YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, report, and comment on videos. No wonder it has acquired the place of the world’s largest-used app. Several times users can fix the YouTube ‘error that occurred to try again later issue by upgrading their Internet connection, updating their web browser, or removing cache and cookies. There is a lot of quality content on YouTube, including video clips, music videos, documentaries, etc.

Many YouTube users have reported an error when they use YouTube for downloading or uploading content. To fix this, you must delete your computer-cached DNS information using the command prompt on your device. 

They receive a YouTube message: ‘An Error Occurred, and Please Try Again.’ Most users have faced it at least once because it is a frequently occurring YouTube error message, and if you are one of those who are annoyed with the unwelcomed YouTube error messages, this article will help you.

How to Fix YouTube ‘An Error Occurred, Please Try Again’

Below are some easy tips for tackling the YouTube ‘An Error Occurred, Please Try Again’ problem. Also, it is always preferable to download YouTube videos offline. That way, there are fewer chances of an error occurring on the downloaded content. This is because the error creates problems while online streaming of videos.

Method 1. Delete your computers cached DNS information

YouTube errors might be the cause of corrupted DNS data. So you can opt for this method to delete your cached DNS information to eliminate the YouTube ‘An Error Occurred’ problem using the command prompt on your Windows computer. Follow the steps:

1. At First, open Command Prompt through the Windows search bar by typing cmd there.


2. Then type ipconfig /flushdns when the Command Prompt is opened. It will remove all the cached DNS data from your PC.cmd

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Method 2. Change DNS Settings

YouTube’s ‘An Error has Occurred’ problem can be solved by changing the DNS lookup address that your current network connection is using. There are many DNS available besides the default one you must be using, like Google’s available DNS, which is made public.


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Method 3. Use a Different Browser

It is always wise for users to have a backup plan for everything. In this case, you should have a backup browser that can be used in case of connectivity issues. browserAnd if another browser lets you access the YouTube content that the earlier one could not, the problem is with the browser, which has some difficulty with the utilities that YouTube uses to convey the video content. So the YouTube ‘An Error Occurred’ problem can also be resolved using a different browser.

Method 4. Update your Operating System

You should constantly update your current operating system so that it won’t create a problem while browsing the Internet. update osUsually, the Windows operating system comes with automatic update features, so you should make sure to use them for the smooth functioning of your system, as the outdated operating system can cause problems for you to access or browsing content online.

Method 5. Disable the Adblock Services

Ads are an essential part of YouTube. So whenever users decide to download and install adblockers on their device, it becomes the cause of the frequently occurring errors in the app.


If you don’t want interruption due to YouTube’s ‘An Error Occurred’ problem disable all the installed adblockers on your system. These adblocking applications generate other problems while using Google Services.

Method 6. Enable cookies in your browser

YouTube ‘An Error Occurred’ might be the cause of disabled cookies. As YouTube relies on cookies so if they are disabled, you might encounter different errors. Follow the instructions to enable cookies in your Google Chrome browser:

1. At First, open your browser and click the Menu icon displayed on the right side of the screen and choose Settings from the menu.

browser options

2. Then click on Content Settings in the privacy and security section. Afterward, navigate the cookies section.


Finally, locate the third-party block cookies setting and turn it off. YouTube will start working again now.

Method 7. Change the video quality

Another method is to change the video quality that is causing the error. For this, pause the current video and choose a different video quality that YouTube player offers amongst 720p, 480p,360,240p, etc., and then try to play the video by restarting it. youtube videoThis will resolve an error that occurred on the youtube issue.

Method 8. Try Troubleshooting

If there is a video display issue, that is, when you can hear the sound of the video but cannot see the picture, try these steps :
1. Go to Adobe Flash Player and disable hardware acceleration there. Right-click on the video displaying the error > click Settings > uncheck hardware acceleration > hit Close > refresh the YouTube page.

disable hardware acceleration flash player

2. Then update the graphics driver.

Method 9. Uninstall or Repair Bitdefender

Some users have reported that Bitdefender can cause this YouTube ‘An Error Occurred Again’ problem, so remove or repair Bitdefender to fix the problem. bitdefenderWe have observed that repairing Bitdefender can fix the YouTube issues, but you might have to uninstall it if that doesn’t work. Also, you can install the latest version of Bitdefender to fix the issue. If you don’t use Bitdefender, you can disable your antivirus software temporarily to fix the issue.

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Method 10. Disable Shockwave Flash

Many times Shockwave Flash can cause YouTube ‘Error Occurred’ Please try again later problem while you are trying to watch videos, so disable Shockwave Flash in Firefox or any other browser you are currently using. The process of disabling Shockwave Flash is the same for all browsers. To disable Shockwave Flash in Firefox, follow the steps:

1. At First, open Firefox and type about:addons in the address bar.


2. Go to the plugins section, look for Shockwave Flash, and choose Never Activate.

never activate shockwave flash


Why does my YouTube continually report an error?

Numerous factors, including a slow internet connection, browser troubles, cached data, or server issues, could be to blame for recurrent YouTube errors. To fix the error, try using a different browser or device, deleting your browser's cache, testing your network connection, or reloading the page. You should contact YouTube support if the issue continues for more help.

How do I correct a YouTube error?

Try emptying your browser's cache, testing the internet connection, deactivating browser extensions, or visiting a fresh tab or device to fix a YouTube problem. If the problem continues, restart your device, update your browser or application, and then get in touch with YouTube help or search internet discussion boards for particular answers to the error message you're seeing.

How can I eliminate all of my YouTube caches?

If you want to delete every YouTube cache, go to your browser's settings, choose 'Privacy' or 'History,' and then click 'Clear Browsing Data.' Select 'All Time' or the specified period under 'Cached Visuals and Files'. Open the mobile app and select Settings > Privacy > Clear Cache/Data. The loading and playing problems may be fixed as a result.

Why does YouTube claim that a problem loading the channel creation form occurred?

Cached data, software bugs, or temporary service outages may all be to blame for the 'problem loading the channel creation form' error on YouTube. Switch to an alternate web browser, disable extensions, or try clearing the cache in your current browser. If the difficulty persists, wait a little before trying once more. If the problem continues, speak with YouTube customer service for assistance.


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