Do you want to know how to make money from being good at social media sites? In 2024, there will be many ways to do this, not just for famous people! This article will show you different ways to make money on social media, even if you don’t like being on camera or have limited followers.

Ways to How to Make Money on Social Media:

  • Explore Content Monetization
  • Make Use of Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Digital Stuff
  • Do Workshops or Webinars Online
  • Engage in Sponsored Content
  • Social Media Consulting

How to Make Money on Social Media Without Being an Influencer

You don’t need millions of followers or a huge brand to earn on social media. Moreover, there are many ways to make money, even if you’re starting or prefer to stay behind the scenes.

Explore Content Monetization:

One way to earn money is to get paid for your posts. Additionally, websites like YouTube and Facebook let you make money from ads on your videos.


Having people watch and like your posts matters, so make posts people enjoy. For example, services like OnlyFans permit creators to gain from exclusive materials, which have become popular among various groups, including Indian girls on OnlyFans. Ensuring people view and appreciate your uploads is crucial, so create uploads that audiences will enjoy.

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing:

Another way to earn money is to promote products and get paid when someone buys them because of your posts.


Furthermore, you don’t need a ton of followers for this—making posts about specific topics can work well.

Sell Digital Stuff:

You can also make money by selling digital products like ebooks, classes, or designs.


In addition, use social media to tell your followers where to buy the products you make, which will increase your sales.

Do Workshops or Webinars Online: 

Share what you know by hosting online webinars or workshops.

online class

Moreover, these can be about anything—marketing, self-help, etc. Charge people to attend, and you’ll get paid.

Engage in Sponsored Content:

Brands partner with social media users with genuine reach and highly engaged audiences, regardless of their follower count. Furthermore, if you consistently create engaging content and have a loyal following, companies might pay you to feature their products authentically in your postsvideo

This allows you to monetize your social media presence by promoting products to your engaged audience through sponsored content.

Social Media Consulting:

If you’re skilled at marketing and building an online audience.


You can earn money as a consultant by helping others do the same. Additionally, consider offering your services as a social media consultant.

How to Make Money on Social Media Without Showing Your Face

There are many opportunities to earn an income through social media platforms without ever appearing on camera or revealing your face to the world. Moreover, here are a few ways:

Focus on Voice and Animation:

Create posts that solely utilize your voice or animations. Additionally, these posts can effectively convey your message without requiring your appearance on camera.


Podcast clips, animation lessons, or voice-over videos let people hear or see your work without seeing you.

Manage Social Media Accounts:

You can get paid to do social media for businesses or people who are too busy. Furthermore, this job means making good posts, setting times for the posts, and talking to followers – but nobody knows it’s you


Also, if you’re a good writer, you can improve this job by writing great captions, posts, and stories. Moreover, good writing gets people to look at and go to the pages you do.

Make use of User-Generated Content:

User-generated content (UGC) is content your audience creates, like reviews, photos, and social media posts. Additionally, you can ask your followers to create posts and share them with you.


Sharing this user-generated content (UGC) shows you value your audience, builds a community, keeps your page authentic and updated, and can boost trust and brand loyalty more than promotional posts alone. Furthermore, it fills your feed with fresh, varied content without needing to be on camera yourself.

Develop and Sell Courses or Ebooks:

Create guides, classes, or ebooks that teach people things in your topic area.


Additionally, promote these on social media to make money from your knowledge without being on camera.

Why Continue This Path?

This is an excellent way to use social media and make money, particularly if you want privacy or don’t like being on camera.


You can build an online presence that makes money while keeping your identity private.

How Many Followers Do You Need on Social Media to Make Money?

It’s about something other than your total number of followers – what matters is having an engaged audience that interacts with your content. Moreover, you might think you need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on social media, but that’s not true.

It’s Not Just About Numbers:

You might think you need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on social media, but that’s not true. What matters is having people interact with your posts.


Micro-influencers, with followers between 1,000 and 100,000, tend to have more people interacting with their posts. Brands like this interaction because it means people pay attention to their marketing.

Start With What You Have:

Even with just a few hundred followers, you can explore ways to make money, such as promoting other products or selling your stuff.


Furthermore, as more people follow you, more opportunities will be to get paid partnerships.

Why Interactions Over Numbers?

Having an audience that interacts extensively means you can influence and get their attention. Additionally, this makes you an attractive brand partner, even without millions of followers.


It’s about having a small number of followers. However, what matters most is having an audience that likes, comments on, and shares your posts regularly. The more engaged your followers are, the more money you can make.

Even a small but dedicated following can lead to income opportunities through promoting brands or selling your products and services. As that engaged community grows, so will your chances of getting paid sponsorships and partnerships.

5 Best Social Media Earning Apps

Several popular social media apps provide opportunities to earn money from your online activities and content. Here are the best apps to make money on social media:

Social Media PlatformContent FocusMonetization MethodsIdeal Content StylePotential Earning
YoutubeVideo contentAd revenue, Channel Memberships, Super Chat, Sponsored contentEducational tutorials, Entertainment videos$3 - $5 per 1,000 video views
InstagramPhotos, Stories, VideosSponsored posts, Affiliate marketing, IGTV ads, Instagram ShoppingHigh-quality visuals, Lifestyle, and product showcases$100 - $2,000+ per post
TikTokShort-form videoCreator Fund, Sponsored content, Live giftsCreative, viral, and engaging short clips$50 - $1,000+ per sponsored post
PinterestVisual content and infographicsAffiliate links, Sponsored pins, Driving blog trafficDIY guides, Recipe cards, Fashion and home decor pins$100 - $1,500+ per month
FacebookPosts, Stories, VideosMarketplace, Sponsored posts, Ad breaks, Paid online eventsCommunity-building content, Live events$50 - $1,000+ per post; additional revenue from ads


YouTube is an excellent choice for making money from ads on your videos, getting paid for sponsored videos, and payments from Super Chat during live streams. It works well for people who make longer videos with good production quality and post new videos regularly.


How to make money on social media: Youtube

  • Video content
  • Ad revenue
  • Channel Memberships
  • Super Chat
  • Sponsored content
  • Educational tutorials
  • Entertainment videos

$3 – $5 per 1,000 video views


Instagram is suitable for making money by selling products, promoting other brands, and getting paid for sponsored posts. Furthermore, its focus on photos and videos makes it perfect for showing off products and creative content.


How to make money on social media: Instagram

  • Photos
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • IGTV ads
  • Instagram Shopping
  • High-quality visuals
  • Lifestyle and product showcases

$100 – $2,000+ per post


TikTok has quickly become a way for people to make money through its Creator Fund. Moreover, the fund pays creators based on how many views and interactions their videos get, especially viral ones.


How to make money on social media: TikTok

  • Short-form video
  • Creator Fund
  • Sponsored content
  • Live gifts
  • Creative viral and engaging short clips

$50 – $1,000+ per sponsored post


Pinterest can actually help drive traffic and sales to your website, blog, or product pages, which allows you to make money through affiliate marketing and sponsored content promotion.pinterest

How to make money on social media: Pinterest

  • Visual content and infographics
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored pins
  • Driving blog traffic
  • DIY guides
  • Recipe cards
  • Fashion and home decor pins

$100 – $1,500+ per month


Facebook offers different ways to make money, such as selling items on Marketplace, putting ads in your videos, and getting paid for online events. It works for all kinds of creators.


How to make money on social media: Facebook

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Marketplace
  • Sponsored posts
  • Ad breaks
  • Paid online events
  • Community-building content
  • Live events

$50 – $1,000+ per post; additional revenue from ads


Does Instagram pay you?

Instagram offers several monetization options, including sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and IGTV ads. You can boost these revenue streams by creating engaging content and building a solid online community.

Does Instagram pay for reels?

Instagram does not directly pay for Reels however, you can monetize them through sponsored content and drive traffic to monetized links. Reels can increase your engagement rates, attracting potential sponsors.

How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

TikTok's Creator Fund requires a minimum of 10,000 followers. However, engagement rates and the quality of user-generated content can also impact your earnings, even with fewer followers.

Can you make money from Facebook?

You can make money on Facebook through Marketplace sales, sponsored posts, and video ad revenue. Developing digital marketing strategies and fostering personal branding can enhance your profitability on this platform.

How does YouTube calculate payments?

YouTube pays based on ad views, which are influenced by your video's watch time, viewer demographics, and engagement. Utilizing content monetization strategies and creating engaging videos are crucial for maximizing earnings


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