Hi-Rez Studios created and released the well-known worldwide multiplayer battle arena game Smite, where Smite launched Error 20006. To preserve fair play and safeguard the authenticity of the game-playing experience.

Like numerous other online games, Smite employs an anti-cheat system called Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). The Smite Launch Error 20006 often denotes an issue with the EAC. Despite how annoying this problem may seem, it is frequently fixable with simple troubleshooting.

We will explain Smite Install Error 20006 or Smite Launch Error 20006 to you in the next section and give instructions on resolving the problem.

The Smite Launch Error 20006: An Understanding

Gamers of the well-known worldwide multiplayer battle arena game Smite frequently experience Smite Launch Error 20000. This error is likely attributed to Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), an outside-party anti-cheat program that Smite uses to protect fair competition and stop cheating. smite game

Easyanticheat error code 20006 is a symptom that the Anti-Cheat system on a user’s computer is malfunctioning for players. Listed below is a more detailed explanation of this mistake:

Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): 

This application is incorporated in many internet-based multiplayer matches, including Smite. The main goal of this feature is to identify and stop cheating or unapproved game changes.  easy anti cheat

Therefore to retain the playing environment level for every participant, EAC monitors game operations in the foreground as you play.

Potential reasons for Smite Launch Error 20006:

Smite Launched Error 20006 is frequently caused by anti-virus software, obsolete graphics drivers, or the absence of EasyAntiCheat components. possible smite launch error 20006

  • EAC System Challenges: The EAC server is the primary correlate of error code 20006 for honor. It can no longer operate properly, go outdated, or become corrupted.
  • Interference from Third-Party applications: EAC may occasionally encounter conflicts with applications developed by third parties, such as overlaying from Discord, Steam, or graphics card tools. 
  • Game file corruption: Program files that are damaged or missing could prevent Smite from functioning correctly.
  • Administration rights and permissions: Launching Smite with limited rights or not capable of administrating can cause problems with the EAC.

Fixes for honor launch error 20006 include:

To get around For Honor startup problem 20006, upgrade EasyAntiCheat, validate game files, and turn off the anti-virus.

  • Refreshing your computer: Refreshing the device on your computer can sometimes fix minor problems.
  • Start Smite as a computer user: Through the execution, right-click on the file that contains the executable or shortcut for the game and select “Run as administrator” to give it the required access rights.
  • Eliminate Background Software and Overlays: Avoid any background programs and overlays that can conflict with EAC.
  • Confirm Game Files: Assuming you’re utilizing a gaming system like Steam, check the game files’ authenticity to ensure they aren’t corrupt or missing. verify the game files
  • Rebooting Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Replacing EAC from the Smite setup folder can resolve any potential problems related to the anti-cheat program.  replace eac sheet
  • Upgrade graphics drivers: To prevent compatibility problems, confirm that your graphics drivers remain current.
  • Verify for Anti-virus/Firewall Interference: Validate that Smite and EAC can operate without interruption from your security program.
  • Installing Window Upgrades: Maintaining the most recent version of your computer’s operating system can assist in resolving problems related to compatibility.

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  • Message Smite Support here: Contact Smite’s customer service department for customized help if none of the earlier fixes works.

Players can troubleshoot and cure this glitch so that they may resume playing the game free of interruptions simply by becoming aware of the root causes and various remedies for Smite Error 20006. 

Visit: Smite crashing on startup

The Smite Launch Error 20006: Problem Resolution

To fix Smite Launching Error 20006, install EasyAntiCheat, ensure the game is correctly set up, and examine for system issues.

Refresh Your Computer:

Turn on with a straightforward approach by restarting your computer. In order to get rid of momentary hiccups and problems, reopen your laptop. restarting device

To execute Smite as an executive:

  1. Launch Smite as a user with administrator rights by right-clicking on the downloadable file or reference to Smite.
  2. Choosing “Run as administrator” to grant Smite and EAC the required permissions. launch smite and run as administrator

 Disconnect Overlays and Third-Party Programs:

The overlay functions provided by programs like NVIDIA GeForce Experience, Steam, or Discord can cause issues with EAC. While playing Smite, turn off all background programs and associated overlays.

Review the Game Files: 

  1. For those using Steam to enjoy Smite, right-click on the game file in your library.
  2. To access the “Local Files” tab, choose “Properties” from the menu.confirm the integrity of game files
  3. Select “Confirm Integrity of Game Files” from the menu to look for and fix corrupt or outdated data files. 

Restore Easy Anti-Cheat:

EAC may want updating or correction. To re-create it, follow these steps:

  1. When utilizing Steam, go to “C: Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSmite” to access the Smite folder where you installed it.
  2. Navigate to the “EasyAntiCheat” folder after opening the “Binaries” folder. binaries folder
  3. Launch “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe,” choose Smite, then press “Repair Service.” easy anti cheat sheet

Upgrade your graphics drivers:

Firstly, make sure that the graphics components are up-to-date by them.incompatible drivers Outdated or incompatible drivers frequently use error code 20006 for honor and other game-related problems.

Examine for Firewall/Anti-virus Interference:

Firewall or anti-virus programs may cause EAC to malfunction.

antivirus malfunction

Ensure you allow Smite and Easy Anti-Cheat in your privacy and security software settings.

Microsoft Windows Updates:

Consistently apply the most recent patches and service packs that are available to the operating system you use on Windows.update windows Firmware upgrades frequently resolve issues regarding compatibility.

Smite Support: 

If none of the recommended fixes works, consider contacting Smite support. Experts can offer advice and solutions that are specifically customized to your problem. multiplayer battle arena game smite

Therefore, remember to back up any vital data or settings before implementing system modifications. Even though Smite Launch Error 20006 may appear annoying, following these troubleshooting instructions may allow you to get beyond it and return to the battlefield to take part in epic battles with deities and mythical beings.


What causes error code 20006?

The main reasons for Smite Error Code 20006, which initially prevents the material within the game from functioning as intended, are Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) problems, which might consist of disruptions in service, outdated EAC components, or issues related to compatibility with third-party programs.

What three categories do water turbines fall under?

Three fundamental forms of water-powered turbines that can distinguish between variables are impulse, response, and cross-flow turbines. All of these come in various forms conditioned on how they harness the force of water to propel themselves.

Exactly how can I fix Easy Anti-Cheat?

Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) using the supplied distribution folder for the program. If it has any problems, upgrade it while ensuring no external software has anything to do with it. The use of the EAC substitutes tool is a further alternative.

Can you get rid of anti-cheat?

No, it isn't possible to turn off anti-cheat features in games played on the internet. These security precautions are essential for upholding fair play; therefore, removing them would count as against the game's rules and might get you banned.


To sum up, while experiencing the Smite launch error 20006 may present an anxious one for gamers, and it is a problem that is easy to resolve with sufficient troubleshooting and patience. This problem usually arises from Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) issues, a tool designed to ensure equal competition in online games, including Smite.

Thus, You must implement the methods suggested in this instructional material to handle this issue successfully. The procedures involve:

  • Checking the game files for honesty, such as updating your graphics drivers.
  • Also, Ensuring your operating system is accurate and up to date.
  • Reinstalling Easy Anti-Cheat if required.

As a result, by implementing these steps, you can often overcome the error and return to appreciating your Smite game environment. However, remember that technical difficulties can differ from system to system. Therefore, remain flexible and always keep going when troubleshooting. Furthermore, remaining up to current on Smite and your computer’s gaming system’s patches and upgrades might help prevent subsequent instances of the problem.