One of the most common and hectic errors that some Windows users face says that Your IT administrator has limited access. Some people panic when they see such an error, especially when hurrying to get things done. Users might have shifted from one version of the windows to another. In other words, updating to Windows 10 recently can cause this error. You might also get this error if trying to activate Windows Defender. Not only these but there are also various other reasons.

Remove third-party antivirus tools; antivirus interference could be a possible reason if you are using any third-party antivirus software. Also, there is this Group policy in which you must enable Windows Defender. Disable Windows Defender and Modify your Group Policy settings. End the Windows Defender Notification process. Modify the group policy and edit the registry.

your it administrator has limited access 

To further clarify the concept, let us start with the basic meaning of Administrator. A person or a user who can modify or make changes in a computer that will also affect other users is an Administrator.

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Your IT Administrator Has Limited Access

This error-Your IT administrator has limited access, which some Windows users face is worrying and annoying. To make the techie’s life a lot easier, here are some possible solutions to this problem. It does not have to be that exasperating, you know.

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Method #1: Administrator Account

In Windows, people may have three account types: Administrator, Standard, and Guest. Enabling Windows Defender while signing in through a standard or guest account may cause issues.

signing in as an administrator

Signing in as an administrator is very important while activating the Windows Defender. If you have multiple accounts in your system, log in through the administrative account only because using other accounts will cause the error. If you have already enabled it, you can view the administrator account on your computer’s login screen.

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Method #2: You Must Remove The Third-Party Antivirus

People usually use third-party anti­-virus software from among the various ones available. Sometimes it may be why Your IT administrator has limited access error, but not always. If it were the reason, the system would deny access to some files.

uninstall third-party antivirus

One of the most crucial steps is to remove the third-party antivirus tools installed on your computer. Sometimes temporarily turning off the software might not help; you must uninstall it. Doing so will eliminate the antivirus interference that might prevent access to specific files and apps.

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Method #3: Usage Of Hidden Administrator Account

By default, Windows 10 has a built-in administrator account. It is usually hidden or disabled. This is so because of various security reasons. The following are some ways to fix Your IT administrator has limited access:

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CMD Method

  1. Type “cmd” in the search boxsearch cmd
  2. Right-click on the search resultrun-as-admin
  3. Find “Run as administrator “and select as admin
  4. Type “net user administrator/active: no” in the command line and click the enter button.type in command

Local Security Policy Method to Fix Your IT administrator has limited access.

  1. Type “secpol. msc” in the run dialog and press the OK tabtype-secpol.msc_

Local policy – options – accounts: Administrator account status(double click)


Choose “Enable” and OK and then Apply.

Through Local Users And Groups

  1. Click “Manage” by right-clicking on “This PC.manage
  2. Local users group – users – Administrator (double click).double-click-administrator

Click “Apply” and “OK” after unchecking the box “Account is disabled.

You will find the administrator account on the login screen once you have performed all the above tasks from any one method.

Method #4: Disable Windows Defender

It is one of the built-in features of Windows 10. It works as a default antivirus tool that may sometimes interfere with accessing some files and apps. This may lead to the pop-up error that Your IT Administrator has limited access to. So disabling it may prove to be effective in some cases. However, it must be done only temporarily. Just do it by following the below steps.

  1. Search Windows security on the Start Menu >>search-windows-security
  2. Windows defender securities center (on the right) >> Virus and threat protection >>
  3. Virus and threat protection settings >>
  4. Find and disable Real-time protectionThat’s it!

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Method #5: Modification Of Group Policy

Another way to use the Group policy editor is if your IT administrator has limited access. Group policy is a feature of Microsoft Windows through which accounts of users and computer accounts are controlled. Follow the below steps to make modifications to the group policy.

  1. Open the run dialog and type “gpedit. msc” to open Group Policy Editor.type-gpedit.-msc-
  2. Press Administrative Templates and double-click on the Windows Componentsdouble-click-windows-components-
  3. Then, Windows Defender>> Turn off Windows Defender (Double click) >> Allow antimalware service to start up with normal priority.allow

Choose disabled >> Apply >> OK.

Enable Headless UI mode( double click) >> Disabled >> Apply >> OK

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What does the error message 'IT administrator has limited access' mean?

The error message 'IT administrator has limited access' indicates that the IT administrator has restricted your access to certain functions or settings on your device or network. This limitation is typically for security purposes.

Why am I getting the error message 'IT administrator has limited access'?

The error message 'IT administrator has limited access' occurs when you encounter restrictions on accessing certain functions or settings put up by your IT administrator. This error occurs to ensure security measures, prevent unauthorized modifications, or maintain compliance with organizational policies. Contact your IT administrator for further assistance and clarification regarding the limitations imposed.

How do I fix the 'IT administrator has limited access’ error?

Contact your IT administrator or helpdesk support to resolve this error. They can explain why access has restrictions and help with the permissions.

Can I circumvent the restrictions imposed by my IT administrator?

Circumventing restrictions by IT administrators are not beneficial. These restrictions are typically to ensure security and compliance within an organization. Attempting to bypass them may violate company policy, have unintended consequences, or compromise device or network security.

What should I do if I believe the restrictions imposed by my IT administrator are unnecessary or incorrect?

If you think the restrictions set by your IT administrator are unnecessary or wrong, it's best to talk to them directly about your concerns. Have a respectful conversation and share clear explanations and examples to support your point of view. It is essential to find a compromise that considers both your needs and the IT policies in place.

Are there any self-help troubleshooting steps I can try before contacting my IT admin?

You can try some basic troubleshooting steps before contacting your IT admin. This includes rebooting the device, checking the permissions of the user's account, making sure the valid credentials are present, etc.


For the record, we created Technology, and it’s a trait of humans to make mistakes. So do our inventions. Some people work long hours in front of computers, trying hard to complete their job within the stipulated time. And then pops out some error like Your IT administrator has limited access, making the moment less terrific. You have to stay calm and think of an easier way to solve or prevent it instead of thrashing any visible objects in front of you. Your techies are the future of innovation. Don’t you think you got to be smart?

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