to appear on platforms other than Peacock, giving fans more options for reliving the exploits of the green monster.

As a bonus for making it this far, check out this guide on managing your watched content in Disney Plus!


Did Disney buy Shrek?

No. Disney Plus did not buy Shrek. It remains under the ownership of Dream Works Animations, which is under Universal Pictures.

Where can I watch Shrek online?

Shrek is available on the Peacock streaming service. Other than this, you can watch on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Will Shrek come to Disney Plus in the future?

There is no certainty. If there are any changes in the licensing agreements in the future, you can stream the movie.

Is Shrek available on Netflix?

No. Shrek and Shrek 2 left Netflix due to licensing agreements. You can watch, rent, or purchase on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.


Why is Shrek not on Disney Plus? We have listed all the reasons and future predictions for Shrek. The movie’s absence on Disney Plus shows the issues of exclusive licensing agreements. You can see that Peacock stands as the winner of the famous green ogre. 

The changing nature shows how viewers can watch Shrek. The quest for Shrek’s adventure portrays the dynamic play between streaming services, showing viewers must navigate a watching landscape.

We can see how licensing dictates by licensing agreements, reshaping how we watch our favorite movies. 

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