11 Ways to Fix WLDCore.dll is Missing Error on Windows


Wldcore.dll is a type of DLL file. It is associated with the Windows Live Client. The DLL (dynamic link library) files allow multiple software programs to share the same functionality.

You may receive the error “wldcore.dll is not found,” specifically when Windows fails to load the wldcore.dll file correctly. These errors occur during PC startup, program startup, or trying to use a specific function.

How to Fix WLDCore.dll is Missing Error

Below, I have discussed a few methods that will help you get rid of this error.

Method #1 Manually Register Wldcore.dll Using Microsoft Register Server

A software requiring wldcore.dll will automatically install wldcore.dll file for you. In case it does not do so, you can do it manually.

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Type “command” in the Search box. Hold Ctrl+Shift and press Enter.

3. A permission dialog box will appear. Click Yes.


4. Type this command in the window: regsvr32 /u wldcore.dll

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5. This command unregisters the file.

6. Next, type in: regsvr32 /i wldcore.dll

7. Hit Enter. It registers the file.


8. Close the Command Prompt.

Now try opening the program that requires wldcore.dll.

Method #2 Repair Invalid Wldcore.dll Registry Entries

When some programs are uninstalled, invalid wldcore.dll registry entries are left behind. A malware infection can also occur. Before you manually repair the Windows registry, we suggest keeping a backup of the registry. Follow these steps for creating the backup:

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Type “command” in the Search box. Hold Ctrl+Shift and press Enter.

3. A permission dialog box will appear. Click Yes.



4. Type in regedit. Press Enter.


5. In the Registry Editor, select wldcore.dll related key. For example, the Windows Live Client.

6. From the File menu, choose Export.

7. Select folder from Save In list, for where you want to save the file.

8. Ascertain a name for the file.

9. In the Export Range box, ensure that “Selected Branch” has been checked.

10. Click on Save.

This has now created a backup, with the .reg file extension. Manual repairing registry involves a high risk to the system. You can use other trusted registry cleaners like WinThruster.

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Method #3 Remove Or Restore Wldcore.dll From Windows Recycle Bin

You may have accidentally deleted the file. As such, you can check for it in the Recycle Bin.

1. Double-click on Recycle Bin icon.

2. Search for wldcore.dll.

3. If you find the file, move it to this directory: C:\Windows\System32\


4. After you do this, restart your system.

Check if the issue persists.

Method #4 Update Your PC Device Drivers

The drivers help in communication between your system and all the installed applications and programs. These drivers should always be kept up-to-date. To see if they need to be updated, follow these steps:

1. Right click on My Computer.

2. Select Properties from the drop-down menu.

my computer properties
my computer properties

3. Select Device Manager.

Choose Device Manager
Choose Device Manager

4. See through the devices are given. Check for any that has a yellow exclamation mark on it.

5. Right-click on any of these devices. Then choose Update Driver.

yellow exclamation mark update drivers
yellow exclamation mark update drivers

After the update is done, restart your PC. Check if updating your drivers has solved the missing wldcore.dll in Windows 10 issue.

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Method #5 Utilize Windows System Restore To Undo Recent System Changes

The System Restore helps you to “go back in time.” It can help you to return to that point when the system was working perfectly. As such, you shall not need to troubleshoot the DLL error.

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Type “System Restore” in the Search box. Press Enter.

system restore
system restore

3. You shall have your results for the search. Select System Restore.

4. If passwords are prompted for the administrator, use them.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose a restore point.

select system restore point
select system restore point

6. Restore your system.

Restart your PC now. See if the wldcore.dll error still exists.

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Method #6 Uninstall And Reinstall The Windows Live Client Program Associated With Wldcore.dll

If you know that the error occurs for a specific program, reinstalling will help.

1. Bring up the Start Menu.

2. Click on Programs and Features.

Programs & Features
Programs & Features

3. In this window, locate the program that is associated with wldcore.dll. For example, the Windows Live Client program.

programs and features Windows Live
programs and features Windows Live

4. Click on the associated program.

5. Click on Uninstall/Change on the menu ribbon at the top.

6. Keep following the instructions on the screen for successful uninstallation.

After you have uninstalled, reinstall it correctly. It will likely solve the wldcore.dll issue.

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Method #7 Run Windows System File Checker

Running the system file checker helps in repairing corrupt files.

1. Click on Start.

2. In the Search programs and files box, type “cmd.”

3. Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Then click on OK. It will open the command prompt. Alternatively, press Windows + X keys. Then click on Command Prompt (Admin).


4. Now type “sfc/scannow” at the command prompt.

SFC Scannow
SFC Scannow

5. The process will take some time. Replace the corrupt files.

Restart the system. If your wldcore.dll file had been corrupted, this would restore it.

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Method #8 Install All Available Windows Updates

Sometimes resolving the problem may be as simple as updating Windows with the latest Service Pack.

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Type in update and press Enter.

3. The Windows Update dialog box will appear.

windows update
windows update

4. If any updates are available, just click on Install Updates.

install updates automatically
install updates automatically

Method #9 Conduct A Full Malware Scan For Your PC

A malware infection can also be causing the error. It may have damaged, corrupted or even deleted the wldcore.dll file. Use your malware protection program to scan the system and resolve the issue.

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Method #10 Perform A Clean Installation Of Windows

It is the last method you should try. Before you proceed, you should back up all your relevant documents, pictures, and other data. It is a time-consuming step. It will also erase everything from your hard drive. A clean installation will also remove all the junk, and get your computer ready for normal usage. This will fix Windows 10 Random Restart Error or Slow Shutdown Error in your PC.

Method #11 Reinstall/Repair Applications

By reinstalling some applications like Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Live Contacts, you can fix Wldcore.dll is missing error on your computer. Follow the steps to complete the process:

  1. Open Start Menu & search for Control Panel in the search bar.
Type Control Panel
Type Control Panel

2. Click on Programs and Features option.

Programs and Features
Programs and Features

3. Programs and Features list will be displayed. After that right-click on Windows Live Messenger, if you have it installed in your computer and then select Repair.

Repair Windows Live Mail
Repair Windows Live Mail

4. After the Windows Live Messenger has been repaired, repeat the same process to repair Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Contacts.

5. After the repair of all three, reboot your PC and check if these programs are still present in your system.

These were all the methods. Hopefully, they will solve your issue.


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