‘Disney Plus Login Button Not Working?’ Fix on a Browser


With the surge of web series in popularity, there have also been many video streaming platforms been made available online. One such platform is Disney+. Disney Plus provides quality content for everyone, from ages 8 to 80 and beyond. This app has a wide variety of content ranging from old-school rom-com to action thrillers across all genres. It is one of the most popular video streaming platforms. However, it can be quite irritating when the ‘Disney plus login button not working’ error appears on-screen. 

disney plus
Disney plus

We understand how irritating these errors can be while watching your favorite web series. Bid your worries farewell because here are some easy solutions to your problem. 

Solutions For ‘Disney plus Login Button Not Working.’

Wondering why can’t you log into Disney plus? We have the perfect list of solutions right here to end all your worries!

Update App 

If the Disney+ App is outdated, it might give rise to Disney plus login issues. 

Look for updates in playstore. If there is an option for updates, make sure to install it. Check if the issue is fixed.

update disney plus
Update disney plus

Use Sign-in Button

If the error ‘Disney plus login button not working error’ occurs, you can use the sign-in button as a quick trick.

  • Go to the Disney plus login page. 
  • Here two buttons are visible: sign up now and login.
  • First use “sign up”; next, login
  • See if this trick works for your device. 
disney plus sign up button
Update disney plus button

Try To Disable Extensions.

Certain ad-blocking extensions in our browser can also give rise to disney+ login issues. Hence, disabling them might help in solving it. 

  • Select the icon for extensions at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Next from the menu, select the option ‘manage extensions.’
  • Enable developer mode. The option is present in the top right corner in the next window.
  • Next, select update. It might fix the issue.
  • If it did not, then try disabling all the extensions.

Keep switching off each extension and run the Disney plus app until you find the particular extension causing the error. 

disable extensions
Disable extensions

Use Incognito Mode

A few operations of the main browser might give rise to the Disney plus login button not working. Hence, as a solution, we recommend using another web browser mode, i.e., incognito mode.

Go to your web browser and enable the incognito mode. Use Disney+ to check if the issue is fixed. 

incognito mode
Incognito mode

Check The Internet Connection.

Disney plus login issues might also arise due to poor network connections. If that is the situation, try adjusting the router by completely disconnecting it for some time. Now open the Disney+ app and check if the issue is fixed.

 internet signal strength
Internet signal strength

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Log Out From Other Devices.

Too many devices connected to the same account can give rise to Disney plus login code error when there are too many devices. Hence, it is always better to log out from unused devices. 

  • Turn to the accounts section in the Disney+ app.
  • Next, open the settings option.
  • Here, you’ll see the option “device management”/”registered devices.” 
  • Select whichever is visible from the options mentioned above. 
  • Now, to disconnect all the devices from the account, click on “remove all devices.”
  • Try logging in and see if the issue is fixed. 
log out of all devices
Log out of all devices

Try To Install The App Again

This is the easiest solution to the Disney plus login button not working error. Moreover, reinstalling the application will also clear a lot of unused storage in the phone.

  • Go to the play store and then open my apps. 
  • Locate Disney plus and tap the uninstall option.
  • Following this, install the app again.
  • Next, open the application and build an account.
  • See if the issue is solved. 
disney plus
Disney plus

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Here are a few FAQs regarding the disney plus login button not working issue.

Does Disney plus Work On Browsers?

Yes, Disney Plus works on all browsers like Google, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and more. Open Disney Plus and enter your credentials, open an account and enjoy watching movies, shows, and more. 

Why Is The Disney plus App Not Going Beyond The Loading Page?

Corruptionn of the Disney plus app or it’s cache content can cause this problem. Cleaning the unwanted cache might help in solving the issue. Select the button to clear cache of the Disney+ app to delete the faulty data

How Many Accounts Does Disney+ Allow?

You can use only four profiles simultaneously but Disney Plus allows upto seven different profiles per account.


We hope that this quick guide with a few methods to solve the Disney plus login button not working error has helped you fix it. Now enjoy your favourite show on Disney+.