Do you proudly own a Samsung TV, but have you noticed an unsightly yellow tint on the screen? It’s not just you. The annoying “Samsung TV yellow tint” issue is something that many Samsung TV owners are facing.

Look for software upgrades to address the yellow tint on your Samsung TV and enhance image quality. Resetting TV settings can be an option if the issue continues. Another way to identify hardware problems is to do an image test. Disconnecting external devices may also help to fix interference issues.

You’ve come to the right place if you still have trouble with your Samsung TV’s yellow tint and want to get the vivid colors and crisp image quality back.  We’ll guide you through the process in this post to fix this frequent issue and raise your TV’s overall picture quality. Let’s explore how to restore your Samsung TV to its former settings!

Why is my TV screen yellow?

It’s important to fully understand the common reasons for this problem before moving on to how to fix the issue of your Samsung TV yellow tint.

These issues can ruin your experience of streaming platforms and give rise to a problem such as Disney Plus not loading. Finding the source of the issue will enable you to solve it more successfully. Here are a few reasons for “why is my TV screen yellowish”:

Hardware Malfunctions

Your TV screen may occasionally have a yellow tinge due to hardware problems. The internal components or the display screen may be the source of these issues. hardware malfunctionsColor distortions may arise from loose connections, damaged connectors, or problems with the display itself. Fortunately, proper troubleshooting can cure a lot of hardware problems.

Software Glitches

Software-related issues are another common reason why the hue is yellow. Firmware updates, glitches, or compatibility problems with your TV or other connected devices may cause color discrepancies. software glitches Fixing software issues on a TV involves upgrading the firmware or adjusting the settings. You can adjust the settings if similar software issues, such as sound, keep going down.

Screen Burn-Ins

Screen burn-in can occur if you have static graphics on your screen for long periods. At this point, the picture “burns” into the screen, giving it a golden hue. screen burnsTo avoid this problem, limit the display time of static images on your screen and consider turning on features like pixel shift.

External Device Interference

The color settings on your television might occasionally be affected by external devices like game consoles or cable boxes. Color issues may arise from mismatched connections or incorrect input settings. To rule out this option, be careful to verify the connections and settings of your external device.external device Knowing these typical reasons can assist you in identifying the cause of your Samsung TV yellow screen.

User Experiences and Reports

Let’s review a few user experiences and reports to better understand the annoying problem with the yellow tint on Samsung TVs. Vizio TV can have a similar issue as Blue Tint. By sharing the firsthand accounts of Samsung TV owners and discussions from community forums, we can gain valuable insights into the prevalence and impact of this problem.

Personal Accounts from Samsung TV Owners

A user named Samantha shared that while watching her favorite series on her Samsung TV, she noticed a yellowish tint on the screen. “At first, I thought it was a one-time glitch, but the yellow tint persisted,” she said, describing her experience. It significantly degraded the image quality, giving everything an odd appearance. I needed to come up with a fix.”discussions

John, another user, voiced his dissatisfaction by saying, “I like my Samsung TV, but the yellow tinge was driving me crazy. I tried to change the settings, but nothing appeared to be working. I was curious if anybody else was having this problem.

Discussions from Community Forums

Many users discussed the Samsung TV yellow tint issue on Reddit’s TV troubleshooting group. TechWizard87, a user, assisted other users by saying, “I had a similar problem, and updating the TV’s firmware fixed it for me.” Verify whether any changes are still due.”

There were several postings about the yellow tint issue on the official Samsung Community Forum. “TVEnthusiast” posted, saying, “I’ve been observing this problem for some time. The knowledge that I’m not alone is comforting. Together, let’s try to solve this.”

The community forum discussions and personal testimonials demonstrate how pervasive the Samsung TV yellow tint is. This issue bothers many people, and they are still looking for fixes to improve their viewing pleasure.

Troubleshooting the Yellow Tint Problem

It’s time to get started on the fixes now that we’ve looked into the reasons behind the Samsung TV yellow tint problem and heard from other consumers. You could get the image quality on your TV back to normal by troubleshooting this issue. The following actions can be taken to remove the yellow tint:

Checking for Software Updates

Software bugs are one of the most frequent sources of the yellow color. Look for software upgrades on your Samsung TV to resolve this. Here’s how to do it:software updates

  1. Select the ‘Menu’ option from your remote
  2. Open ‘Support’ and choose ‘Software Update.’support
  3. Select ‘Update Now’ to find the most recent firmware.
  4. Install any updates that are available by following the prompts on the screen.update now

Updates to software frequently contain patches for bugs and enhancements that might address color problems.

Resetting the TV Settings

Incorrect settings can occasionally result in a yellow tint. It could be helpful to reset your TV to its original settings. To carry out this:

  1. Hit the ‘Menu’ button on your remote.resetting tv settings
  2. Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General.’
  3. Select “Reset All” after choosing “Reset.”

You will have to reset your TV’s options to factory settings because of this.

Running a Picture Test 

Use the built-in picture test to see whether the problem is with the TV itself. This test aids in determining whether the yellow tint on the TV results from its hardware.running picture test

  1. Switch off the television.switch off
  2. On your remote, press the following buttons in order: ‘Mute,’ ‘1,’ ‘8,’ ‘2,’ and ‘Power.’press
  3. There will be several test patterns shown on the TV. If the test still shows a yellow tint, there may be a hardware problem. You should get in touch with Samsung to get it fixed.

Disconnecting External Devices 

Your TV’s color settings may occasionally be affected by external devices. external devicesTry unplugging external devices, including game consoles and cable boxes, to rule out this possibility and see if the yellow color persists. To find the issue, reconnect each device one at a time if it vanishes.

Professional Solutions and Recommendations

Although the methods for troubleshooting we’ve mentioned can help many Samsung TV owners fix the yellow tint issue, expert assistance may be required in certain cases. Here is when and how to get assistance:

Resetting the TV Settings

When to Contact Samsung Support 

It might be necessary to contact Samsung customer service if you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting methods—such as checking for software updates, changing settings, and doing a photo test—and the yellow tint still appears. samsung supportIf you still have a TV under warranty, you can contact them for help. If a repair is necessary, they can help you with further troubleshooting or make repair arrangements.

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Seeking Help from Approved Support Centers 

Samsung offers approved service locations where skilled professionals can identify and fix problems with your TV. If the yellow tint issue is hardware-related and you don’t feel confident doing repairs yourself, you might want to try sending your TV to a Samsung support centre that has been authorised. seeking helpThey can efficiently solve the problem since they have the knowledge and access to the original parts.

Warranty and Return Policies 

Should your Samsung TV  still be covered by warranty, you could be qualified for complimentary repairs or a replacement. To find out what’s covered and how long, read your warranty’s terms and conditions. It’s essential to act within the warranty period, as this will save you the cost of repairs.warranty return policies

If your TV is inside the return window allowed by the store where you bought it and the issue still cannot be fixed, you could think about sending it back for a refund or exchange. Make sure you satisfy all the requirements by checking the retailer’s return policy.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Screen Issues

Although it’s crucial to understand how to fix screen issues, like the Samsung TV yellow tint, adopting preventative actions will help you stay ahead of the game. Follow these steps when your Samsung TV screen turns yellow to ensure the longevity of your TV:

Proper Handling and Care of the TV

Use caution when handling your Samsung TV to avoid physical damage that can result in screen problems. Here are a few pointers:proper handling

  • Avoid touching the screen, as the pressure might harm
  • The screen may be gently cleaned with a microfiber cloth.
  • To prevent unintentional falls, keep the TV in a secure and sturdy place.

Avoiding Prolonged Static Images 

Long-term usage of static graphics, such as banners or logos, on the screen, can result in color distortions and screen burn-ins. To avoid this:static images

  • When not in use, switch off the TV or utilize screen savers.
  • To avoid burn-ins, adjust settings such as “Pixel Shift” to relocate pixels slightly.
  • If you watch channels with static logos, you might want to use channel logos with translucent backgrounds or switch channels for a short while.

Regularly Updating the TV Software 

Keep the firmware on your TV up to date to avoid software-related problems. Frequent software upgrades can enhance overall performance and resolve bugs:updating software

  • Activate the automatic update feature on your TV.
  • Regularly manually check the TV’s menu for updates.
  • For software upgrades, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

By taking these precautions of Samsung TV yellow screen fix, you can keep your TV in good operating order and reduce the possibility of experiencing screen problems.


What is a Samsung TV's proper tint setting?

The 'Movie' image option is a fantastic choice for a Samsung TV. It allows you to make modifications and is rather precise. It is recommended to maintain the Contrast at '45,' Brightness at '0,' and Sharpness at '0' under the Expert Settings menu.

What does a Samsung TV's 'picture clarity' mean?

'Picture clarity' on a Samsung TV refers to functions that help reduce ghosting and blurriness that might occur when objects move fast on the screen, such as Auto Motion Plus or Picture Clarity.

Which resolution works best on a Samsung TV?

8K is the highest resolution available for a Samsung TV. It is utilized in the best TV models produced by Samsung and other big TV makers and offers the best image quality. Therefore, an 8K TV is the ideal option if you're shopping for a TV.

What is the purpose of a Samsung TV's color space setting?

There are two choices for the color space setting on a Samsung TV. By extending incoming signals to the TV's own color spectrum, 'Native' can intensify colors. 'Auto' prevents overly intense color by adjusting the color range to fit incoming signals.


When watching your favorite shows, the Samsung TV yellow tint issue can significantly impact your free time.  To experience the vivid and true colors your TV was intended to deliver, you must solve this issue. We’ve discussed the typical reasons, how to resolve problems, and how important prevention is.

Remember, don’t be afraid to seek expert assistance if you cannot rectify the yellow tint. Get in touch with Samsung support or approved service providers to make sure your TV gets the professional attention it might need.

By following these instructions, you should have no trouble getting the optimum viewing experience and restoring the visual quality of your TV.