Windows 10 Mouse Lag Issue? Here Is The Fix!


Imagine working on a project on your laptop or PC, and your deadline will end. You are working very fast to save your job and complete your work before the deadline. Still, at that moment, your mouse is not working correctly. It’s lagging and showing error windows 10 mouse lag. Disappearing from the screen not selecting an item will irritate you and give you a headache that can directly impact your work. Technology is growing day by day everyone is looking to upgrade them as the world is changing every day we got some new invention a new technology. 

The first computer used vacuum tubes and since then we have upgraded our technology. Here’s a quick timeline on how we emerged from vacuum tubes to artificial intelliegence till date. 


Everything is upgrading from time to time. In 2020 October, Microsoft updated the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 version of 20H2. Microsoft made a specialized version of windows also operates on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S video game consoles. 

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Windows 10 New Features 

  • Legendary main menu return on high demand 
  • Microsoft brings voice control system named Cortana 
  • You can now access Xbox app in Windows 10 and Windows 10 in Xbox 
  • Multi-Tasking improves 
  • Easier to switch between any mode 
  • Well managed and less confusing setting and control panel 
  • Ms apps can now also access through touch 
  • Well-managed notification bar and action center were easier to see a notification. 
  • Introduce a new category of software Universal Apps. 

Here Is An Analytic Charge Of Full Features Of Windows 10 

  • You can share screen 
share screen
Share Screen
  • You can control it by voice 
windows 10 voice command
Windows 10 Voice Command
  • You can Microsoft apps with touch 
control microsoft apps with touch
Control Microsoft Apps With Touch
  • Universal apps 
  • Better and well-maintained panels, but nobody is looking forward to its positive side. 

Everyone is criticizing for windows 10 mouse lag problem, and the worst part is you can also solve your problems, but nobody is talking about that. Everyone sees just one bad thing. “But dark stay till the sunrise from the east.” I have researched how to fix problems and spend hours to give you the best from my side.

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Ways To Fix Windows 10 Mouse Lag Issues

Windows 10 filled with a lot of features and gave us a worthy outcome for our wait! The coin has two sides, heads, and tails. Everything in the world has two sides; nothing in the world is perfect. Everything has pros and cons. If something has a positive side, there is a negative side too. People have shared positive feedback but given negative reviews also, and the most common problem among people in Windows 10 is a windows 10 mouse lag problem.

windows 10 mouse lag
Windows 10 Mouse Lag

The majority of peoples are gamers and video/photo editors. Recently my friend upgraded to windows 10, and he told me about his problem. He uses the Zebronics RGB mouse for the past nine months, but he never faced any problem regarding windows 10 mouse lag. I have also told him to use it on another computer, and it’s working right. 

Problems With Windows 10 Mouse Lag

There are many articles you can read online about Windows 10 mouse lag. I am sharing the most common problems people shared online 

  • MOUSE LAG WHILE GAMING Everyone knows while gaming, you need a high refresh rate, high performance, and as a gamer, while gaming, is if a small frame drop or lag happened can spoil the whole mood of the entire game. It’s so frustrating 
  • MOUSE STUTTER While working on desktop and laptop, the mouse started to stutters frequently, making it very hard to perform any task. 
  • MOUSE FREEZE It’s one of the most common problems. It sometimes happens when the system lag, but in windows 10, it happens many times while scrolling; the pointer freeze at one point and did not move from there after shaking the mouse 2-3 times its irritate so much 
  • MOUSE NOT MOVING Mouse freeze and mouse not moving Is different mouse freeze work and again freeze, but in this your mouse completely useless you can’t do anything mouse stop at one place, and it doesn’t even click or select anything 

Many other problems come while using windows 10, but windows 10 mouse lag is the most common problem shared with you all people face while working on windows 10. Unfortunately, after people sharing windows ten the market is falling rapidly. Windows 7 is gaining 26.64 percent more than Windows 10.

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Solution For The Windows 10 Mouse Lag

I will tell you some of the best and easy ways to solve your problem of windows 10 mouse lag, but some of these solutions involve hardware changes, while some focus on possible issues with the system itself. Therefore, it is recommended to test the system solutions first, as they can easily confirm where your problem of windows 10 mouse lag is coming from.

  • First, check if there is no fault with your mouse. Disconnect your mouse from the laptop or PC and try a different mouse in your laptop or check that same mouse by connecting it from other devices 
disconnect mouse
Disconnect Mouse
  • Scroll inactive window There is one feature in Windows 10 that enables you to scroll within sedentary windows when trembling your mouse pointer over them. GO IN YOUR SETTING => SELECT DEVICE=> SELECT MOUSE OPTION => CHECK OPTION KNOW AS SCROLL INACTIVE WINDOWS IF ITS ENABLE DISABLE IT IF IT DISABLE ENABLE IT.
scroll inactive window
Scroll Inactive Window

Now check your windows 10 mouse lag. It restarts your device and prevents it.


At last, it is entirely your choice whether you have to upgrade your device or not. “Nothing is perfect in the world. Learn to manage things, and there are always many ways to solve your problem of Windows 10 mouse lag. Find those and make it perfect.”