Network equipment such as switches, modems, splitters, and bridges are often used daily. However, many individuals may need to know how they operate. Here is a complete introduction to how to use an Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet splitters are utilized to connect two devices to a single Ethernet port. You’ll need two Ethernet cables and an Ethernet splitter to use an Ethernet splitter. Connect one end of the first Ethernet wire to the router’s Ethernet port and the other to the splitter’s input port. Connect one of the ends of the second Ethernet wire to the splitter’s output port and the other end to the device to be connected. To know how an ethernet splitter works, keep on reading. 

An ethernet splitter is a specialized electrical device to link computers and networking equipment. It has three ports for extending and improving a network connection. This one-of-a-kind cable transmission system also serves as an optical power distribution device. Let us now look at an Ethernet Splitter and how to use an Ethernet Splitter

What Is an Ethernet Splitter?

A three-port Ethernet splitter has two Ethernet ports on one side and on the other. Because the 100BASE-T standard is so ancient, each pair of Ethernet splitters only channels two wires. You can also watch this video for better understanding.

As the name implies, an Ethernet splitter may split a single Internet connection into two. Additional appliances can share the Ethernet signal with the help of an Ethernet splitter. In reality, other devices, such as an Ethernet hub and switch, might assist you in splitting an Ethernet connection. You can visit Ethernet for more information. ethernet splitter

These gadgets do this in various ways. Now, let’s head on to how to use an Ethernet Splitter and how it works. 

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How Does It Work?

One ethernet splitter’s primary function is to split one internet connection and generate numerous references. This allows the devices to remain linked over a single network. Each splitter outlet requires one cable to operate.

The number of network switches needed will be determined by the number of PCs to be connected.

An ethernet splitter and parts provide electricity to devices connected by a network cable as a power source. It is highly adaptable, dependable, and simple to set up. This device separates power from data and sends it to a separate input. how ethernet splitter work

The splitter comes with two output wires. One wire transmits data, while the other delivers electricity. This would have answered your doubt about whether you can split an ethernet cable.

The ethernet splitter reduces the need for several wires to be run through the floors and walls. You can link all your computer devices to a single network without using more than one internet connection or media. So this covers all about how to use an Ethernet Splitter.  

Pros and Cons of the Ethernet Cable Splitters

Ethernet cable splitters provide a few advantages. For starters, they are affordable. Therefore, they can be a low-cost solution to divide an existing wire. Second, they are easy and quick to put in place.

It is not required for installation or configuration; it is a plug-and-play solution. In a pinch, you can use a splitter as a makeshift Ethernet coupler to link wires, but you’ll lose a significant amount of potential speed and would be better off using a purpose-built powered coupler instead. pros and con of ethernet cable

The most serious problem is speed. Each data connection is 100Mbps over a splitter. This means that your 1000Mbps cable can only transport 200Mbps. There’s no such issue if you don’t require more than 100Mbps of bandwidth per device.

It’s more than adequate for 4K streaming and irrelevant if your internet connection is slower than 100Mbps. Another disadvantage is that each end of the main wire requires a splitter. So a splitter does not spare you any router ports; it still uses two.

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Cable Splitter Alternatives

Ethernet cable splitters aren’t a great option, especially now that Gigabit Ethernet is the standard in household LANs (Local Area Networks) and internet rates well over 100Mbps are prevalent. alternative of ethernet splitters

Usually, more than two devices at the end-point require an Ethernet connection. Before you buy a bunch of splitters from Amazon, consider these preferable options.

Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point connects to an Ethernet cable and establishes a new Wi-Fi network at the spot where it is installed. It has an Ethernet connection for internet access, but it also has a LAN.

Many wireless access points include multiple Ethernet connections, allowing you to connect many wired and wireless devices while taking advantage of a high-speed gigabit ethernet cable. wireless access point

You may not need to purchase anything further to set up an access point. If you have one lying around, you can set up an outdated router to function in AP (Access Point) mode. Many folks have obsolete DSL modem routers stashed someplace.

While the device’s DSL modem is no longer functional, the ethernet hub and Wi-Fi LAN splitter components can still function as a local access point. It’s important to note that access points and Wi-Fi extenders differ, so be sure you’re getting the proper device.

Powerline Ethernet

Suppose you want to utilize an Ethernet splitter because there is already a cable connection, and you don’t want to tear up the drywall to add another. In that case, Powerline Ethernet is a wonderful option. powerline adapter

This technique converts your existing copper power wires in your home into network cables. The cabling’s quality and the gadgets connected to the circuit determine how effectively this works.

In theory, you could obtain up to 600Mbps over standard Powerline Ethernet. In actuality, we’ve witnessed speeds ranging from 30Mbps on bad wiring to 300Mbps in a contemporary home.

The beautiful thing about Powerline Ethernet is that it can provide many Ethernet ports anywhere there is an outlet, and, depending on what you choose, it can also function as a wireless access point. netgear powerline adaptor

For example, the Netgear Powerline adaptor kit provides Gigabit-class speeds owing to its next-generation AV2 technology. You don’t need a wall mount option because these gadgets connect to your existing sockets.

Network Switches

A network switch is less complicated than a router. A switch can only link devices on the same network; it cannot offer an internet or cross-network connection. You may, however, utilize it to give numerous Ethernet ports at the end of a wire linked to your router.

Consider the TP-Link TL-SG105 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch. For less than $20, you can convert one gigabit Ethernet port output into five that share the complete bandwidth effectively. tp link 5 port switch

This compact fanless Ethernet unmanaged switch is as simple as an ethernet network splitter but without drawbacks.

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MoCA (Multimedia over CoAx)

Powerline Ethernet is fantastic since all homes already have power cabling installed, but you’ll also find coaxial cable placed throughout the home to deliver TV signals in certain spots.

This Motorola MOCA Adapter, for example, enables up to 1000Mbps over existing coaxial wiring. This can be great choice if you already have coaxial wiring connected throughout your home and a MoCA-compatible router, as most FiOS routers do these days. motorola moca adapter

If not, you’ll need an adapter on the router side and one for each device you wish to connect. 

So this article must have cleared your doubt on whether you can use a splitter on an ethernet cable

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What happens when an Ethernet splitter is used?

A network splitter divides a single incoming Ethernet connection into numerous connections. On the contrary, an ethernet switch allows you to increase the number of ports accessible on your network. Using packet-switching technology, it connects several devices and routes data to the relevant device.

How many times can Ethernet be split?

You may divide a single Ethernet connection into two distinct connections with this cable. On one end, it usually includes two female Ethernet connections and one male Ethernet connector.

How does a splitter function?

A splitter receives a signal from a source device that displays an image or a video and sends it to two or more devices through a coaxial connection. It accomplishes this using input and output ports.

Do cable splitters have an impact on quality?

Passive cable splitters can reduce TV signal strength, but only slightly. TV quality is more likely to be affected by cable length and distance from the signal source, in which case a powered cable splitter may generally solve the problem.


In summary, this post describes Ethernet splitter and explains everything related to Ethernet splitter. You will better grasp Ethernet splitter after reading this extensive guide. We hope you liked this article on how to use an Ethernet Splitter.

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