It’s devastating when you are so involved in a game, and it minimizes suddenly, even though you didn’t press the minimize button. Many users have recently reported that Windows keeps minimizing games occasionally.

The reason for this might be outdated drivers. Disabling the game mode is a simple fix for this. You can also fix this by turning off the Windows reporting service. Restart your computer once and try to rerun the game/application.

Read this page to learn more about these strategies and how to prevent Windows from minimizing games.

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Why Do Windows 10 Minimize Games

  •  The drivers are an essential communication link between the hardware and the software. They need to be updated from time to time for proper functioning. A missing or out-of-date driver may be why Windows keeps minimizing games. Want to know how you can write a video game script? Read This.
  •  Additionally, there can also be additional causes. Such as, if you like to stream your games, the streaming applications you use might affect the game mode in Windows making your game randomly minimize Windows 10.  game mode in windows
  • Windows 10 games minimize themselves when viruses attack your system.
  • Unneeded background programs might consume resources and cause your games to minimize to the desktop.
  • Various annoying notifications may also decrease your games’ performance. Also, enjoy a good performance by clicking here!
  • Your game can automatically reduce if the CPU priority is lower. cpu priority is lower
  • The Windows Error Reporting Service frequently brings on such issues.
  • Other services are frequently disrupted and interfered with by the Cortana service.

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Disable The Game Mode

Microsoft added the Game Mode functionality to optimize system resource allocation and boost overall performance. However, several users complained that this setting could cause FPS drops and game depreciation, especially when utilizing dual GPU. Just disable it, and you might be able to fix games minimizing windows 10 randomly.

STEP 1: To open settings, press windows + I or go to the start menu. windows+i

Step 2: Click on gaming, locate Game Mode, and Disable the “Use Game Mode” setting. game mode

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Allow Focus Assist

If the problem of windows keeps minimizing games occurs when a notification pop-ups on the screen, then turn the notifications off by turning on the focus assist, and you can solve the problem. Through Focus, assist your system in turning off the notification if you display any app on the full screen. There is a problem while closing the epic games launcher. Learn how to fix it.

STEP 1: To open settings, Press windows+I or go to the start menu. focus assist

Step 2: Select the system tab and click Focus assist. In the priority option, customize from which apps you want to see the notifications. Only allow those apps.

Update The Driver Of The GPU

Graphic card drivers play an important role in providing a nice gaming experience. An outdated driver can cause a problem if windows keep minimizing games. Update it, and you will be good to proceed. Click here to learn If Xbox One Game Won’t Install From a Disc.

STEP 1: Press Windows + R on a PC. The run dialogue box will appear, then type “devmgmt.msc“. Click on Enter. The device manager screen will appear. devmgmt.msc

STEP 2: Click on the arrow beside display adapters, Right click on graphic card driver, and choose Update Driver.

Malware Scanning

Viruses and malware can cause many problems for you and your system if they enter your computer. To lessen the harm that viruses do to your computer, they must eliminate from the system as soon as possible.

malware scanning

Any antivirus programs that are currently on the market can be used to scan your system for malware or a virus. After that, you can also play a fullscreen game on a second monitor.

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Modify The Screen Resolution

The game can also get minimized by itself if the screen’s resolution does not match the game’s resolution. By fixing this, you can solve the issue of Windows keeps minimizing games.

Step 1: On your desktop, select Display settings by right-clicking.display setting

STEP 2: Locate the “Display Resolution” option. Opt for the resolution that best matches your game.

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Change The Priority

If you haven’t had any luck with the earlier-mentioned methods, try changing the priority of the game to High. Many users have also given this method a thumbs up.

Step 1: Open the desired game and click Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+del to minimize it.ctrl+alt+del

Step 2: you can access the taskbar by right-clicking or searching for it in the start menu. context menu

STEP 3: Click on the Details tab, then, from the context menu, choose Set Priority and set it to High. VAC Was Unable to Verify the Game Session. Read This.

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Disable Windows Reporting Service

As mentioned earlier, such issues are frequently brought on by the Windows Error Reporting Service. You will solve your problem by turning the windows reporting service off. 

STEP 1: Press Windows + R on a PC. The run dialogue box will appear, then type “services.msc“. Click on Enter. services.msc

Step 2: Find the Windows Error Reporting Service, right-click on it from the context menu, select Properties, and press on disable. Hit ok.

Step 3: To make the modifications effective, restart the computer now. How to Steam Run Game as Admin? Complete Guide.

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Why do my windows 10 keep minimizing games?

Numerous things can cause it, such as an outdated driver, malware infection, background assaults, streaming software, low CPU priority, the Cortana service, notification pop-ups from multiple programs, etc.

How can I prevent my computer from minimizing games all of a sudden?

You can follow any methods mentioned in this post to stop this problem. Please choose one of the seven methods described in the post best suits you, then apply it to your system by following the instructions.

Can a borderless window affect the FPS of my game?

Mostly the borderless window does not cause any problems of such sought. However, the borderless window may decrease your FPS if you work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

How come Windows 11 keeps minimizing my game?

In Windows 11, this happens mostly due to the unsuitable resolution of your screen and the game. You can repair it by navigating to the display settings and altering the resolution appropriately.


These are some of the most straightforward solutions to the Windows 10 game-minimizing problem.