It was back when the OS was new on the market, and it was all the news as to who gets it on their PCs first. One issue with Windows 10, or at least the software related to that operating system, is Windows 10 upgrade is stuck at 99 percent. The only thing worse than a file download failing at 99 percent is when the download gets stuck at 99 percent. What do we suppose to do in that situation? The mere thought of downloading all those MBs again is the stuff of internet users’ nightmares.

We have a few ways to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Stuck at 99. To resolve this issue, take a look at these solutions:

  1. Troubleshoot and ensure you have enough space and a reliable internet connection.
  2.  Run a setup from media folder before restarting your device
  3. Take some time, and if it persists, force a restart
  4. Use a system partition manager or download ISO

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Stuck at 99 is a general issue in Windows 10. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem. If you’ve experienced an issue with a Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99%, this article is just what you need. I have listed two possible solutions to the problem, but before we proceed to solve it, let us go over why the updater gets stuck at 99 percent in the first place.

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Possible Reasons Why The Windows 10 Update Assistant Stuck At 99%

There are some possible reasons why the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant stuck at 99. These include:update stuck

  • Insufficient hard drive space: To be completed, the update process requires a certain quantity of free space on your hard drive. If there is sufficient space, the update process may continue.
  • Network connectivity issues: If you are upgrading over the internet and there are connectivity issues, the upgrade process may get stuck.
  • Hardware or software issues: If your device has hardware or software issues, it could cause the upgrade process to get stuck.
  • Incomplete download: If the Windows 10 installation files did not download completely, it could cause the upgrade process to get stuck.


If you are experiencing this issue, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check your hard drive space and ensure you have enough free space to complete the upgrade.
  2. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.
  3. Rerun the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and see if the issue persists.
  4. Redownload the Windows 10 installation files and restart the upgrade process.
  5. Check for any hardware or software issues on your device and try to resolve them before upgrading.

If none of these procedures work, contact Microsoft support for further assistance. 

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More Solutions

Take Your Time (Then Force A Restart)

Even though the progress meter might not be moving, something might still be happening. Be patient! If necessary, even for a few hours to Fix: It Looks Like You Started An Upgrade And Booted From Installation Media. That would be the ideal course of action if a stuck process managed to unstick itself occasionally.restart Even though it would seem like the evident approach, sometimes giving a stopped Windows 10 update some additional time is the most straightforward fix.

Every month, Windows publishes cumulative updates that compile many different update releases into a single, straightforward download and installation. On top of that, substantially more significant feature upgrades happen twice a year.

Use a system partition manager

An efficient way to try and tackle this error is to load your system in an extended drive space using any capable partitioning tool. The built-in disk management service of Windows OS is good enough for basic tasks but may not serve our purpose well in this case.

So, I suggest getting something like EaseUS partition master. It is a trial version, but it can do the job just fine. So you can download it to your PC.

Now that you have the partition tool installed, we can check and fix your system errors. Check this out to fix the taskbar won’t go away issue.

  1. Launch the Easeus Partition Master Tool and select the partition you want to check. Right-click on that partition and select the Check partition option.
  2. Now, you choose how you want to check the selected partition. You have three checkboxes: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors, and Surface Test. Check all of them and click OK.
  3. The partition master will now check the drive for irregularities and correct them using standardized formats. Once you complete the process, just click OK.
  4. You now need to extend your system to another available drive. To do that, right-click on the partition where your OS is installed. That would be the C drive, in case you didn’t know. Select the Resize/Move partition option from the right-click menu. Now, click and hold the slider and slide it towards the bar’s right. It will increase the volume space on the C drive.
  5. After you finish, click the Apply button on the top left option to finalize the changes. That’s part of why I use the EaseUS software. They allow you to make all the changes beforehand and apply them at once.

Your computer will shut down, enter the Easeus master boot mode, and begin all the volume extensions. You don’t have to do anything. Just wait patiently.

It will reboot twice, so make yourself a cup of tea while it does its thing. This will resolve the Windows 10 stuck at 99 issues.

Download and flash an ISO

I sincerely hope you are not a stranger to the term ISO. It is an image file using which you can flash an operating system onto an HDD or a bootable USB drive.

So, if the above method does not fix the Windows 10 upgrade assistant stuck at 99% issue, try to flash the Windows 10 OS directly. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Head to Microsoft website and grab an ISO copy of Windows 10 (32/64 bit).
  2. Back up your essential data from the PC to another external drive. Windows installs are usually easy and hassle-free, but preparing oneself for the worst is always good.
  3. If you have any antivirus software installed, which I’m assuming you do, consider disabling it until you have installed the update. Restart your computer for good measure before installation.
  4. Run the ISO file that you downloaded to begin installing Windows 10 OS. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen and carry on with it.

If it does not work directly, you can always download the update using a windows flash tool, such as a media creation tool.

Just run it and select the Upgrade this PC now option. It will automatically start downloading Windows 10 and proceed to install it. You can also check whether the Windows Update Service Not Error interrupts you.

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How can I fix the Windows 10 update assistant stuck at 99%?

After your computer restarts, launch File Explorer and type C:$GetCurrent in the address bar before pressing Enter. Copy The Media folder on the desktop and transfer it to C:$GetCurrent. Click Media, then double-click Setup. To begin the upgrade, follow the instructions.

The Windows 10 update assistance can I close?

You can pause Windows Update Assistant, but can't uninstall it. Update Assistant will automatically reinstall itself if you uninstall it. You may stop the update assistant from downloading by opening it, pausing it, and restarting it whenever you choose.

How can I know if a Windows update is stuck at 99%?

Windows updates will likely be stuck unless something displays on the screen for three hours or more. If you're still puzzled after all that time, check the activity light on your hard drive. No activity (stuck) or numerous, quick light flashes (not stuck) will exist.

What is the purpose of the Windows 10 upgrade 99%?

The Windows 10 Update Assistant locates and installs the latest updates on your system. The Windows 10 November 2019 Update, version 1909, and other feature upgrades provide additional capabilities while enhancing system security. You will receive these updates instantly after downloading the Update Assistant.


I know this method defeats the entire purpose of you downloading the update via the Windows 10 updater in the first place. That is the sad part. No one likes hanging at 99, but at least you get Windows 10 working now! Lastly, you might want also to check if Windows has detected a Hard Disk Problem because that could also be the reason.

Grab a product key from a pirate site, and you’re ready! But you did not read this line if you get in trouble for piracy. Cheers!

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