Today, In this article, we will talk about Best Instagram Bots. As we all know that Instagram is growing, and it is growing fast. Its popularity is far beyond what was imagined, and it’s not limited to a place to network with friends and family. Instagram is now used for so much more like a business, public influence, and advertisements.

To do auto-like and auto-follow settings in Instagram, create a free Phantombuster account and connect to Instagram using PhantomBuster’s browser extension. Also, Give the URLs of the Instagram profile posts you want to auto-like and Set the Phantom on repeat. 6 Best Instagram Bots To Auto Like And Auto Follow In 2024 are Ingramer, Social Steeze, Like Social, InstaQ, Instato, and FollowAdder.

The best way to get many followers and increase popularity is by being active on Instagram. But that may not be possible for you all the time. You may have other social media sites to attend to and additional work to visit. Naturally, you cannot spend all day on Instagram, can you?

Best Instagram Bots To Auto Like And Auto Follow

So how do you build your Instagram image and maintain your daily life? The answer is by using Best Instagram Bots and Automation.

1. Ingramer

Ingramer is one of the Best Instagram Bots to get likes on Instagram. This bot gets you like and real followers as fast as it can. It has auto likes, comments, follow/unfollow, DMs, scheduled postings, and other Instagram tools.


It takes less than 10 minutes to set up Ingramer and get going, and you can only do it in 3 easy steps.

  1. Sign up and add your account to Ingramer.
  2. Set up your new campaign- adjust activities, target your audience, set daily limits, enable filters, etc. And it’s ready! Now Ingramer will do the work for you while you can analyze the statistics through the sophisticated analysis tools available.
  3. This bot provides a 3-day free trial; users can opt for the paid version. The most popular package is $34/month, offering everything you might need to boost your popularity. It is one of the best Instagram bots on the market, and this is the Best Instagram Bots list.

2. Social Steeze

Social Steeze enables you to get real, targeted Instagram followers using the most advanced technology. It has no complicated dashboards; you can fill in a short form, and an expert will contact you. Then you can also apply several filters for your target audience; you can target geographically, by usernames, or competitors.

social steeze

They target a wide range of demographics like food, travel, parenting, music, photography, etc. it comes in two packages- the regular weekly, which is priced at $15 and provides the standard services, and the elite weekly, priced at $25 which includes everything in standard plus double the exposure and priority support.

3. Like Social

Like Social helps you get more likes, followers, and views automatically on your eye-catching Instagram posts; with Like Social’s growth services, likes are delivered to your post every time you upload any content by the system, automatically detecting your posts. You can buy Instagram likes very quickly. Simply select the number of likes you would like to receive per upload, input your username and buy!

like social

Not only likes, but you can also buy views on videos and followers. These can be purchased in the same way as buying likes. Simply input the number of views or followers you want and your username. They will soon be delivered to your account. The steady increase in your stats will establish you on Instagram and naturally increase your popularity.

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4. FollowAdder

Follow Adder is an app to get real Instagram followers, likes, and comments. You can follow or unfollow users, schedule your posts, automate photo liker, direct messages, create lists, search by hashtags, and search by comments or location.


It is also available on PC on all platforms, and you can publish posts immediately or schedule them to be published later from your computer. You can also manage multiple accounts easily in one place.

You can grow your Instagram community by interacting with users right within the dashboard. There are several packs from which you may choose the best one and follow adder guarantees a 7-day return if you are not happy with the service.

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5. Instato

Instato is one of the best Instagram bots that provide auto followers. Auto likes, comments, unfollow/follow, auto DM, and grow your network with real followers. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts on a single dashboard.


You can also put your Instagram on autopilot and schedule posts to publish it. Instato can auto-follow relevant hashtags or Instagram accounts for you and grow your follower base organically.

You can target hashtags, users, or locations and leave the rest up to Instato. The auto-like and auto-comment features work similarly. You can also automate DMs and comments, and Instato will send a DM to your followers, which you may customize or comment on specific posts you can control.

You get a 3-day free trial, after which you need to buy the service. The price of the service varies according to the number of accounts you want it to manage.

6. InstaQ

InstaQ is a desktop software that automates your account completely. It has an advanced, intelligent autopilot system and can scrape and upload niche images. This bot can automate likes and comments and unfollow users. And also can automate DMs to new and existing followers, thus allowing interaction with them.


It can scrape images from your website and RSS feeds and includes a hashtag generator to tap into new niches. You can also manage multiple accounts on a single dashboard. It provides a free trial version with all the standard features like automated likes, follows, etc., and a premium version with extra features to boost your Instagram profile.

Don’t Forget to Use Proxy Servers With Such Bots

It’s a must to use premium proxies rather than public ones to achieve maximum ROI. Otherwise, your campaigns might not perform as expected.


Proxy-Seller provides the highest quality IPv4 & IPv6 proxy servers, cheap but too good.


Why should I use Instagram bots?

Instagram bots can save time by automating repetitive tasks and help you grow your Instagram following by engaging with other users.

What are some popular Instagram bot options?

Some popular Instagram bot options include Jarvee, Instazood, and SocialCaptain.

Are Instagram bots safe to use?

Using Instagram bots can violate Instagram's terms of service and potentially result in account suspension or termination.

Can Instagram bots be customized?

Many Instagram bots offer customization options for tasks such as liking and commenting.

How do I set up an Instagram bot?

Setting up an Instagram bot typically involves creating an account, connecting it to your Instagram account, and configuring its settings.

Can Instagram bots interact with my followers?

Some Instagram bots offer features for interacting with followers, such as sending automated direct messages.


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