Android users who downloaded the Zedge app from the google play store may have received a notification stating that Zedge maybe harmful. The app developers removed it, but now it’s back in the google play store as if nothing happened. This article will provide you with steps to fix the Zedge may be harmful notification on Android devices.

What Is Zedge?

Zedge is an app that allows the user to change their background with different images and wallpapers. It has over 300 million downloads and over 11 million different items to choose from. The app also has a section for sounds to download for the user’s ringtone.

Why Is It Not On Google Play Store?

The app has been removed from the Google Play Store due to an error that may cause the device to crash. The company has reported that they are working on fixing it and will re-add it once it is fixed.

zedge app
Zedge App

Google also took the software offline from Google Play for a week. They have now put it back up for download.

Why Is It Harmful?

The app has an error that causes the phone to crash. Google Play Store sends out a notification saying that Zedge may be harmful. If you check the description, they have quoted, “An error in Zedge may cause your device to crash.”. Once the app is re-added to Google Play Store, you will receive another notification from Google explaining that it has been fixed and telling you to go ahead and download it.

zedge is harmful

On their website, they say, “Bug Fix: An error in Zedge was causing random device crashes. Problem is now fixed.” [sic]. According to them, the bug/error was due to the app trying to read data from the wrong memory space, causing it to crash.

How to fix the notification?

The notification is a generic one and not specific to your device. This article will provide steps to fix this error and make sure it doesn’t bother you anymore. These steps will also fix any future notifications Google Play Store decides to send out about the Zedge app, even though it’s been put back up for download.

Step 1

Click on the notification


then click on “More information.”

Step 2

Click the link that says, “Uninstall updates to this app now.”

Step 3

If you delete a game from your device, it will ask if you want to uninstall it. Press OK. Once the game has been deleted, go to the app store and download it again.

Step 4

Open up Zedge once you’ve downloaded it back onto your device. It will automatically update. Once the update is done, that’s it! You’re done. Now enjoy your newly updated Zedge app that doesn’t crash anymore!

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What to Do with the Notification- Zedge May Be Harmful?

If you get the notification that the app may be harmful, it means that your phone did not actually crash, and so there isn’t any reason to worry about your data. All you need to do is uninstall/reinstall the app to fix it.

What To Do If Your Device Crashes?

If your phone crashes or you see any error that causes your device to crash, then this means that there is an issue with the app, and you will need to re-install it.

phone crashes

If you have problems with the app crashing after the fixing, uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that will fix your problem.

How to Uninstall App to Solve Zedge May Be Harmful issue

Go to Settings–>Apps–>Zedge–>Uninstall [if you don’t see Zedge in your ‘Apps’ menu, click on the three dots (…) and click ‘Show System Apps’ and Zedge should appear]

uninstall zedge

Click uninstall.

How to re-install App to Solve Zedge May Be Harmful Issue

Go to google play store–>search for ‘Zedge’–>click on the green install button. The app will download to your phone within a few seconds. Once it is done, open it up, and you are good to go!

reinstall zedge

[Note: If you have a popup from google play store saying that Zedge is harmful and it will not download, click ‘install anyway,’ and the app should install without any problems]

How to Fix Zedge May Be Harmful Notification Without Having Zedge in your phone

If you do not have Zedge in your phone but still get the notification that zedge may be harmful, go to Settings–>Apps–>Google Play Store–>click on the three dots (…)–>click ‘Show system’–>uncheck Zedge and click on the green install button to re-download the app.

Wallpaper Downloading Option on Zedge

Zedge is a convenient software available on Google Play that lets you personalize your Android smartphone with different types of wallpaper, ringtones, widgets and game applications.

  1. Install the Zedge App according to the instructions given earlier in the article.
  2. From the menu, ensure that you opt for Wallpaper. Two tabs, namely ‘Featured’ and ‘Discover’ should be somewhere near the top of the Zedge window. The Discover menu provides you the option to acquire filtered results. On the other hand, the Featured button shows curated results.zedge
  3. You will then select, through Discover, a specific genre of wallpaper. For the next step, you will have to preview or select any other options by scrolling through that category.
  4. Then, you will come across an X symbol in the upper left corner of the Zedge window. It ought to be selected in case you want to go back to the screen in the previous steps.
  5. For this step, you should be able to find a white circle near the bottom portion of the window. Click on it. A download symbol should have appeared.
  6. Now you will be required to set up your wallpaper. Zedge will automatically start a download.
  7. The wallpaper thus selected will be saved in a special folder called Wallpaper’.

How to Download Ringtones from Zedge

Similar methods are applicable when deciding to download Zedge ringtones for your Android mobile device.

  1.  From the menu list, we have to go for the option ‘Ringtone’.
  2.  Just like the previous guide, you can browse through the section of featured ringtones or using the aforementioned Discover tab to conduct a search on the basis of categorical specifications.
  3. For the next step, select one, for instance Pop as an option, by tapping on the Discover tab . Many ringtones with pop music will be popping up on the screen.
  4. From this screen, touch the play icon to watch a preview, represented by a triangle inside the circle. zedge browse
  5. Users are free to click on the heart symbol to add a ringtone to their respective list. 
  6. As the last step, what you need to do is click the name of the track, after which you can go for the white circle with the download button. This will initiate the download.

Other Apps That Are Similar To Zedge

Many apps are similar to Zedge that may interest you. Some of these apps are Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, and SoundCloud.

pandora and spotify


All four of these apps are easy to download from the google play store, and they all offer features that Zedge offers. If you are looking for an app similar to Zedge, try these apps out to see if they can satisfy your needs.


Is Zedge a free ringtone app?

Yes, for Android smartphones, Zedge is a free, feature-rich customizing software. You can even decide to make customizations to the ringtone however you feel like.

Is there any option in Zedge that allows the users to save a specific picture to set it as wallpaper later on?

Yes. You may either opt to click the heart image to add it to a curated list or you can go for Download given as an option under three dots menu in the top right corner. The first option saves the picture as one of your favorites while the second option is used to download the image directly on your device.

How can ringtones be added to Zedge?

You must first register for a Zedge account. After that, you would want to select a predefined audio track from the device you are operating Zedge on, followed by selecting the upload option and then render the track chosen a good name, search tags, and genre. After you've submitted the MP3, you may check your Zedge account page to see how many people have downloaded it.


The Zedge app has been removed from the Google Play Store due to an error that may cause the device to crash. The company reports say that they are working on fixing it and will re-add thereafter. While this article does not provide a solution for those, who have had their devices crash if your phone crashes or you see any error that causes your device to crash, there is an issue with the app, and you will need to reinstall it. To fix google play store notifications about Zedge being harmful, uninstalling/reinstalling the application should do the trick.