The shows that you watch on Disney Plus can influence recommendations, and watch this on your Disney Plus. However, unlike other streaming services, Disney Plus does not provide a watch history section. You can only view shows that you still need to complete. This article offers tips on managing your Disney Plus viewing history through the limitations of no Disney Plus viewing history.

Unfortunately, Disney Plus has not yet provided a viewing history section that you can clear or edit. The easiest way to manage your viewing history is to use multiple profiles and manage your Watchlist. 

While you cannot access your Viewing history, it still affects your recommendations. Therefore, any cluttering in your Watchlist or continued watching can affect your watch history Disney Plus. This article attempts to explain what to do in order to manage your watched content. 

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Are Watch History And Continue Watching The Same?

Disney Plus watch history, and the continue watching section are different. Disney Plus does not provide a section to access your watch history. While it does give a continue-watching tab, it does not let you delete any media quickly. 

How to see Disney plus watch history? Disney Plus keeps the information of its viewers private. This is generally why you need help finding your Watch history. It only provides a continue-watching tab for shows and movies you still need to finish. When you complete an item on Disney Plus, it is no longer accessible without searching.

Additionally, even though Disney Plus provides a continue-watching tab, there is no way for you to remove shows or movies from the section.

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Disney Plus Viewing History 

While Disney watch history may not be available, there are still a few ways to manage the content you view. These include 

Make Another Profile

As you cannot delete your hidden watch history content, creating multiple profiles is the easiest way to manage your Disney + watch history. Because of numerous profiles, the content you watch on one profile will not affect the recommendations or continue watching the tab on your other profiles. You can permanently delete your profiles if they are not your primary ones. 

To make another profile on your Disney Plus,

If Using On A Mobile,

  1. Open My profile on your Disney app
  2. Select the add profile option
  3. You can then edit your profile and add the details you want 
  4. Upload a profile picture and tap on done 

When Using On A Television, 

  1. Open Disney Plus on your TV
  2. Open my profile
  3. Find the Add Profile option add profile
  4. Enters the details for your new profile 
  5. Save

If you access Disney Plus on multiple devices and create a new profile on one of them, the profile will also be available on the other devices. 

To delete a profile, Go to the homepage

  1. Select Edit profile 
  2. Select the pen icon that appears 
  3. Delete delete profile

After doing this, the watch history from that profile will also be immediately deleted from your Disney Plus.

If you are having problems logging into Disney Plus, follow these steps. 

Check The Mark On Your Watch List

If you don’t want your Continue watching to be public and accessible to other users on your Account, you can follow a few steps. This method is known as check marking. 

Checkermarking a movie or drama tells the Disney Plus server that you are no longer interested in that content. Therefore, it removes it from the watchlist display. 

To move content from watch history to check-marking, follow these steps. 

If Using A Computer,

  1. Open Disney Plus.
  2. On the homepage, open the Watchlist. 
  3. Select the content to remove.
  4. Find the checkmark icon next to the selected media and click on it. 

When Using On Your Mobile, 

  1. Log in to your Disney Plus app
  2. Open the Watchlist under your profile 
  3. Select the content to remove.
  4. Open details and click o the tick mark button.

If Using On A Television,

  1. Open the Disney Plus website 
  2. Click on the watch list
  3.  Select the content you want to delete.
  4. Tap on the checkmark icon.

You can also use this method on Apple and Smart TVs, play station, or Xbox. Moreover, when you delete a movie, drama series, or any other videos from a watch list, Disney Plus will not give you any suggestions related to that content.

Clear Continue Watching 

You can also clearly continue watching on your Disney Plus with the following steps, 

Play In Background 

Another way to clear your Continue watching is to let the content play in the background through the picture-in-picture option. Doing this allows you to remove your watched media while doing your work. Mute the media while playing it in the background.

Fast Forward

Disney Plus also lets you see what other users on your profile are watching. If you do not want another user to see what you are watching, you can fast-forward the content to the end and remove it from the watching tab. However, remember to note the time frame you have stopped at.

Later, you can search for the show or drama and play from wherever you stopped/

In case of a drama, fast forward to the last episode. If later seasons are now being displayed in the Continue watching, you can use the checkmark method to remove them from your Watchlist.

Delete Profile To Erase Disney Plus Viewing History

While there are better solutions, one way to clear your watch history with Disney Plus is to delete your profile. This step immediately erases your Disney Plus viewing history. However, it is essential to note that while you can clear your watch history by deleting your profile, you will also lose all user preferences and algorithm suggestions. Additionally, do not delete your primary profile and instead only use this step on your additional profiles. 

To delete a profile,

  1. Open Disney plus 
  2. Find the Edit Profiles option under your profile 
  3. Select the profile you want to delete 
  4. Find the Delete Profile option


Additionally, turn off autoplay on your Disney Plus. This step prevents episodes or movie recommendations from playing independently and fills your Continue watching list.

On a web browser, 

  1. Open the Disney Plus website and log in  
  2.  Click your profile icon 
  3. Find the Edit Profiles option.
  4. Select the profile to edit 
  5. Switch off the Autoplay toggle
  6. Click Save

In the case of the Disney Plus mobile app,

  1. Open Disney+ 
  2. Click on the profile icon
  3. Select Edit Profiles.
  4. Find the profile you wish to change settings on.
  5. Switch the Autoplay toggle off.
  6. Tap Save.



How do I see who is logged into Disney Plus?

To check who is logged into your Disney Plus account, hover the cursor over your profile avatar and choose Account. Here, see the list of logged-in devices. You can log out of all sessions if you want to.

What is the maximum user limit for one Disney Plus account?

You can have up to seven active accounts on Disney Plus, which can be used simultaneously on four devices. However, this can depend on your plan.

How do I keep Disney Plus logged in?

Disney Plus usually lets you stay logged in to your device. If Disney keeps logging you out, reboot the app or reinstall it.

How do I see connected guests on the Disney app?

You can see the connected guests under the Family and Friends list. This is usually found under my profile in Disney Plus.


Disney Plus viewing history takes work to manage on the Account. Disney has provided an option for you to view your watched history or to clear it. This can be a hassle as Disney Plus bases your recommendations on your viewed history. However, you can use some of these steps to manage content on your Disney Plus.