4 Ways to Fix PS4 Corrupted Database/Data Error


Facing serious troubles attempting to play your favorite PS4 game or using it for recreation? Red alert, your database might have got corrupted you have got to fix PS4 corrupted database. You can detect database corruption when you are unable to run your PS4 for recreation or to play games.

The database of PS4 is an extremely well-designed collection of your device’s data. With the help of communication between your operation and the database, you can easily access and update or edit data. But when the database suffers corruption, your hands get tired and you have to fix PS4 corrupted database. 

Early Signs of PS4 Corrupted Database Error

Before looking at PS4 database corruption fixes, let’s know a bit about the early signs indicating PS4 is vulnerable to data corruption.

  1. When your PS4 shows database corrupted and restarts, take it as a sign for database corruption
  2. Are you facing issues while navigating through the menu? Well then my friend, it is a sign that your database is corrupt. When navigating through the menu becomes sluggish, it’s a sign of database error or corruption.
  3. If your game starts after a long haul, consider it as a symptom too.
  4. Your PS4 not reading a disc even after trying for ‘n’ number of times is a signal that there are corruption issues in the database.
  5. The most obvious sign is when your PS4 begins to stutter while playing games.

So, now shall we unveil the top 4 fixes of your PS4? No, we are still left with a crucial set of information. Like a doctor studies a disease before treating it, you should also be acquainted with the causes of PS4 database corruption to avoid the ones you can.

Causes of PS4 Data Error

  1. One of the major causes includes filing header corruption. This can affect your database.
  2. Sometimes, it is the storage media corruption that triggers the database errors.
  3. Power failure is a common cause of database corruption.
  4. Database error or corruption can also occur when the hardware fails or faces major issues.
  5. There can be underlying platform issues that can cause errors in your PS4 database.

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4 Ways to Fix PS4 Corrupted Database/Data Error

Now that we are done with the symptoms and causes behind the database corruption, let us see what are the top 4 ways to fix PS4 corrupted databases are tested to be successful.

FIX 1 – Rebuilding your Database

This can be the very first method that you can attempt to fix PS4 corrupted database and recover your data. You recognize data when you rebuild your database which helps in fixing various problems on your PS4. Complete the following steps

  • Turn off your PS4 console. (Do not put your PS4 on ‘Standby’ or ‘Rest’ mode.
  • Start your PS4 in the safe mode by pressing the power button and holding it until two beeps.

    safe mode
    safe mode
  • Connect your controller to the console with the USB cable.
  • Reach the database building option by scrolling down.

    rebuild database
    rebuild database
  • Click the (X) button present on the controller to begin the process of rebuilding the database.

You should know that the database rebuilding process may take time depending on the amount of data stored on your hard drive and various other factors.

FIX 2 – Reinstalling the Operating System

The previous fix didn’t work out well enough? Then it might be right to go for the reinstallation of your operating system.

NOTE: Reinstalling the operating system will delete all user data stored. Please be wise to store the backup of your much valuable data.

The steps for reinstalling your operating system and fixing PS4 corrupted database are as follow:

  • Connect a USB flash to a computer
  • Open the USB drive to create a folder named PS4
  • Under the folder ‘PS4’, create another folder as ‘Update’
  • Download the OS from the official website of Playstation 
  • Remove the USB carefully
  • Switch on your PS4 in the safe mode (press power button and hold until two beeps)

    safe mode
    safe mode
  • Connect the controller to the console
  • Connect the USB drive containing the downloaded OS
  • Select ‘initialize PS4’ (Reinstall System Software)

    initialize ps4
    initialize PS4
  • Grant permission by clicking ‘OK’

The process of reinstallation will start briefly. Once the reinstallation is complete, the device will restart automatically and the issue of the database that is corrupt should be fixed.

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FIX 3- Deleting the Corrupted File Manually.

The corrupted files are the ones to hamper the smooth function of PS4 devices while you play games. These files get identified and stored in different folders in your PS4 system. You can try deleting these corrupted files to overcome the issue of database corruption in your PS4 device and fix PS4 corrupted database. The steps are as follows

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ section by hitting the ‘Up’ key on your PS4 home screen.
  • Scroll down to the ‘System Storage Management’.
  • A screen will appear showing your current data storage and other listings. Go to ‘Saved Data’ among the items and select ‘Media Player’ to enter in the respective folder.

    deleting data
    deleting data
  • Check ‘Corrupted Data’ and click on ‘Delete’ to manually delete the saved corrupted files.

    corrupt data
    corrupt data



If the corrupted files somehow include a folder of a game and it gets deleted, reinstall the game on your device.

FIX 4- Delete the Downloaded PS4 File, then Redownload Them

The data of your game may get corrupt while downloading it. This can lead to poor gaming experience overall. Hence you should try to download the game once again.

To do that, follow these steps

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Then navigate to ‘Notification’>’ Downloads’

    deleting data
    deleting data
  • After that delete the downloaded game and reinstall it to check if the issues are resolved.

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These were the top 4 Ways to Fix PS4 Corrupted Database/Data Error. Hope this article was helpful for you! If none of the solutions are working for you, I’m afraid the problem is bigger than visible. In such a case, it is advisable that you get a checkup of your PS4 from their official Help Center itself. Rest assured, happy gaming!