What should you approach if Windows 7 keeps installing updates over and over? This article approaches various methods to get rid of this issue! It comprises several methods to understand better how to fix Windows 7 keeps installing the same updates over and over. You may escape the issue by attempting the methods in this piece.

You can easily fix the error windows 7 keeps installing the same updates over and over by Uninstalling the Update, then reinstalling it, Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder, Remove the Inappropriate Update, and Launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Microsoft continually distributes updates, including security fixes and feature upgrades, to improve operating system stability and optimize your machine. It also constantly tells you if you still need to install these updates, which aggravates. Also, how inconvenient is it to be continuously reminded of the same Update? Read more to learn about Windows 7 keeps installing same updates over and over.

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How To Fix Windows 7 Keeps Installing The Same Updates Over And Over?

Windows 7 repeatedly installs the same Update. However, this problem typically arises when the Windows operating system cannot correctly establish particular updates and keeps reinstalling them. This often occurs when an update is not correctly installed, and your operating system cannot identify the installed when the Windows 7 update keeps running or partly installed the Update.

In this case, it believes that your machine needs the Update and hence keeps installing it. Follow the steps below to fix Windows 7 repeatedly installing the same updates. You may also remove the Software Distribution folder or try troubleshooting.

Uninstall the Update, then reinstall it

Microsoft often issues security patches and feature updates to improve system performance and operating system stability. Microsoft constantly tells you if you still need to install these updates, which aggravates. How aggravating it is to receive reminders for the same Update repeatedly! You can easily uninstall and reinstall the Update by following the steps below to fix Windows 7 keeps installing the same updates.

  1. If Windows 7 keeps installing the same updates over and over, remember the update number that continues installing. It’ll be something along the lines of KB9876543.windows 7 and 10 keeps installing
  2. Right-click the Power button to bring up the WinX Menu. Open the Programmes & Features applet after selecting Control Panel. To view the Windows Update history, click on Installed Updates.program and features settings
  3. Now, find the Update by date and right-click to select Uninstall. It could or might not display the Failed state.

Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder

The Windows operating system’s SoftwareDistribution folder is in the Windows folder and temporarily holds updated files.

Some issues with this folder occasionally cause different update errors, including this one – windows 7 keeps installing the same updates repeatedly. You must remove this folder to resolve this issue.

  1. Launch Command Prompt with administrative privileges.local disk software distribution
  2. Enter these commands one at a time: wuauserv net stop, internet halt bits. Navigate to C: WindowsSoftwareDistribution and remove all of its contents.

If any files are still in use, restart the computer and attempt to delete the folder again.

Remove the Inappropriate Update

If the same Windows update keeps attempting to install, the Update is most likely incompletely implemented. If you are facing Windows Update Error Code 0x80004005, fix it. To resolve the issue of repeatedly downloading the same Update, uninstall the faulty Update.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Updates & Security on Windows 10. Select View version history and note the Update that continues installing.uninstall an updates
  2. Select Uninstall Upgrades and right-click to uninstall the faulty Update. You may also remove the Update by going to Control Center > Programmes and Utilities > View downloaded updates.

Launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Run the built-in Windows update troubleshooter, which automatically discovers and resolves the issue causing Windows updates to install repeatedly. If you are using Windows 7 or 8.1, install the Software Update Troubleshooter and double-click it to launch the application for Windows 7, installing updates.

  1. To enter the Windows Settings screen, press Windows + I. Select Update & Security, then Troubleshoot.settings update and security windows
  2. Select Windows Update on the right-hand side, then click Run the troubleshooter. The Windows Update troubleshooter begins to find issues.run the trouble shooter
  3. Examine the Windows 10 upgrade and its associated services. Clear the Install the latest cache files as well.

Wait a few moments for the troubleshooter to apply the patch. Quit the troubleshooter and reboot the computer before attempting to restore the updates.


Why does my Windows 7 keep installing the same updates over and over?

It usually occurs when your Windows operating system cannot install updates correctly or when updates are only partially implemented. The OS recognizes the upgrades as missing and reinstalls them in this instance.

Why do Microsoft updates continually repeat themselves?

If Windows 7 keeps installing the same updates over and over, it might be due to various circumstances. The following are the most prevalent reasons: Partially installed updates - windows 7 keeps installing the same updates over and over most often because the OS fails to apply an update completely and correctly. In such cases, you should remove the unsuccessful Windows updates. Windows failed to recognize updates - Although uncommon, even after an update has been properly loaded, the Os may be unable to identify it, necessitating a fresh installation attempt. Windows services have been disabled - Certain Microsoft services must install updates effectively. This problem can arise if these facilities are deactivated.

How can I uninstall upgrades from Windows 7 permanently?

To uninstall the upgrades navigate to the Control Panel. Under System & Security, under the Windows Update section, select Turn regular updating on or off. Hit the down arrow in the Critical Updates area (as shown below) and select how you would like Windows to acquire and execute updates. To save the changes, click OK.

Is it safe to remove outdated Windows updates?

Removing obsolete Windows Updates files will not affect your computer's software or hardware. Personal files are also not destroyed. It's a risk-free procedure. The main disadvantage is that you may be unable to revert to prior versions of Windows on your PC.

How can I prevent Windows from downloading a certain update?

Hide Updates should be selected. Select the Update (s) you don't wish to install, then click Next. Allow for the fixer to make the necessary modifications before clicking Close.

How can I disable all System updates?

To access the fast settings menu, slide down from the upper border of your screen. Tap the cog (commonly known as 'gear') symbol, often located in the top right corner. Select Software Update from the menu. Uncheck the Download updates automatically box.


That’s all you need to do if Windows 7 keeps installing same updates repeatedly. Some advice is installing and downloading Windows updates through the Windows Update Catalog, manually checking for updates, reinstalling the NET Framework, and so on. If the above methods do not perform for you, users can try this to resolve their issues.

Follow these strategies to resolve your difficulty if Windows 7 Update continues installing the same updates. Also, know about fixing Potential Windows Update Database Errors. We hope these are useful as we have carefully curated the best steps for the window users to counter the problem.

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