Are you weary of seeing ugly Ethernet wires strewn about your house or office? Perhaps you’re concerned about tripping over cords, or you want to keep your place looking nice and tidy. Whatever your purpose, how to hide Ethernet cable is simpler than you think.

There are many ways to hide Ethernet cable, such as by making use of ties, using cable trays, using a wire raceway or wall plates, by Furniture, rugs, or carpets, or by cord concealers. To know more about these ways, keep on reading. 

 Ethernet instantly increases your internet speed. The sole disadvantage of the Ethernet connection is that its cable could be more appealing to observers. There are a few options for hiding Ethernet connections throughout your home. Continue reading to learn How to hide Ethernet cables.

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Why hide Ethernet cables?

One needs Ethernet connections to connect your gadget to the internet, but they may create a tangle of wires and crowded places. Not only are the cables visible ugly, but they may also be dangerous.diifferent ethernet cables

Hiding ethernet cable keeps your place clean and organized and protects the cords from injury. Tripping over wires may be dangerous and easily destroyed if not covered. You can visit Ethernet to learn more about it.

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Some Simple Methods How to Hide Ethernet Cable

Some of the best methods to hide Ethernet cables. 

Use of Cable Ties

Using cable ties to conceal ethernet cables is one of the simplest methods. You can use cable ties to connect cables as primary devices. This will assist in arranging the lines and keep them from bunching up. Cable ties come in various sizes, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.cable ties

Gather the cords you wish to conceal before beginning to apply cable ties. Then, gather the cables together and attach them with a cable tie. The bundle can be secured to a nearby surface using another cable tie.

This will help keep the cords buried and out of the way. Avoid employing too many cable ties since this might make the cables harder to remove afterward.

Use Cord Covers

Another easy method for concealing ethernet connections is to use cord covers. Cord covers are plastic or metal tubes that fit over cables. This will offer your house or business a clean appearance and make it easy to vacuum or dust around the cords.

Cord coverings are available at most hardware stores. cord covers

Check the cable’s length first, then cut the cord cover to fit. Then, fix the cord cover over the line using the adhesive strip. Finally, attach the cable cover’s end with tape. This method is best if you consider hiding ethernet cables along the wall.

In addition, if you run the wire through a wall, you may get a cord cover with built-in grommets. 

Use Cable Trays

Cable trays are another excellent method of concealing ethernet cables. They give a neat and structured manner to run wires while keeping them out of sight. Open-sided trays that may be put on walls or ceilings are cable trays.

Cable trays are available in various sizes and shapes to meet any purpose and can be bought at most hardware stores. cable trays

Want to know how to hide Ethernet cable using cable trays? First, establish the optimal path for the tray by measuring the cable length that must be run. Finally, feed the cables through the tray and fasten them with zip ties or tape. The tray may then be installed using the required hardware.

If you need to, please paint the tray to match the color of your walls. Running wires through doorways or other high-traffic areas is not suggested since it can lead to wear and tear.

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Use a Cable Raceway

A cable raceway is a cord cover used to conceal ethernet connections. Cable raceways are long, thin channels that can be put on the floor, walls, or ceiling. They are available in straight and corner parts, allowing you to build bespoke wire pathways.

Cable raceways come in various colors; you can customize them to match your walls. cable raceway

Measure the cable length that must be run before installing a cable raceway. Then, cut parts of the raceway to size and secure them to your selected surface with screws or adhesive tape. Finally, pass the cables through the raceway and block them. You can use this on how to hide Ethernet cable. 

Use Wall Plates

First, pick a wall plate that complements your room’s décor. Wall plates provide a simple and beautiful method of concealing ethernet connections. Someone puts wall plates on the wall, including apertures for wires to pass through. Most home improvement stores sell these.
wall plates

Then, make a hole in the wall big enough to fit the wall plate. Finally, mount the wall plate and route the cables through the apertures. If any repairs need to be done to the wall, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an expert.

Use Furniture

You can use the Furniture to conceal ethernet connections. First, you can determine the region where you route the wires. This is a fantastic alternative if you have enormous pieces of Furniture that cannot be transported.

Then, could you arrange the furniture to cover the space completely? You may need to reposition the Furniture multiple times to achieve the ideal

Once the Furniture is in position, use a drill to cut holes in the back or bottom. One can use zip ties or wire coverings to hold the lines in place if necessary. Thread the cables through the perforations and connect them to the devices.

Because this solution is temporary, you may quickly rearrange the Furniture if you need to access the connections.

Use Rugs or Carpets

Rugs and carpets are another excellent technique to conceal ethernet connections. If you have wood flooring, this is an excellent alternative since the rug will offer some padding in case someone steps on or trips over the cable. rugs or carpets to hide wire

To tie the line to the rug’s underside, use double-sided tape or velcro strips. Check that the carpet is moderately heavy or thick, as this may make it difficult to reach the cable if necessary.

Use Cord Concealers

Ethernet cable concealer is a specialist item used to disguise wires. You can get them in several shades and styles to complement the décor of your house and maybe quickly placed with sticky backing or by nailing them in place.cord concealer

Estimate the cord length you want to conceal before cutting your cord concealer to size. Then, pass the line through the middle of the cord concealer before closing it. You may also color the cord concealer to coordinate with your walls for a more professional appearance.

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Can I conceal all of my cords in the same way?

It is feasible to conceal many types of cables using the same procedure, but it is essential to examine the individual requirements of each line. Routing Ethernet wires may require a different approach compared to power cables..

Can I hang a cable raceway from the ceiling?

Yes, you may place a cable raceway on the ceiling to hide wires that run across the room.

Do you know if I can conceal my Ethernet connections outside?

It is feasible to hide Ethernet connections outside, but you must utilise special outdoor-rated cables and conduits to protect the wires from the weather.

Can I conceal my Ethernet connections without putting holes in the wall?

Yes, there are various options for concealing Ethernet connections that do not involve making holes in the wall, such as employing cable raceways or tucking wires under baseboards.

How can I protect my concealed cables?

To avoid damaging your concealed wires, avoid stapling or attaching them to the wall or baseboard. To secure the cords, use cable clips or ties instead.


Hide Ethernet wires to enhance the appearance and usefulness of your residential or commercial environment. Disguise your wires safely, soundly, and visually beautifully by employing some of the solutions suggested in this article.

You may have a cleaner and more arranged living or working place with a little provision. We hope you liked this article on How to hide Ethernet cables.