Many Windows users have recently reported that Your Printer Has Experienced an Unexpected Configuration Problem problem. Your Printer doesn’t print anything, and the notice appears associated with numbers like 0x80070002 and 0x80040154. If you discover yourself in this event-ready space, be reassured; separating is usually not hard. 

your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem

One of the most helpful technological tools for producing or putting the appropriate things in business, education, and even at the beginning is the printer. It makes printing web pages, PDF files, photos, and so on simple. The printing process has already been greatly simplified due to technological advancements. It is no more generating pages or documents. You may print a page by right-clicking it and selecting Print. Doing this will send the file to the Printer, where it can be printed. Some Microsoft Edge users, however, have reported the 0x80070077 error. This guide explains how to fix printer configuration problems 0x80070077 on Windows.

It is important to note that using other browsers, such as Chrome or Opera, does not result in this issue. Furthermore, the problem only appears when the user wants to print PDF files. The appearance of the fault disrupts the printing process. As a result, it is not printed.

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How To Fix: Your Printer Encountered An Unexpected Configuration Problem 

Your Printer encountered an unexpected configuration problem. The following 5 workarounds have helped other customers solve the “Your printer encountered an unexpected configuration problem” issue. You will require only some of them: simply work your way through the selection until you come across one that works for you.

Re-Add Your Printer

If the printer entry is corrupt, then this error may happen. Try adding your Printer again to check whether it prints properly.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. On your keyboard, click the Windows and R logo keys simultaneously, type ms-settings: printers, and press Enter. ms-settings printers
  2. Select Add a printer or scanner by clicking the Plus symbol. Then when your Printer reappears, click on it.  add a printer
  3. After adding your Printer back, try to see if you can get it working without e. If so, congratulations! Please attempt fix 2 if the hard question keeps on.

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Allow Others To Use The Printer

If your printer is not accessible on the network, this error message could show up. So make sure you share it to check if it solves the problem. To share your Printer, proceed as follows: 

  1. Press the Windows and R logo keys simultaneously on your keyboard, tap the control printers, and press Fr. windows and r
  2. Go down to the Printers area on the Device and Printers panel. Then, right-click the uncertain Printer and select printer properties. printer properties
  3. Take ships through to the having the same marker and select the statement of part-owners in this printer checkbox, then click OK to save your changes.
  4. Print anything and observe whether the mistake still appears. If the issue does not reoccur, you have fixed the problem! Please attempt fix 3 if the hard question keeps on.

Install the latest printer drive

This question under discussion may get up if you are using an old or the wrong printer person driving. As an outcome, you should bring up the current state your printer person is driving to see if it works out your question under discussion. If you need more time, patience, or expert knowledge to control by hand, bring up to the current state the person driving, driver simple, not hard can do it for you. 

With either the FREE or Pro accounts of a person driving simply, not hard, you can automatically bring up to the current state of your driver. However, the Pro account needs only 2 actions (and includes full support and a 30-day money-back responsible): 

  1. Get and put in the position of an authorized person driving simply, not hard. 
  2. Start out by going at a simple pace and choosing the digital copy you want right away. The driver, simply not hard, will then check your knowledge processing machine for uncertain drivers.  digital copy
  3. Select bring up to the current state All to automatically download and put in the position of authority the right account of all lost or out-of-date drivers on your system (this needs the Pro account, which you will be requested to make good when you select to bring up to the current state All).  restart your printer
  4. Restart your knowledge processing machine to request the changes.  restarting printer
  5. Attempt to print a Document again to check if your Printer has experienced a sudden form of a hard question that has been put right. If so, congratulations! If the problem continues, try Fix 4 below. Whether you have HP or Epson printer, you can easily fix applying this method.

Launch The Windows Troubleshooter

Windows includes a variety of ‘troubleshooters‘ that are meant to identify and resolve faults with your computer’s hardware. You might run it to see if the printer troubleshooter can identify and fix the problem.

  1. Your Printer Has Experienced an Unexpected Configuration Problem should be diagnosed by Windows before trying to fix it.
  2. Scroll down to the Getup and running part of the Troubleshoot box and choose Printer> Run the troubleshooter. troubleshooter printer
  3. Before attempting to fix the Your Printer Has Experienced an Unexpected Configuration Problem error, let Windows diagnose the problem.

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PrintConfig.dll Must Be Modified

PrintConfig is an abbreviation for Print Configuration User Interface. The DLL determines printer parameters such as printer size, scale, range, and whatever else the Printer provides. The Print will be halted if a DLL is missing or corrupted.

Because we are updating the DLL, we must use another similar system where this problem does not occur. Once you’re certain, keep a USB stick ready and repeat the following instructions on a new PC:

  1. To launch the Run dialogue box, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  2. Then, enter spool in the search box. spool
  3. Look for the x64 folder in the Drivers folder. x64 folder
  4. After that, look for the DLL file here. If you’re having trouble finding the file, type print config into the search box.
  5. Please open the file location for printconfig.dll by right-clicking on it. printconfig.dll
  6. Put the file on a USB drive.
  7. Connect the USB to the computer where the problem is occurring.
  8. Return to Printer Drivers, select the x64 folder and paste printconfig.dll into it. 

Restart the machine to check if the problem remains. Hopefully, this will fix the issue. On Windows, the Printer Configuration Problem 0x80070077 is inconvenient, especially when you need to print something urgently. Look over the suggestions below and give them a shot to see if the issue has been solved. If it continues to function, you ought to get expert assistance. 

TIP: If none of the Methods above worked, we consider utilizing the Restoro Fix Tool, which can examine the repositories and replace corrupted or missing data. If the issue is triggered by system corruption, this probably works. Restoro will also tune your system so that it works at peak efficiency. 

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How can I correct the HP Printer configuration 0x8007007e?

To resolve the 0x8007007e error, perform the following steps sequentially. Updates are necessary for HP printer drivers. Download and install the most recent HP printer firmware. Additionally, you need update your Windows 10 operating system. Remove any Print Spooler Junk Files. Start the Microsoft Windows Printer Troubleshooters program. Finally, reinstall the HP printer.

How can I resolve an unexpected setup problem with my Printer?

If you are experiencing a 0x8007007e unexpected setup problem with your HP printer, follow these steps to resolve the problem. Firstly, on Windows 10, run the Microsoft Printer Troubleshooter. The HP Printer Drivers also require updating. Delete the Print Spooler Files. Lastly, allow others to share your HP printer.

What does 0x8007007e stand for?

1. It occurs as a result of a faulty Windows 10 update. Some files on the computer are erased during the upgrading procedure. And finding and changing such files takes a lot of work. 2. If your HP Printer drivers get damaged or malfunction with the Windows 10 operating system, an unexpected configuration problem occurs. Try updating the HP Printer driver using Windows Device Manager or the HP website. This will resolve the issue.

How can I resolve the HP printer setting issue?

Configuration is necessary for HP printer drivers. Download and install the most recent HP printer firmware. After that, you should update your Windows 10 operating system. Remove any Print Spooler Junk Files. Start the Microsoft Windows Printer Troubleshooters program. Lastly, reinstall the HP printer.

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Thank you for your time! Hopefully, this post has helped you fix “Your Printer Has Experienced an Unexpected Configuration problem.” Please leave any questions, thoughts, or recommendations in the comments section. Also, in canon printer, you may face the error B200. Fix this issue before proceeding further.