The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has many games and features and is among the most well-liked gaming systems available. The PS4 Error CE-35694-7 is one of the most frequent problems gamers encounter, which sometimes annoys those who love to play their favorite games. On the PS4, the PS4 Error CE-35694-7 is frequently linked to issues with the PS4’s ability to read game discs. The console might not detect the game disc when this problem happens or indicate that the disc is unplayable in an error message.

Checking for disc damage, cleaning the game disc, upgrading the system software, rebuilding the PS4’s database, resetting the PS4 to factory defaults, and getting in touch with the game’s publisher for more help are some of the solutions that may be utilized to fix the CE-35694-7 problem.

We’ll go into more depth about the hints and ideas given below in the article to help you troubleshoot and resolve the CE-35694-7 problem on your PS4.

What does PS4 Error CE-35694-7 mean?

The PS4 error number CE-35694-7 appears when the system cannot identify a game disc or when installing a game if there is any issue. “Cannot start the application, states the error notice. CE-35694-7.PS4 Error CE-35694-7

Numerous difficulties, such as those with the disc drive, game installation, or console system software, might result in this error number. Fortunately, multiple solutions to the PS4 Error CE-35694-7 can allow players to resume playing their preferred games.

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Error code CE-35694-7 common causes

Many players have the PS4 problem CE-35694-7, which keeps them from enjoying their favorite games. This error may be annoying for PS4 users and is frequently brought on by issues reading game discs.

Soiled or broken game disc

The PS4 may be unable to read a filthy or scratched game disc.broken disc This, too, can result in the CE-35694-7 error code.

Ineffective system software

The CE-35694-7 issue might appear if the PS4’s system software is out-of-date. system software update This prevents it from reading or launching the game.

Installation of a faulty game

The PS4 could be unable to start the game if the installation is faulty or incomplete, which would cause an error notice.fixing steam games

Hardware problems

Look for the hardware problem. hardware issueThe PS4’s disc drive or hard drive might be the source of the CE-35694-7 problem.

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How to fix the PS4 Error CE-35694-7

Several strategies and techniques may fix this issue and allow gamers to resume playing their preferred games. We’ve covered everything in the article that will help you to get your PS4 back up and running, from looking for disc damage to resetting the system to its default settings.

Game disc maintenance

Cleaning the game disc may fix the issue if a dirty or scratched disc is causing the PlayStation 4 error code ce-35694-7. Carefully clean the disc from the center to the border with a soft cloth.hard drive maintainence

Avoid using harsh products or chemicals as they might endanger the disc further.

Scan the disc for damage.

Look for any scratches or breaks on the game disc. scan discIf the disc is damaged, consider getting a new one.

Install the game again.

Reinstalling the game may fix the issue if a faulty or incomplete game installation brings on the PS4 Error CE-35694-7. Navigate to the game’s icon on the PS4 home screen, then choose Delete by pressing the Options button on your controller. reinstallation of games

After the game has been erased, reinstall it by inserting the game disc and selecting it from the library.

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Update the PS4’s operating system

If outdated software is to blame for the CE-35694-7 issue, updating the PS4’s system software may be the solution.ps4 operating system

Go to Settings > System Software Update and click Update to check for software updates.

Rebuild the database on the PS4.

Rebuilding the database could fix the issue if the PS4’s hard disk is blamed for the CE-35694-7 error. You may start the PS4 in Safe Mode; keep pressing the power key until you hear an additional beep.rebuilding database

This forces the database to be rebuilt. From the Safe Mode choices, choose Option 5, which will rebuild the database. Reset the PS4 to the factory defaults.

Reset the PS4 to its default settings.

If none of the previously mentioned fixes work, the PlayStation error code ce-35694-7 may be fixed by returning the PS4 to its factory default settings. The console will be completely erased, so back up any crucial data before starting.reset ps4

Go to Settings > Initialization > Restore Default Settings to return the PS4 to its default settings.

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What should I do if scrubbing the game disc doesn't fix the CE-35694-7 problem?

If scrubbing the game disc doesn't fix the problem, there can be more severe problems with the PS4 system. If the game disc has scratches or other damage, try looking for and replacing it. Try reinstalling the game or updating the system software if that doesn't work. If none of the fixes work, then get in touch with PlayStation Support for additional help

Can a hard disk issue with the PS4 result in the error ce-35694-7 PS4?

Yes, a hard disk issue with the PS4 can result in the CE-35694-7 error. Try rebuilding the PS4's database or setting the console back to factory settings if the problem still exists after attempting the previous fixes.

Can I back up my data before resetting the PS4 to factory defaults?

Yes, it's wise to back up any crucial information before returning the PS4 to its default settings. You may back up your data by choosing the 'Back Up and Restore' option in the 'Settings' menu.

Does the PS4's system software update require an internet connection?

Yes, updating the PS4's system software requires an internet connection. You may check for updates by choosing 'Update Now' under 'Settings'> 'System Software Update.'

If I need help with the fixes for the CE-35694-7 problem, what should I do?

If none of the fixes are successful, the CE-35694-7 problem may require further assistance from PlayStation Support. They can offer more thorough troubleshooting instructions or suggest PS4 console repair solutions

Can a soiled or malfunctioning disc drive create the PlayStation 4 error ce-35694-7?

Unclean or malfunctioning disc drives can result in the CE-35694-7 error. If cleaning the game disc doesn't work, try to use a can of compressed air to clean the disc drive. Change the disc drive if it doesn't work.

Can a firmware issue with the PS4 lead to the CE-35694-7 error?

Yes, a firmware issue with the PS4 can result in the CE-35694-7 error. Go to 'Settings'> 'System Software Update' and choose 'Update Now' to attempt updating the system software to the most recent version.

Can the PS4's database be rebuilt to fix the CE-35694-7 error?

Yes, reloading the database on the PS4 will assist in fixing the CE-35694-7 problem. Turn off the PS4 and press the power key until you receive two beeps to restore the database. Next, use a USB cord to connect the DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 and choose 'Rebuild Database' from the Safe Mode menu.


In conclusion, the PS4 Error CE-35694-7 may annoy PS4 gamers, but several remedies exist. You can diagnose and resolve the issue by checking the game disc for damage, cleaning it, reinstalling it, updating the system software, rebuilding the database, and resetting the PS4 to factory defaults.

It’s important to remember that every mistake will have a different underlying reason and that not everyone will benefit from every solution. If the problem persists, it could be imperative to contact PlayStation Support for extra assistance.

However, following these instructions may lessen the possibility of encountering the CE-35694-7 problem and ensure you can still visit your preferred websites.

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