Hey there, Smite lover! Do you need clarification on why Smite is already installed but is nowhere to be found on your PC? Your flight has landed at the right platform, and we will guide you further.

One method to deal with this issue is to get the system to reboot. Restarting the PC gives it a jolt, and you can refresh the entire system. Other methods include taking the assistance of a Ccleaner or looking for a Hotfix.

This is just a scratch on the mountain’s surface; we will provide you with a plethora going forward. So, without any boundaries barring us, let us get to the solutions quickly.

What is Smite?

Brought out by HiRez Studios and Titan Forge Games, Smite is a free online game that came out in 2014. The official website of the game can be found here.


It is a popular game in 2024, with more than nine million in the recent survey. Now, the count has gone to 40+ million players in 2024.

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Issues with working if smite, is already installed

Many gamers face the issue that they cannot install Smite on their PCs. The error that pertains is that of duplication. The error message reads, “The game smite is already installed. There is no maintenance to perform”.

The users need to be aware. They need help finding the game on their PC, and neither can they download a fresh one.

How do we solve this issue of duplication? This is what we are going to offer in the next section. Let’s go.


There can be many reasons why Smite would not work even if it is installed. The cache may clog up your PC, resulting in the case you face. Another issue may be the problem on the game’s back end. The situation may call for the use of a third-party app.


The need for third-party apps may involve cleaning apps that remove cache and apps that remove the faulty game’s roles and play it themselves. Another issue may be the drive you are trying to store your game.

Methods to Solve

To get the issue of Smite already installed fix, here are the various methods that have been combined for your convenience. Let’s examine them individually:

Restart the PC

This issue may arise from cache problems in the system that may hinder the working of the smite even if the smite is already installed. To solve this, a restart is always helpful. They are self-sufficient, and you won’t need any external app to play a role in this solution.

If you can’t install smite already installed, check out this method.

  1. So head to your desktop. Make sure you close all the apps and softwares running in the background.
  2. Now, hold Alt + F4 on your keyboard. This opens a command prompt on your PC where you must toggle between restart, shut down, and sleep.restart-using-keyboard
  3. Choose to restart the PC, and then you can lay back.

restart the pc

A successful reboot results in its achievement. You are now free of your issue of the cache choking up and hogging your disk space.

Request a Hotfix

It’s not you, it’s them! Maybe the game is facing some server issue from the backend, and you are just being a victim. You have to contact the official game websites, and they will dispatch a hotfix for you, which you can use to relieve yourself from the issue.

Get rid of all data before you re-install the game. Your issue with Smite seems to have already been resolved, as it is currently installed on your system.

Ccleaner to Assistance

“If you have an incomplete installation of Smite, you can seek assistance from Ccleaner.”. Like a hero who helps those in distress, Ccleaner is the ultimate cleaner for all HiRez format files. You must get the newest release of the Ccleaner for your system.

ccleaner to assistance

It scans every present file on the PC and removes all files with the extension HiRez. This gets you out of your issue instantly. You are relieved from the point that Smite is already installed.

Ccleaner has been a utility tool in the market since 2004. It is used to clear excessive cache from the PC and make it fast and smooth to operate. It is a safety-centered tool to use without harming your PC.

Ccleaner Professional is another tool used to clear the browsing history, too. Thus, it ensures that no excessive irrelevant data stays on your system.

Give the Steam Version a Try

To overcome the issue of smite not working even if installed, stop using the direct launcher and employ Steam. Removing HiRez files using Ccleaner is necessary to enable this substitution permanently. Completing this task, the Smite installation should be successful without further issues.smite on steam

If you are facing issues with Steam stuck on preparing to launch. Check this out.

Substitute Drive

Installing Smite in one drive may cause errors. When you are using the installation server of Smite once, you need to have it on another drive.substitute drive

You can choose a different hard drive if you still face the issue. For instance, if the first installation was in the C drive, try to install it in the D drive. Problem solved!


Smite failed to send game invite pc. How do we solve this issue?

You may invite your friends from Steam while they are not operating the Smite app. Once they join in, you should try inviting your friends from the app then. You may also look up a very useful app named Twitch Steamer . Or, you may involve any other app.

Is Smite charging any money from the players to play now in 2024?

No, not at all. Smite has always been an online game that is free to play. It is present on various formats and will not charge any money on either of the platforms. You can play Smite on Nintendo, PlayStation, your PC, or the Xbox.

Do I have to be a pro to play Smite?

It is not a custom that only pro players can engage in Smite. It is a game befitting beginner. You can engage in a pleasant experience once you start the game. However, the other players may not be supportive, and you may need to put them on mute.

Which is better? League of Legends or Smite?

If you compare the games, you will find the gameplay and graphics of Smite better. LoL is a game that depends on strategical tactics. Any beginner would prefer Smite, but if one has engaged in playing the League before, it would be more preferred.


Now that you know how to solve the issue revolving around Smite is already installed, you can solve the problem on your own. You already understand what Smite is, what issues can arise, and what methods are used to solve these issues.

The various ways to solve these issues are restarting the PC, requesting a Hotfix from the websites, installing a suitable version of Ccleaner, using a Steam version of the app, and using another drive in place of the former drive.

You learned all that you needed to. You are now capable of solving your issue on your own. All the best and happy smiting!

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