One of the common issues the users face these days is the Windows 10 startup menu missing or the start menu not working. This can happen due to a startup process that couldn’t initialize due to some fault in the system. If this issue persists continuously, then don’t worry. You are not alone.

Fix the Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing problem by Updating the graphics card driver, Uninstall Dropbox, Try with Restarting all Windows 10 apps, Creating a new User Account, Performing a Windows Update

The error can range from the start menu and Cortana not working to the start button not working. To resolve these, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, then follow this step-by-step guide to fix the Windows 10 startup menu disappeared. 

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How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing?

Despite the reason that causes the error, each of the following steps will help you eradicate the problem from its root.

Update your graphics card driver

If your start button misbehaves, the common reasons for the error can be outdated or corrupted drivers. To ensure updated drivers,

  1. Press the Windows key or if it doesn’t work, go to the start menu and find the device manager.
  2. Find display drivers and expand the option by right-clicking
  3. In the list, look for updated drivers
  4. Click on search automatically for drivers and click on ok.

This will ensure your graphic drivers are the latest ones. Check Out this article about how to fix the taskbar won’t go away issue.

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Uninstall the dropbox

Sometimesdropbox, the default application called Dropbox hinders the startup process and causes the issue window 10 start menu to disappear. To fix this, uninstall Dropbox and try again.

Restart all Windows 10 applications

The system apps can also obstruct the start menu. To check this, we will reinstall all apps on the device.

To do so,

  1. Press on the command prompt from the start button
  2. Look for PowerShell
  3. Run it as an administrator
  4. Type in Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}
  5. Ignore some errors and exit. 

After reinstalling all apps try checking the Windows 10 startup menu missing error.

Create a new Account

Sometimes the error can be due to a corrupted start menu. In that case, it is required to.

To create this,

  1. Press on the command prompt from the start button
  2. Run it as administrator and type in net user <username> <password> /ADD
  3. Now restart and login again 

Check for the error Windows 10 startup menu missing.

Update Windows 

The error lost start menu in Windows 10 can result from outdated Windows. To check this, go to settings, and in the update and security section, check and update windows.

update windows

With every Windows update, the drivers and the software are also updated.

Log out and Log in to your account again.

For a temporary fix, try logging out and logging in again. To execute this, 

  1. Open task manager or use hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Del. Choose to log out from the menu that opens.log out and log in
  2. Wait for some time, and then log back into your account. login

This is not a permanent solution and might cause the error start menu to disappear from Windows 10 to reoccur. 

Restart File Explorer

For some users, the file explorer causes the error, and restart is recommended. To do this,

  1. Open task manager or Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc hotkey. Find Windows Explorer in the list.restart windows explorer
  2. Right-click on Windows Explorer and tap Restart from the menu.restart

Try checking for the error Win 10 start menu missing now

Run SFC scan

System file checker or SFC is an in-built file checker that gets hold of all corrupted files in your system. To run this,

  1.  In the search bar, type “cmd” in the dialog box. Right-click on it and press run the command prompt as sfc scan
  2. Now type sfc/scannow and let it run. Restart your system once the process is done.

Note- the process is very long, and it is recommended not to interrupt it.

If the error Windows 10 startup menu missing persists, try running the DISM scan.


What do you mean by the Start menu in Windows 10?

Start Menu is an essential element of Microsoft Windows and helps us perform various tasks without using workarounds. If this feature is not available, it can make things very difficult.

How to resolve Windows 10 Start menu not showing the issue?

You can try restarting your system or following the guide above to resolve the error completely.


With the help of this article, we hope you can resolve the missing error windows 10 startup menu. If the issue persists, then restart the system with proper boot devices. Now that the menu appears with no issues use it extensively.

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