One of the top websites for both seeing and learning is YouTube. You can amuse yourself with little exertion or grasp numerous helpful stuff quickly. If your YouTube TV keeps buffering, you will lose interest in watching videos.

The reason behind buffering YouTube videos might be that the internet connection is improper or too slow to support the current video quality.

To get more clarity on this and proper guidance, go further with this post. Read this to let an adequate understanding of YouTube and to fix when your YouTube TV is slow. 

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Why Does YouTube Keep Buffering?

YouTube usually plays videos smoothly, but sometimes you may face YouTube buffering problems. Have you wondered why it buffers? To get an answer to it, read this content below. Video content’s overall playing quality is automatically updated depending on variables like data rates, screen resolution, and video download level. The video quality might be too excellent for the online connection’s current pace. The visual quality of clip one is seeing could be too great for something like the speed of the existing internet access if it constantly pauses to delay.


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YouTube TV is slow – Ways to Fix.

There are too many ways to fix when YouTube TV keeps buffering. Below, you will find ways to improve when your YouTube lags or works slowly. 

Verify a Consistent Speed of the Internet 1 Mbps at Least

The data transmission is typically to blame for the situation. To effectively broadcast videos on YouTube, the PC must be attached to something like a credible web browser.

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Reboot Your Computer, Modem, and Smartphone

An internet issue can often be resolved by restarting the network. It can help accelerate the broadband after clarifying any remaining debris accumulating. Just shut off the routers and restart them after at least thirty seconds. If the issue is with the gadget, users could also open the web browser and the smartphone.

Delete Cookies, Including Browsing History

Streaming videos necessitates a certain quantity of storage room. Slow YouTube videos sometimes lag whenever there is excessively more browsing information cached.  

cookies and cache

You should clear the cookies and history in the specific browser to solve the problem.

Examine and Update Flash Player

Video frame viewing will only function properly if the Flash player can function correctly. If there is a problem with the Flash player, repair it. Or, if required, modify it.

Reduce the Quality of the Video

You may decrease the quality of clips you’re watching from 720p and 1080p HD to 144p, 240p, 360p, or 576p, provided your broadband connection could be more robust. This will help reduce buffers while streaming your videos.

Save YouTube Clips to Your Computer to See Later

If neither of the preceding remedies works, the final resort is to save the desired vids on YouTube to either Windows / Mac computer or iPhone to view these offline.

This way, the video will not buffer, and the user can view it at their convenience.

Ways to Download and Stream the YouTube Video Clips

Read here to get complete information about downloading and streaming video clips on YouTube. 

  1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover, pick “Video Downloader,” and then select a location to keep the YouTube clips you’ve obtained. Link your smartphone to the PC while trying to upload Clips on YouTube. easeus mobimover
  2. Access the YouTube video’s URL and paste it into the MobiMover pane before clicking the “Download” option.

Complimentary YouTube video installer: Steps 2 and 3. MobiMover will swiftly analyze the URL following users hit on the “Download” tab to access the YouTube clip on their PC, iPhone, iPad, or even iPod.

How To Prevent YouTube TV Lag

You can prevent YouTube buffer problems by following many things. You can follow these techniques to prevent your suffering from YouTube. 

Restarting Your Device 

You can try to reset your equipment as an initial step whenever you experience problems, including Video Streaming buffering. To enable YouTube TV to operate effectively, rebooting your gadget may assist in relieving space, clearing memory, and getting rid of those other possible problems. You may select the Closure selection and hold the power button for a few seconds to reboot a mobile or desktop device. Turn the key on the smart TV’s voice command, then unhook the power cable from the wall socket to restart it. After around 30 seconds, pause and restart your device later.


Upon refreshing your device, let’s consider the next option if YouTube TV is still buffering.

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Unplug All Other Equipment

Do a number of devices share the Internet network? If so, please unplug all equipment except the one you use to broadcast YouTube TV since these devices consume excessive bandwidth, leaving YouTube TV with a narrow frequency band. This can be a reason why your YouTube TV keeps buffering. If “YouTube TV continues buffering” even now occurs after that, verify your Internet access.

Examine Your Internet Access as a Third Option

Poor Broadband connections frequently cause YouTube TV delays. As a result, verify your Internet connection. Using an online tool to examine the Web connection’s quality, users may quickly determine whether it meets the requirements for streaming YouTube TV content.

Modify the Quality of the Video 

Please reduce the video quality whenever YouTube TV on the equipment remains lag despite trying the fixes mentioned above.

video quality

For instance, downscaling the movie to 480p or some other non-HD resolution could help to solve the problem.

Use a Different Browser

Kindly use a web device to see YouTube TV shows if the device’s YouTube TV continues lagging.  


Restore the YouTube TV Application as a sixth option.

The system restores the YouTube TV software, if you are using it, can solve the YouTube TV buffering issue.

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How would a buffer boost a PC study's validity?

If the clock speeds of the CPU and the I/O equipment are roughly equal, then buffering ensures they all function at the top range, ensuring that neither equipment ever has a chance to become idle.

Why does my video buffer while having a fast connection?

Buffering issues may arise if a lot of PCs are connected to Wi-Fi. Therefore, we advise removing additional gadgets to solve the issue. Doing this may open up bandwidth and stop the wireless network from pinging the linked Wi-Fi devices nonstop, even when idle.

Do fast and stable internet speed will stop YouTube TV keeps buffering?

A sluggish or unstable Wi-Fi network at home sometimes causes video buffering on entertainment options. Ensuring your network connection maintains constant baseline speeds is one way to prevent this. To minimize or perhaps actively avoid lagging, the network's load time ought to be within 25 to 30 Mbps.

Does upload speed have an impact on buffering?

Checking your upload speed is essential before beginning your next live stream as a result. If the transfer rate becomes too slow, your visitors may encounter lagging or choppy music when watching the broadcast. They may become annoyed by it and stop watching your broadcast completely.


Mostly YouTube plays good quality videos and is a famous platform for being informative and entertaining. Sometimes, YouTube TV keeps buffering while you upload or watch any videos. This may be because of some reasons, mostly internet connectivity problems.

This article has tried to let you know about fixing techniques and more. 

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