[FIXED] 6 Ways to Fix PS4 Controller Flashing White


Are you facing the PS4 Controller Flashing White error? The PS4 controller contributes to its share of problems. From not having the option to connect with the console to separating, there have been many high points and low points of the controller. A standout among the most irritating issues is the place the PS4 controller goes into an inert state and flashes white shading.

This marvel happens rather regularly, and there are approaches to fix the PS4 Controller Flashing White issue. It happens when either the battery of the controller is low. Or, when the controller is unfit to associate with the reassure due to obscure reasons. Begin with the primary arrangement and work your way down as needs be.

Are you Getting the White Blinking Light on your PS4 Controller?

When you see the PS4 controller glimmering white light, it implies the controller can’t associate with the comfort, and you won’t most likely make diversions until the issue settles. The views are markers of some movement or problems in the PS4 controller.

white blinking light on your ps4 controller
White Blinking Light on your PS4 Controller

There can be many purposes behind the PS4 controller’s white perspective, the battery is low, or the PS4 controller is attempting to interface with the support, etc.

The primary thing one can do is charge the PS4 controller to underpin it’s an ordinary task and afterward takes a stab at interfacing the PS4 controller to comfort. Despite everything, if the white light blaze, the arrangements given underneath can be attempted.

6 Ways to Fix PS4 Controller Flashing White

Method #1 Adjust the Reset Button

There is a small reset button present at the back of the PS4 controllers. You need a thin pin to embed into the gap and press the button. It is to ensure that nobody unintentionally has reset the controller.

There are some steps that you need to adhere to reset the controller totally so you can start. Your controller must associate with your PS4 console so that you can begin.

  1. Your PS4 should be completely turned off.
  2. On the back of your controller, look for the reset button, next to the L2 shoulder button.L2 shoulder buttonL2 shoulder button
  3. A small thin pin can be used to push the button holding it down for a while and releasing it.
  4. Repair the controller with the PS4 by the USB carefully, and on the PS4.
  5. Now you can use the reset button to sign in to the PS4.

Method #2 Restore the Hardware and Switch to Alternatives

At times this issue occurs because of the hardware, for example, your PS4 link loses, or there is some problem with the PS4 controller.

In this case, your PS4 would neglect to charge or associate, and that is the reason the issue is with the hardware. One can pursue these steps;-

A. Switch the USB link

  1. Get another PS4 USB that works appropriately and links to the controller and utilizing that cable.
    PS4 USB
    PS4 USB
  2. Ensure the USB link is situated solidly at the two ends.
  3. Check whether the PS4 console and controller are working.
  4. After this, if everything works properly, a conclusion can be drawn. Despite this, if you see the white light blinking on your PS4 controller, the subsequent stage can be tried.

B. Utilizing A Second Controller

If you discover no issue with the USB cable, you can attempt another PS4 controller to check whether it’s because of the controller hardware issue and utilize the second controller to roll out specific improvements in the settings and after that associate the first controller which is flickering white. In case you don’t have another controller, you can ask your friend.

  1. Use another PS4 controller and turn on your PS4.
  2. Switch off your PS4 completely.
  3. Detach your PS4 cable from your PS4, wait for a while (2-3 minutes).
  4. Re-attach your PS4 link carefully and plug another connector to your PS4 controller, check whether it works appropriately.

Method #3 Enable the Safe Mode

Generally, PS4 clients think that the problems related to the play station can be solved only by beginning the PS4 from Safe Mode. It enables you to start with just the most essential functions.

The Safe Mode menu offers choices that may help you to address issues and let your PlayStation 4 begin quickly. Do save your data accurately before you continue with this solution. Here is a guide to go into safe mode:

  1. On the front board of the PS4, there is a Power Button present which is to be turned off. The marker will flicker.
  2. After this, press and hold the Power Button and continue holding it until you hear two signals. The first message will generally hear heard when you press it at first and the second blare when you keep pushing it (for around 7 seconds).
  3. The PS4 controller can now be associated with a USB link followed by pressing the Play Station button on the controller. You are presently in Safe Mode.
  4. When you are in safe mode, select “Revamp Database,” which is the fifth option. This alternative will filter your whole drive and successfully make another database of the entire content.Revamp DatabaseRevamp Database
  5. Hold up until the procedure is finished (it might take some time).

Method #4 Check if the Driver is Corrupt

If the PS4 driver on your PC is degenerate or obsolete, it can result in operational issues with the PS4 controller. The straightforward answer for this issue is refreshing the PS4 driver on your PC.

You have first to uninstall the PS4 gadget and driver from your PC. The subsequent stage is reinstalling the PS4 device and afterward the most recent PS4 driver on your PC. Here are the means to pursue.

A. Uninstall the PS4 Gadget and Driver on Your Windows

  1. Press Windows logo key and R on your console to raise the Run order comfort
    Run Box
    Run Box
  2. In the Run order box, type devmgmt.msc and click OKdevmgmt.mscdevmgmt.msc
  3. Navigate to the Device Manager window, right-click the PS4 gadget and snap Uninstall gadget
  4. Now look for Confirm Device and Install spring up, check the container Delete the driver programming for this gadget and snap OK.
  5. Unplug the PS4 gadget from your PC and restart your PC

B. Reinstall Drivers

You can utilize a reliable programming update device like Driver Downloader to refresh your drivers. Driver Downloader is precise and brisk, so you’ll experience no difficulty using it.

It is allowed to download, introduce, and run. When you run it, you’ll get a free driver report. Be that as it may, to refresh your drivers, you have to enroll driver downloaded.

Method #5 Inner Hardware can also Be A Problem

The PS4 Controller Flashing White issue likely lies with the battery or the interior hardware. To start with, take a look at expelling the battery and insert it again.

  1. Utilize an eyeglass fixing kit to unscrew the back of the controller.
  2. Search for a little battery. In authority, situated close to the upper-left half of the motherboard.
  3. Evacuate the battery and put it in a safe spot for 30 seconds.
    remove battery
    Remove battery
  4. Now, insert the battery again and give turning a shot back.
  5. Any of this doesn’t work, replace the old battery with a new one. Any standard battery will also work.

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Method #6 Polish Your Motherboard

If your controller still won’t work correctly and stop blinking white, the issue likely lies with the motherboard or other inner Hardware. Endeavor and clean the motherboard utilizing compacted air; however, carefully check further if there is still any harm or not.