Windows 10 File Explorer Crashing? Here’s How to Fix It


File Explorer or Windows Explorer is known as the most critical file of the Windows Operating System. Even Windows 10 is the latest in the series of Windows operating systems, it is beyond perfection. Windows file explorer windows 10ws 10 File Explorer Crashing error is easy to solve.

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There are a lot of issues with Windows 10, and one of the most frequent and troublesome problems are the repeated crashes of Windows 10 Explorer Keeps Crashing that users have been objecting about for a long time. Although this issue of Windows 10 File Explorer crashing is not too challenging to resolve still, it has affected millions of people. When users try to view or open any folder, the taskbar and Windows 10 File Explorer instantaneously close down.

Microsoft is frequently adding some updates regarding this issue, but some users are still complaining about this issue of Windows 10 File Explorer crashing. This error can be viewed by the taskbar turning black with only the “Start button” “Task View” icon displaying, and after about 20 seconds, the screen gets refreshed. This happens when a file search is done by using File Explorer. Windows 10 File Explorer crashes, lags, freezes, and users are not able to rename their folders. These problems will count as Windows File Explorer malfunctions.

You will find plenty of solutions on the web, but it’s essential to choose the better one that will be exactly what you want. So, here is a list of some of those solutions that will help you get out of the issue of Windows 10 File Explorer Crashing! Also, learn to fix the Message+Crashing problem by clicking here!

8 Ways to Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Crashing

Before trying to resolve this issue of Windows 10 File Explorer crashing, always remember to keep a backup of all files to prevent unexpected data loss.

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Solution 1: Get into the System Log

• Go to “Control Panel.” You can execute the “control” task then “browse.”

Control Panel
Control Panel

• Navigate to “System security settings.” You will find it in the left panel from any of the groups.

System and Security
System and Security

• Now, go to “Administrator tool” and tap to “View event logs.”

Administrator tool
Administrator tool

• Here, you will find the “Application error log,” where you can easily find the cause of the error.

Application error log
Application error log

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Solution 2: Clean File Explorer history

• Firstly, press the “X” key along with the “Windows” key to open the “Control Panel” of your system.

Control Panel
Control Panel

• Secondly, Enter “File Explorer” in the search box on the Control Panel window, which is at the top right corner, then navigate to “File Explorer Options.”

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File Explorer options
File Explorer options

• Certainly, a pop-up window will be displayed in which you have to click “Clear” and then “OK” to remove or clear your File Explorer history.

Solution 3: Launch Folder Windows in a separate process

• In the search box, type “Control” and click on “Control Panel.”

Control Panel
Control Panel

• Click “file” in the search box at the top right corner. Within it, go through “File Explorer Options.”

Appearance and Personalization
Appearance and Personalization

• Press on “View” and then in Advance settings, tick on “Launch folder windows in a separate process.”

Launch folder Windows in a separate process
Launch folder windows in a separate process

• Click “OK” and “Apply.”
• To check whether your File Explorer is working correctly, press the “Windows key” and “E” to view your File Explorer.

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Solution 4: Run netsh and Winsock reset

• Type “cmd” in the search box, and then by right-clicking the “command prompt,” click on “Run as Administrator.”

Command Prompt (Admin)
Command Prompt (Admin)

• Enter “netsh” in the command prompt and hit Enter.
• Type “Winsock” in the command prompt and hit enter.

netsh winsock reset
netsh Winsock reset

Solution 5: Disable Quick Access

When you open File Explorer, you might see the “Quick access” section, which allows you to access recent files or folders. But, some issues can cause quick access not to function properly, leading to File Explorer crashing! To resolve it, follow the below-mentioned steps:

• Within File Explorer, open any folder from the history.
• Go to “Change folder and search options.”

Change folder and search options
Change folder and search options

• Disable “Show recently used files in quick access.”
• Click “Clear” then “OK.”

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Solution 6: Provide your account full permission to access folder content

• Firstly, press “Windows key” along with “E.”. to open File Explorer.
• Secondly, on any folder, right-click to get the “properties” of that folder.
• In the “Security” option, click on “Advanced.”


• In the pop-up window, click “Change,” then type your account name in the box and hit Enter.


• Tick on “Replace owner on sub containers and objects” and hit Enter.

Replace owner on sub containers and objects
Replace owner on sub containers and objects

• Go back to the “Advanced” options window and click “Add.”


• Click on “Select a principal” and then enter your account.
• Set the “Type” to allow and tick on “Full Control.”
• Click “OK.”
• To check whether your File Explorer functions correctly, press the “Windows key” simultaneously with “E.”

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Solution 7: Change the Text size

According to the File Explorer users, this crashing sometimes happens if your font size is not correct, and to fix this issue, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

• Firstly, press “Windows key along with I” to view settings.
• Go to the “System” section.

Windows settings
Windows settings

• Set the font size to 100% or 200%.

• After locating the font size, your issue of File Explorer crashing may resolve.

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Solution 8: Install the latest updates

When your File Explorer crashes, you can fix it by installing the latest updates! Although Windows automatically downloads the recent updates sometimes, you might miss the important one! To manually check for updates, certainly, follow the below-mentioned points:

• Firstly, open “Settings app” and go to the “update and security” section.

update and security
update and security

• Secondly, select “check for updates.” If any of the update available, Windows will download them and hence the problem is resolved!

Check for Updates
Check for Updates

Ending Note

All in All, these were the fixes if your Windows 10 File Explorer Crashed. You can quickly fix it by any of the methods available in this post. Moreover, if there’s any other error like Windows 10 File Explorer Won’t Open or Windows 10 Search Not Working, you can check the post embedded here.

Moreover, if there’s any other remarkable and relatively simple fix available for Windows 10 File Explorer crashing, you can comment below or write to use.