Windows Live Mail Won’t Open is a prevalent issue. But don’t worry; we have 5 Ways to Fix Windows Live Mail Won’t Open. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem. Windows Live Mail Windows 10 error is an email client pre-installed with Windows. The main features of Windows Live Mail Include touch support and a minimalistic, flat design.

Ways to fix this Windows issue include:

  • End Wlmail.Exe And Restart Windows Live Mail
  • Delete Windows Live Mail. Cache
  • Run Windows Live Mail In Compatibility Mode
  • Repair Windows Essentials
  • Restore Your Computer To An Earlier Working Time

Resolve your issues with Windows Live Mail. We advise you to leave it be and check for alternative solutions. There are several great email clients available that you might want to consider. However, the mail client below is our primary recommendation for today. It is annoying and frustrating to users relying heavily on Windows Live Mail for all their emails. After upgrading to Windows 10 or updating their system, some report that Windows Live Mail Won’t Open. Read further to know how this issue can be fixed.

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Reasons for Why Windows Live Mail Won’t Open

The main reason behind this issue could be the graphics card driver conflicting with Windows 10, especially after the update. And this causes the graphics card not to work correctly. And at times, the Windows Live Mail cache seems to be corrupted. It also wouldn’t let you open Windows Live Mail. Whenever you click on the Windows Live Mail icon, it shows loading, but nothing happens even after a long live mail

Also, if your computer’s disk is complete and you are out of memory, Windows Live Mail cannot install it correctly, causing this issue. The app may generate these issues if not installed correctly. To solve that problem, the easiest method would be to repair mentioned above.

The repair is necessary to ensure that all the Windows Programs And files are fully present, installed, and registered. It is important because even a faulty installation would cause the problem. Moreover, any security software on your PC can interrupt Windows Live Mail. In such cases, you should disable Avast Antivirus (in my case) or any other if you have.

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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Won’t Open

If you are facing a similar issue on your computer, don’t worry, we are here with the best methods to help you solve the problem of the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open problem. These methods will help restore your Windows Live Mail to normal.

Note – Before using any methods, ensure your PC has no Windows Update Errors such as 0x8024a105 or 0x8007007b.

Method 1: End wlmail.exe and Restart Windows Live Mail

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Windows Task Manager. Find wlmail.exe from the list, then right-click on it and select End Task.


2. Restart Windows Live Mail Again and check whether the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open issue is fixed.

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Method 2: Delete Windows Live Mail .cache

1. Press the Windows Key + R, then type in %localappdata% and then click OK.


2. Inside the Local Folder, Double click on Microsoft. Then, double-click on Windows Live to Open it.

Windows Live

Locate the .cache folder, then right-click on the folder and select Delete. After the folder is deleted, empty the Recycle Bin.

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Method 3: Run Windows Live Mail in Compatibility Mode

1. Navigate to the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail. Find the file named wlmail.exe and right-click on it, then select Properties.


2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab in the Properties Window. Check “Run this program in compatibility mode” and choose Windows 7.

Run this program in compatibility mode for

3. Click Apply and then click OK. Reboot your computer to save the changes. Check whether the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open issue is resolved.reboot-pc

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Method 4: Repair Windows Essentials

1. Press the Windows Key + X and then select Control Panel.

Control Panel

2. Select Uninstall a Program. Find Windows Essential from the list, right-click, and select Uninstall/Change. There will be a repair option on the uninstall window; select it.

repair option

3. Follow the On-Screen Instructions to complete the Windows Essentials Repair Process.

Windows Essentials Repair Process.

Close everything and reboot your computer. Check whether the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open problem is fixed.

Method 5: Restore Your Computer To an Earlier Working Time

1. Press the Windows Key + R, type in “system. cpl,” and click OK.


2. Go to the System Protection tab and select System Restore.

System Restore

3. Click Next and then choose the desired System Restore point.

System Restore

Follow the On-Screen Instructions to Complete System Restore. The Windows Live Mail Won’t Open issue should be fixed after your computer reboots. Moreover, this will also fix any Windows 10 Random Restart Error in your PC.

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How come Windows Live Mail won't open?

Insufficient program files, problems with antivirus applications, or outdated technology are a few reasons your Windows Live Mail account may only have a portion open. The procedures involved in resolving issues include fixing, altering, and reinstalling the application.

What's the password for Windows Live Mail?

There is no optional password for Windows Live Mail. Your email accounts' credentials are what the program uses in their place. When you launch Windows Live Mail, a prompt to enter a password for the email account(s) you've set up in the program for accessing your emails will appear.

How can I restore my damaged Windows Live Mail?

Try the following methods to repair a broken version of Windows Live Mail: Initially, make a copy of your preferences and emails. Windows Live Mail needs to be removed. Take advantage of it again, then activate it. Transfer your saved emails and configurations. Make sure that you stay current by updating.

Does Windows Live Mail have a program?

Microsoft's Windows Live Mail, a single email client program, was a part of the Windows Live Basics suite, providing email management and communication tools. Although no longer included in recent Windows versions or technically supported, it can still be distributed and used for personal purposes.


These are the best and proven methods to help you resolve your Windows Live Mail Won’t Open problem. Many reasons may cause this problem, but these steps cover almost all of them and do not leave any gap for a mistake. Whichever stage you choose to resolve the issue, we remind you to thoroughly review the steps before attempting any method.

Even a minor mistake can damage your system, so be careful while performing these fixes. We recommend you create a restore point in case anything goes wrong. But it is unlikely, and the error would be fixed easily with the above methods. We hope that these methods helped you to resolve the issue.

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