Experiencing an unexpected bluish color on your Insignia TV can be really annoying. The Insignia TV blue tint not only affects your enjoyment while watching shows and movies but can also spoil the fun of sharing that experience with your friends and family.

Suppose the blue color starts to stand out too much, and you can see it mixed with other colors. In that case, there are some good ways to get rid of this problem, such as calibrating colors, power cycling the TV, factory resetting the Insignia TV, updating firmware, and hardware damage inspection.insignia

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to solve Insignia blue tint and stream your favorite shows and movies without any hindrance, there’s only one little thing to do: simply keep reading.

Common Causes of Blue Tint on Insignia TVs

The root cause of the Insignia TV blue tint can lie in one of the following:

Hardware Malfunctions

The issue might also occur because of loose or damaged cables or HDMI ports, which can result in Insignia TV blue screen. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and it’s how digital audio and video signals are transmitted through cables connected to HDMI ports.

Furthermore, even the slightest wear and tear or a cut in the HDMI cable can lead to problems like the Insignia TV showing a blue screen. In addition to that, loose or faulty HDMI ports can result in an incorrect color display because poor connections can corrupt audio and video signals, and insignia TV won’t recognize HDMI.hardware malfuncion

However, some TVs come with a slight bluish tint as a default setting. This tint is usually not very noticeable and typically becomes more apparent when playing white videos. However, if you notice the blue color affecting videos of other colors and causing issues with your viewing experience, you may want to check the TV’s hardware.

One possible hardware problem could be defective LED backlights. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which are used in LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) to control how images and colors are displayed on the Insignia TV.

Software Glitches

Flawed software or firmware updates can also cause the Insignia TV blue tint. Firmware refers to the base software that supports all the other software installed on an Insignia TV. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the firmware up-to-date so that all the other softwares will work correctly on it.software glitches

Software updates for particular apps can also be a probable cause; thus, you should keep your apps updated, too.

Incorrect Settings

Modern TVs provide a wide array of colors you can manipulate according to your liking and, indeed, for a vivid streaming experience. Hence, if you were recently experimenting with your TV’s color settings, then improper color calibration is probably the root cause of your issue. incorrect settings

Insignia’s color settings include temperature, balance, tint, brightness, or contrast. These are options that need to be manipulated to fix the Insignia TV blue tint.

Nothing to worry about! Calibrating these settings rs can be a little tough, but we will make it easy for you.

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Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

The detailed step-by-step solutions that will cover every possible reason for Insignia TV color distortion and help in Insignia TV blue tint fix are as follows:

Basic Troubleshooting

When dealing with a blue tint issue on your Insignia TV, basic troubleshooting steps can often help resolve the problem and improve your viewing experience.shooting

Power Cycle the TV

To power cycle your TV:light on tv

  1. Firstly, Start by power cycling the Insignia TV:
  2. Power down the Insignia TV and disconnect it.
  3. Wait briefly for some time and then reconnect.power up insignia tv
  4. Power up the Insignia TV. It may clear out minor problems linked to the blue color.

Check Cable Connections

You need to:cable connection

  1. Inspect all the cable connections, especially the HDMI cables.
  2. Ensure they are securely plugged into their respective ports.
  3. Any loose or damaged cables can result in color issues, including the blue tint.

Reset to Factory Settings

If the issue continues, you can think about resetting your Insignia TV to its factory settings:

  1. This will make all the settings return to how they were when you first got the TV.
  2. You can usually find this in the Insignia TV’s menu settings.Reset to Factory Settings
  3. Be aware that this step will erase any custom settings or preferences, so take note of them before proceeding.

Advanced Troubleshooting 

When dealing with a persistent blue tint issue on your Insignia TV, it’s essential to explore advanced troubleshooting steps to rectify the problem effectively.These steps go beyond the basic checks and address more intricate aspects of the TV’s performance. If your tv is buffering, Click here for troubleshooting tips. Here’s a comprehensive guide on advanced troubleshooting steps:

Update the TV Software/Firmware

The updated firmware can resolve software-related issues that might be contributing to the blue tint problem:firmware software

  1. Begin by ensuring that your Insignia TV’s software or firmware is up-to-date.
  2. Companies usually put out updates to repair problems and make things work better.Software Update
  3. Go into your TV’s settings and find where it says “Software” or “Firmware Update.”
  4. If it’s there, do what it says on the TV screen to get the new software.

Adjust color Settings

Dive into the TV’s settings menu and explore the color and picture settings.

  1. Usually, these are under the “Picture” or “Display” settings. Picture settings on insignia tv
  2. Tinker with parameters like brightness, contrast, color saturation, and tint.
  3. Try to balance these settings to reduce the prominence of the blue tint.
  4. Experiment with different presets or create a custom profile that suits your preferences.color settings
  5. Make gradual adjustments and take note of the changes to ensure you don’t exacerbate the issue.

Inspect for Hardware Damage

Hardware issues can often be the root cause of persistent blue tint problems:hardware damage

  1. Carefully examine all hardware components.
  2. Start by checking the HDMI cable and its connections. checking hdmi
  3. Look for any visible damage, such as cuts or bent pins.
  4. If you find any issues, replace the cable with a new one.
  5. Additionally, inspect the HDMI ports on both the TV and any connected devices. 
  6. Loose or damaged HDMI ports can interfere with the signal and result in color distortion. damaged hdmi port
  7. Consider seeking professional repair services or replacing damaged parts if you detect any issues.

Expert Tips and Recommendations

Now, we’ll explore the importance of regular software updates, best practices for TV placement and care, and when to seek professional assistance.

Importance of Regular Software Updates

When you’re trying to get rid of the blue tint on your Insignia TV, one of the main things to do is to check if your TV’s software is the newest. Updates for the software often have solutions for issues and make the colors better. regular software updatesThese updates can help with software problems that might be behind the blue color. It’s advisable to check for and install software updates periodically to keep your TV functioning optimally.

Best Practices for TV Placement and Care

Proper TV placement and maintenance play a crucial role in preventing and addressing the blue tint problem. Here are some best practices:tv placement

  • Direct sunlight can affect the TV’s display quality. Ensure that your TV is not exposed to intense sunlight, which can lead to color distortions.
  • Place your TV at an optimal viewing distance to maintain image clarity and color accuracy. Look into the TV’s user manual for guidance on the recommended viewing distance. 
  • Dust and fingerprints on the TV screen can impact the quality of colors. Clean the screen gently with a soft cloth to keep the colors clear and vibrant.
  • Ensure that the TV has adequate ventilation to avoid overheating, which can affect the color accuracy. Thus, avoid placing the TV in closed cabinets or tight spaces.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried software updates and implemented best practices for TV placement and care, but the blue tint issue persists, it may be time to consider professional assistance. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to seek expert help:professionalhelp

  • If the blue tint remains consistent across all content and sources, it’s likely a hardware issue that requires professional diagnosis and repair.
  • If you notice visible physical damage to the TV, such as a cracked screen or damaged ports, professional repair may be necessary to address the blue tint problem.
  • If you’ve attempted to calibrate the TV’s color settings but haven’t seen any improvement in the blue tint, it’s advisable to consult a professional technician who can identify and rectify the underlying problem.


Why is my Insignia TV screen so blue?

Probable cause of Insignia TV blue tint includes hardware malfunctions such as loose connections and faulty display parts, software glitches, and incorrect settings of colors on your Insignia TV.

How to fix blue tint on TV?

There are some good ways to get rid of this problem, such as calibrating colors, power cycling the TV, factory resetting the Insignia TV, updating firmware, and doing hardware damage inspection.

How do I fix the blue tint on my Philips TV?

To fix the blue tint on your Philips TV, you can try various steps such as calibrating colors, power cycling the TV, factory resetting the Insignia TV, updating firmware, and hardware damage inspection.

Why is the corner of my TV blue?

If only a certain portion of your TV is having color issues, and that too on edges or corners, then the probable reason for this is magnetic interference due to other devices, such as speakers or anything that contains magnets.


Henceforth, To solve most of the Insignia TV blue tint problems, you can calibrate colors, power cycle the TV, factory reset the Insignia TV, update firmware, and inspect for damaged hardware. Apart from that, you also need to look for a few preventive measures to prolong the life of your Insignia TV, such as proper placement, regular maintenance, and safe updating.

Do share your feedback in the comments section. If something else worked for you apart from these methods, you can share that, too.