Xbox One Controller Not Working: Xbox is a video gaming platform created and launched by Microsoft. It took the market with the stirring pace in no time, and we could see everyone around hoving over Xbox with different games. Fortnite, GTA, Call of Duty, Fifa, etc., are some of the many games Xbox supports and allows users to have on its extravaganza platform.

But what if something stops you from having the ultimate fun you are having on Xbox? Or what if you face some issues or errors when you try to open your Xbox setup? Well, the user often faces the issue of the Xbox One controller not working. To Fix your Xbox One Controller Not Working, Fix Your Internal Glitches for a Smooth and Optimised Experience; the Thing to Do If your Xbox Blinks, Updating the One Controller Firmware or try Optimizing the Total Number of Controllers to be Used At a Time.

One controller is the device with which you command instructions while playing the game. And sometimes, when one controller doesn’t respond as expected, the user faces the problem of one controller not working while streaming the game. Here are some techniques to help you eradicate the very problem of the Xbox One controller not working.

Ways to Fix the Xbox One Controller Not Working

Causes of Xbox One controller not working:

  1. The improper connection with the system console.
  2. The use of more than the maximum controllers allowed at a time.
  3. The hardware device of the Xbox One Controller not working correctly.
  4. Some faults in the internal settings of the Xbox One Controller.

Method #1 Techniques to Try if Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On

This is the most prominent cause a user faces when the Xbox One Controller doesn’t open. This may happen due to improper battery contacts, charging cable problems, firmware problems, or internal faults.

replace batteries xboxTo solve this problem, the first thing the user needs to do is use fresh batteries instead of old ones. The next thing to do is to check whether the batteries correctly connect and have optimized connections.

The second thing the user needs to do is to fix one controller charging problem. The Xbox One Controller will not work correctly, and often it wouldn’t even open if the proper charging solution is not used. Make use of a proper USB cable so that charging is not interrupted.

Method #2 Configure the Appropriate Connection of One Controller with System Console

One controller is the device with which the user commands the instruction while streaming the video game. Now, if the user is facing a problem with streaming of game on Xbox, often the problem is with the proper connection of one controller with the system console.

So to fix the problem with the Xbox One controller connection so that we may not face the issue of the Xbox One controller not working, here are a few things that need to be looked at.

  1. Make sure your controller is not out of range. Though the Xbox One controller is a wireless device, it will not give a proper connection if the controller is out of range.controller in range
  2. Usually, one controller disconnects after 15 minutes of inactivity, so the user needs to press the Xbox controller.

disconnect3. Sometimes, one controller won’t work accordingly if configured to another Xbox. At a time, one controller can only be synced to a single console, and if the user syncs in the new console, the controller won’t function as expected. To solve this, the user needs to configure the syncing of the controller with consoles every time they want a new operation or a new command as per the use of the console.

Method #3 Optimising the Total Number of Controllers to be Used At a Time

While streaming the game on Xbox, you won’t know how many controller connections you need. At a time, you may need fewer controller connections, or; you may need more controller connections. This problem of not having the appropriate number of controller connections more often leads to the Xbox One Controller not working.

At a time Xbox One controller allows you to have a maximum of eight control connections with the console. One controller will not function properly if you have over 8 connections with the console.


To solve this problem with one controller, you must first turn off and on your Xbox system. Afterward, you need to have a maximum of 8 connections and then sync the connectivity. One controller will be fixed.

Method #4 Updating the One Controller Firmware

Sometimes the Xbox One controller won’t function accordingly if the internal hardware parts malfunction. In this case, you either need a service or replacement or what you can do is check for firmware updates.

updating the one controller firmwareSo to check whether the one controller needs an update, turn your Xbox One on and then open its settings menu. Next, you need to do is to navigate with the devices and accessories and select the controller which is causing the problem. Now if the very controller needs an update, a message will pop up, and you can update it from there.

After successfully updating the firmware of the One controller, sync in the connection and check whether the problem with the Xbox One Controller gets resolved.

Method #5 The Thing to Do If Your Xbox Blinks

Sometimes if you turn on your Xbox and it starts blinking, chances are one controller is facing some problems. These problems would come from improper connections with the system console, and the Xbox One Controller would not work.

blinkingSo, here is a thing you can do to solve this. Check whether your controller connects with the device correctly and configure its console connection afterward. This will most probably solve the blinking problem.

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Method #6 Fix Your Internal Glitches for a Smooth and Optimised Experience

More often or more often than not, the problem with the internal glitches won’t allow your controller to function correctly. This may arise due to cache residual or accessories problems, leading to Xbox One Controller not working.

glitchTo solve this, all you need to do is, remove all your external accessories connected to the one controller. And at the same time, you also need to clear out the cache. Once these tasks are done, reboot your Xbox and check whether one controller functions appropriately.

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What do you do when your Xbox One controller is not working?

If your Xbox One controller isn't working, try these steps: replace or recharge batteries, reconnect the controller via USB cable, update controller firmware, check for wireless interference, and ensure your console's software is up-to-date. If issues persist, consider contacting Xbox support.

What would make an Xbox controller stop working?

An Xbox controller might stop working due to low battery, wireless interference, hardware damage, outdated firmware, or software glitches. Address these issues by checking batteries, troubleshooting wireless connections, updating firmware, and inspecting for physical damage.

How do I get my Xbox controller to work?

To get your Xbox controller working, ensure it has fresh or charged batteries. If using a wireless controller, sync it to the console following the pairing process. For wired controllers, connect via a USB cable. Update firmware if prompted, and ensure your console and controller settings are appropriately configured.

How do I fix my Xbox controller not connecting?

To fix an Xbox controller not connecting, try these steps: replace batteries or charge the controller, power cycle the console, reconnect via USB cable, resync the controller wirelessly, and update the controller's firmware. If issues persist, consult Xbox support or consider replacing the controller.

How to replace an Xbox One joystick?

To replace an Xbox One joystick, you'll need a replacement joystick module, a soldering iron, and the necessary tools for disassembly. Follow online guides or tutorials to open the controller carefully, desolder the old module, and solder in the new one. Exercise caution to avoid damaging the controller further.

Why is my Xbox controller blinking and not connecting?

A blinking Xbox controller usually indicates it's trying to connect. To resolve this, ensure the controller has sufficient battery or is charging, press the controller's connect button, and sync it with the console. If the blinking continues, try power cycling the controller and console, then attempt to pair them again.


Fixing your internal glitches will help you have an optimized and pleasant gaming experience and give you a smooth run with the Xbox One Controller.