Hi PC user! Do you wish to find a way to reset Logitech keyboard? If we hear you correctly, you are also in the correct place. Interested in knowing how this article can help you? Follow us.

The simplest way to reset your Logitech Keyboard is using an application called Logitech Options.

1. Install the app on your device.

2. Ensure that your Logitech keyboard is connected to the computer.

3. Open the app and then look for your keyboard device amongst the list of devices.

4. A tab marked Advanced would be seen where you can then go for the reset option. 

5. Permit appearing prompts

This is only one of the many methods that can teach you to reset your wireless keyboard. You might also be curious in the Logitech Mouse Not Working. Go for the entire article to learn each of them and understand how to solve your issue independently. Let’s go amigos!

Why you need to reset your Logitech keyboard

Before knowing how to reset Logitech keyboard, isn’t it necessary to understand what is causing that? Of course, it is. So, let us review some prominent reasons that regress your issues.

logitech keyboard

It is generally because of the technical issue arising in the due course. The keyboard may start lagging, stop functioning partially or entirely, or become unresponsive; the keys may rebel. It can also happen that the keyboard freezes and times out, leaving you high and dry.

It is essential to reach the issue’s root cause. Any failure in carrying this out may end up in a loop of repetitive problems.

Let us get to the answers straight away to make your burden light. Here is how to reset the Logitech Keyboard. 

How to Reset

To conduct a Logitech Keyboard reset, read this section of the article.

Ports are Malfunctioning

This could be the reason no. 1 or, in your case, the culprit no. 1. This means that the USB port of your keyboards may have been disrupted. Being a wireless device, this is all it can rely on.

keyboard and port

So, you must take out the receiver and plug it into a substitute port of your keyboard. This way, the keyboard will start working again. To ensure this is the problem, you can try plugging in another device in the same port where the receiver was plugged in. If it works, it would mean it is not the problem, and you may have to read the following solution to reset Logitech keyboard.

Checking On Battery

A wireless keyboard works on batteries. It has no other ways to charge itself. The batteries may have caused a shebang, making your Logitech keyboard too weak to function. It may completely give up, too. But, you, my friend, you can’t give up. You have to peek into the battery compartment to change the monsters.

keyboard battery

But what if they are not the problem? To make sure, put the batteries in another device. If it works, you must go toward the third solution to learn how to reset a Logitech keyboard.

Time to buy a New Receiver

Sorry to inform you that it is time to get your pocket loose. Or perhaps it is not. Who will check? You buddy, of course, you will check it. If you have a standard receiver that has stopped responding, you must buy an entirely new keyboard.

logitech receiver

But you can replace the receivers only if you have a unifying receiver. What? The receivers are not damaged? Well, maybe the Driver is the issue. Let us check that.

Get a New PC Driver

Problems with the driver? How do you reset Logitech keyboard when the driver is out of date? Simple, update it. We will tell you how to update a driver on a PC.

1. Get to the Control Panel via the start menu.

search control panel

2. Now, Device Manager is the next stop.


3. Find your Logitech keyboard here and right-click on it.

4. You will find the option to update the driver. Do that.

update driver

This automates the process of you going and choosing to update yourself. If you wish to do it manually, go to the official website of Logitech Support, and you will find the update yourself.

The Logitech Application

Came past four methods, but you are still wondering how do I reset my Logitech wireless keyboard. Enters the best solution. Use an application. It is convenient for everything today, right?

The simplest way to reset your Logitech Keyboard is using an application called Logitech Options. You can also check if your Logitech G Hub is not working.

1. Download the app in your system.

logitech app

2. Ensure that your Logitech keyboard is connected to the computer.

3. Open the app, and then you will find an option to reset your keyboard within the settings menu.

reset to factory settings

It may happen that you successfully reset your keyboard, but it didn’t work. What will you do next? Another thing that can be done with the same method is updating the firmware. You will seek this option beneath the Advanced tab.

Manual Restoration of Keyboard

The manual reset can be done using the Logitech K540 keyboard reset button. It is available on the keyboard itself. To learn this method, read the following section:

1. Turn off the keyboard. Ensure it is switched off properly.

2. Now, flip the keyboard on its back. Do you see it? The reset button? You may need something to press it. It would help if it would be something pointed.

3. Hold down the button for 10 seconds to reset.

4. Once reset, release and turn on the keyboard again. 

There you go. The default settings are back. But this means the end of your customized settings. Ensure you jot them down beforehand.


How do I know what kind of receiver my keyboard has?

It is elementary to find out the type of your keyboard receiver. There exist two kinds—unifying and Standard USB. As the name suggests, a standard USP receiver is the simple kind. A unifying receiver can be identified because it carries an orange box and a black star symbol.

How do I replace a Unifying receiver?

To replace your keyboard’s unifying receiver, you have to purchase it. That can be done online through the Logitech stores or other electronic stores. You need to install the required software, and then you are done. You have to reprogram now.

What’s the easiest method among all to reset a keyboard?

The in-built reset button is the easiest method, which helps you to reset the wireless device within a few seconds.

Which is the best wireless keyboard in the US?

The Razor Pro Type Ultra 2 is the best-selling keyboard in the United States.


Phew! We are done here! Now you know how to reset Logitech keyboard. You learned all the ways to conduct the reset, from managing the ports, checking on batteries, handling the receivers, updating the PC driver, installing the Logitech Options application, and manually restoring the keyboard. You are now all set to go ahead and get your keyboard reset and working again. So, all the best, and happy resetting!

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