What do you mean by Yourphone.Exe in Windows 10?


Every Windows user has come across the Your phone app or the Yourphone.Exe that displays itself in the Task Manager. It is a microsoft application avaliable on the store

But, not every user knows the correct way of using it. This application in your Windows can make your workload smooth and effective.

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what is yourphone.exe
what is yourphone.exe

So, here we will be explaining the complete details of the app and other factors of Yourphone.Exe down below. 

Be with us, and we will cover all the different questions regarding what is Your phone App along with the definition of the yourphone.exe on windows 10 application.

What is exactly YourPhone.Exe in your Windows 10?

To begin with, we need to clear that Your Phone App is an application in your Windows 10, and the yourphone.exe Windows 10 is a process that executes the Your Phone application.

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what is yourphone.exe for windows 10
what is yourphone.exe for windows 10

There are specific processes like the svchost.exe, msmpeng.exe, and many other files that are core components of the operating system. Some users might assume that this is malware or some malicious file.

Well. Microsoft itself is deploying this .exe file. So, everything regarding this is completely safe and legit.

How your phone app is helpful to Windows 10 users?

This application has many benefits if used correctly. This app helps you sync your Android device or iPhone to connect with Windows 10 laptops or PCs. 

Evidently, this app reduces your workload and helps you switch faster from your cell device to your Windows or vice-versa.

how is yourphone.exe helpful
how is yourphone.exe helpful

Sharing files, texts, or different media files is easy and happens without delay. Your overall productivity increases, and you can complete your tasks effectively.

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Some more specific details about what is yourphone.exe:

This process needs to run in the background to carry on all the connectivity functionalities of the YourPhone application. 

This process will show up in the Task Manager because it is a legit process by Microsoft, and this continues to show up even if you do not have the application open in your Windows 10.

application details
yourphone.exe details

This default location of the app is C:\Programfiles\WindowsApps\Microsoft\YourPhone.

Every user can find this process in this location. The file size of Yourphone.exe is 19KB.

Interestingly, it runs all the DLL( Dynamic Link Library) files.

We need to understand the critical & vital system processes in Windows 10

Many .exe files are generally vital elements for your Windows 10 installation. If you intend to stop it or remove it, then it might happen that your Windows 10 stops working.

But, accordingly, the Yourphone.exe file is not essential.

application processes
yourphone.exe processes

So, if you wish to remove it or disable it, you can go ahead with it. 

But, according to users with ample experience, disabling the process is a better option.


How can you remove YourPhone App from Powershell of your Windows?

If you intend to remove the application altogether, it will not create any problem, as this process is not a vital component of the Windows core system. But, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to sync your device with your PC or laptop. The steps you have to perform are, Right-click on start and access Windows PowerShell. After the Powershell window option arrives, click on it. On the PowerShell window, type Get-AppxPackage Microsoftyour phone AllUsers, RemoveAppxPackage Press Enter after that.

Is the YourPhone.exe process a virus?

The YourPhone.exe is a legitimate process of a legitimate app of Microsoft Windows 10. So, the chances of being this a virus are not so valid. Exceptionally, some users find two YourPhone.exe in their task manager. Now, any one of them can be malware. To check the authenticity and see if Yourphone.exe is a virus or not, the following tests can be conducted: · You need to re-check the signature. First, in the task manager, the YourPhone.exe process will be present. Right-click on it. Then, select Properties. After that, look for the @MICROSOFT CORPORATIONS signature under the Digital Signature tab. It is a legit process if the spelling is correct and the signature is present there. If not, then you have a problem. You can look for Malware Infections as well. For example, if your Windows is lagging in some or another way, or you have been able to notice a strange lag in system performance. Some see a new process executing automatically without any prior information. In all these cases, you must remove malware to clean your system from duplicate and harmful viruses

How can we stop the YourPhone.exe process manually?

To execute this, you need to go to your task manager. · Then, look for the YourPhone option and click on it. · Right-click on it and select the End Task option. · Click on it, and you have manually ended the YourPhone.exe process.

Is the YourPhone.exe process necessary for running within the system?

According to its specifications, the Yourphone.exe is not a vital component of the Windows system. So, you don't need to run it in the background. Unless you are using the app, you have to use the process. Otherwise, you can disable it.


YourPhone app is a productive tool for all workaholic people, and it acts as task manager your phone. It has various benefits if you do it for the right purpose.

We have explained in detail what YourPhone App is how the process works. If the app cant run then try to reinstall it.

Some related FAQs are also mentioned to clear your general doubts.

We hope that the above content serves you well and you can operate with ease with this yourphone.exe application in your Windows 10.