‘Xbox Game Bar Not Working’ A Guide To Fix That Error


Well, if you use Windows 10 and are a gamer, you already know how helpful the game bar is. It is Windows 10’s best feature and is geared toward gamers. It is a feature of the game DVR. And it allows you to capture screenshots and videos as the game is being played. But sometimes, you may face the error of the Xbox game bar not working.

To check if the Xbox game bar will open. It may be because you are playing games in a full screen format. That can be the reason why the Xbox Game Bar not working on your PC. Adjusting the registry or changing a few tool parameters will quickly fix this problem. Checking again to see if the Game Bar is active is another speedy and efficient fix.

Go to Settings and select “Apps and Features”. Find “Xbox Game Bar” in the Apps & features list and select it. The “Advanced options” button should appear – click it. You will see the “Repair” button and click to reset. 

You might be helpless to fix the Xbox game bar not working correctly. But the blog can assist you in every way. You may adjust your Xbox game bar using the methods and procedures listed here. Let us begin:

Understand the Xbox Game Bar 

A component of the Xbox gaming interface on Microsoft’s desktop Operating system is the Xbox Game Bar. It is offered in addition to the Xbox Console adapter to bring console-style gameplay to Windows.

This gives you entrance to your Xbox Gamertag and accolades (many of which are found in Windows games). And even the capability to stream Xbox games to Windows.

understand the xbox game bar 

Potential Xbox Game Bar errors in Windows 10 Issues that you can run into include video, not recording. And the Xbox Game Bar keeps turning off when requested. Along the way, the app may display odd popup notifications or stop streaming content.

Note: App settings, such as the Xbox Game Bar program, are the primary cause of problems. We can fix problems by turning off the app, doing a reset, repairing or uninstalling, or just fiddling with the registry. Severe Xbox Game Bar troubles, on the other hand, call for drastic measures and won’t go away using conventional methods. Specifically, a complete system restart or repair. 

Turning on the Game Bar 

It is the first method of using a gaming bar to your advantage. On your computer, turn on the game bar. Take the following actions to check whether it is enabled or not:

1. You may access the Settings screen from the Taskbar or by pressing Win and I simultaneously. The game bar portion of the settings app will open when you click the gaming icon.

setting screen

2. Check if “using Game bar, capture game footage, snapshots, and broadcast” is turned on.

gaming icon

3. If it isn’t already, click the toggle button to turn this on.

click the toggle button

 Now attempt to open a game bar using the Win+G hotkey, and it will do it instantly.

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Correcting the game bar settings 

Game bar settings can occasionally become damaged in the Windows registry. In these circumstances, you must correct the game bar settings by following the instructions below:

1. Enter “Win+R” together to open the run dialogue box. Type “Regedit” and press the Enter key. An editor for the register will launch.


2. Access this by going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameDVR. Tap the GameDVR key now.

gamedvr key

 You can see the current keys in the right-side pane; you must remove them. Press the Win+G hotkey to activate the game bar. And Windows automatically assembles all the necessary keys in the registry.

Resetting the Xbox App 

The Xbox program would reinstall and return to its default settings after a short delay. Try these few steps, and a game bar will be active.

1. Try returning the Xbox program settings to “default”; this will resolve all problems with the game bar. Using the Win + I key or the start menu, unlock or open the app’s “settings.”

app's setting

2. The applications & features section will open when you click the app icon in the settings app. Alternatively, you may open the page directly by typing “ms-settings: applications features” into the Run dialogue box.


3. Go to the right side pane’s bottom and tap the Xbox app. It displays the details of the Xbox app to you. After that, choose the tab for “advanced options.”

advanced options

4. Tap on the RESET button in the RESET section at the underside of the page as you scroll down.

reset or repair

Is the Xbox game bar not working still the issue? Then Check the next idea.

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Removing the Xbox App 

You can try to uninstall and install a new Xbox application to fix Game Bar difficulties.


If restarting the Xbox app doesn’t work, you can try removing it from your system first, followed by reinstalling it.

Taking Xbox out of firewall Range 

You must ensure that no firewall is blocking the Xbox device. Additionally, check to see if your computer has any third-party security software installed. And see whether the Windows firewall is blocking the Xbox app or any of its linked existing components.

taking xbox out of firewall range 

Due to obstruction, these corresponding files can easily result in problems. The problem will go away if you delete these files.

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Screenshot and Xbox Game Bar Recordings Issues

The Xbox Game Bar still needs to cooperate when you try to capture screenshots or videos of your game. To start, you can experience one of these four typical Xbox Game Bar issues:

screenshot and xbox game bar recordings issues

1. Some video games prohibit recording. This situation prevents you from using the Game Bar to record.

2. Try a different tool if the recording is possible but will not function. You can use the app to broadcast Steam games, but a separate program is required to record them.

3. A full-screen game may cause the Game Bar to disappear. To record, press Windows + Alt + R on your keyboard. To stop, apply the same shortcut.

xbox game bar recordings

4. For similar reasons, there might need to be a way to use the Game Bar to take screenshots. You might, for instance, have some restricted information on your computer (e.g., ring-fenced by DRM). Close this window or select an alternative Windows desktop screenshot program.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the Xbox game bar shortcut not working?

Examine your Xbox Game Bar settings if nothing appears when you hit the Windows logo key plus G. Try and ensure Enable Xbox Game Bar for features like recording game footage, chatting, and getting game invites. By opening the Start menu, selecting Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar, then clicking that option.

How to open an Xbox game bar?

While playing PC games, you can record movies and images. Use the Windows logo button and G on your keyboard to activate the Xbox Game Bar whenever you are looking at the screen. If your Xbox gameplay snippets, snapshots, and broadcasts with a Game response, click the Xbox button on your PC.

Why is the Xbox Game bar not opening this popup: how can you get rid of it?

Utilize one of the numerous methods available to access the Settings menu. From the left pane, select Gaming. On the Xbox Game Bar, click. You can turn off the slider beside the Open Xbox Game Bar by pressing this toggle on a controller.

Is Xbox getting Discord?

Due to Discord's inherent connectivity with the Xbox. You may now switch speaking channels from Discord onto your console while playing games. The procedures listed here can be used to link Discord to Xbox. And also, start a Discord voice room with your friends.

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Hopefully, these quick fixes have reignited your ascent to the status of video game god. And the error of “Xbox game bar not working” is clear now. After all, without visual proof, how is anyone expected to understand how skilled you are? Saving your achievements is as simple as pressing a button with Game Bar or other fantastic options available today.

Windows 10’s Game Bar aims to replicate some of the Xbox magic on Windows laptops. You may call the Game Bar at any time by pushing the Windows key and G. This enables you to activate features like game recording and instantly see your gaming-related messages.

Adjusting the registry or changing a few tool parameters will quickly fix this problem. Checking again to see if the Game Bar is active is also a quick trick.